Untitled Letter from a Detainee Alleging Abuse

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The document is an untitled letter from a detainee alleging abuse by the American military. The detainee states that he was questioned about the role of Iraqi intelligence in furthering international terrorism and about where Iraq had hidden its alleged weapons of mass destruction (WMD). The letter also details the alleged abuses suffered, including beatings and denial of water.

Monday, November 29, 2004
Tuesday, June 14, 2011

T- _0 •
uCi. 29. 2004 J:OIrM U.2/
DATE D7-23-2009 BY 65179D1°IIUMJS
Mr. Interrogator
1. On Friday afternoon 05/28/2003, Offleell 'contacted me vial and based
on the interrogation authority, he requested my presence to the Airpo have arrived to
t check point at 4:00 pm with my brother in lawl 'After a. half an hour,[
arrived and accompanied me to the inside of the camp, and then he brought me to here. b6 per CIC
He asked me if I can legally defend myself, and I said yes, because I was sure that I have b -lr' per '1_r
not committed a mistake in my life.
2. At 6: oo pal land I entered this camp and we were received. by Staff Sergeant
then.' Irecemmended me to him and gave numbeCiand he laced it on my b 6 per CIC
After that I was taken to the doctor and the interpreter was Mr. the , b7C per CIC
former Iraqi Health Minster, The Dr. diagnosed and confirmed that I have
Diabetes, blood pressure, kidney stone, and an increase in the blood hemo lobin. He gave
me medicine and w •,in a hall with Lt. General' and I.t .
'General • dl land others. After two da s I was • b pe2 CIC •
tandem • to another hail for sick people and in that hall there vfer
b7C per CI
!Dr] land and
all of them are from the intelligence service, and others like LT. Genera
At the end of first week of Tune, I was taken for interrogation an• it was • eld
tents. A young tall thin interrogator showed up, his face was long and had•ot grown
any moustache yet, he was about 27 years old, and there was an interpreter there, I can •
describe him as average height, light brown, wide eyes short hair like soldiers! hair, and
shaved moustache. The interrogator Said to me" forget the two months, the fourth
(April).anci the fifth (May) that you were with us and tell us what is the relationship
between the intelligence and the International terrorism against America and the role of
the intelligence in hiding WMD and you bevel' role in that" I told him that in nay line of -
work since I was appointed in the intelligence in 1982 until now I did not deal directly or
indirectly with WMD or internationalterrorism. From 1982 until 1991, I worked in M-4
in the European theater is gathering information and I worked as diplomat in Austria.
Since 1991 until 1996 I worked in M-lin the office ofthe director of the intelligence
As a mailman, receptionist, receiver of-staff complaint,_ and in charge of the preparation
of places for conferences and guests. In 1997, I worked for six months in interrogation, '
and in 1998 and 1999 I worked in the intelligence in Basara fighting Iranian intelligence.
In 2000 and 2001 I worked in the research center. In 2002 and 2003 1. Worked as.a -
Director of M- 14 in charge of training the new intelligence officers, or officer who work
outside Iraq, fighting the Iranian terrorism, and protecting embassies and plans when they
face terrorist actions.
I was truthful with you and he replied' I know how to make you:tallc", then his friend
who was older, than him came (about 35 years), tall and huge, white, round face, blue
eyes, shaved moustache, and he repeated the same threat and they took me to the sick
• 3., On Friday the first half of June 2003 and after the lights were off, and after the sleep of
most of the detainees, the hall door was opened, and the guard woke me up and asked me
. .
'.4 4•E • 021, 571,
Oct. 29:2004 NU. U2/ . r.
to go to the administration room. There, I saw six armed persons wearing military
uniforms and accompanied by the camp administration and they askettnae to lay ort the
ground. After that, they tied my bands to the back with plastic ribbon, and my feet as
well, and they put a bag over my head, thee they carried me and put, me in the back of a
• double scctlou pickup that I've seen parked in that location before they put the bag over
my head and it went. Through out the way, the soldicei started kicking my head. and all
over my body with their feet, and one of them sat on my back and I heard the loading of
the pistol near my ears and he pressed the pistol against my head and said "we are going
to kill you" and he started holding my head wi-th his other hand and hit my head on the
car. I felt the blood reaching my month, and had heavy breathing. After, fifteen minutes,
the pickup stopped, they carried me and threw me bard to the ground.
Few minutes later I heard the voice of the, young-tall interrogator and the same Iraqi
interpreter, He said "are you•king to talk?" I replied "I do not have anything new" He
said" I will make your life like hell", after that they dragged me for ten meters then untied
my feet and asked me to stand. They removed the bag from my head and I found myself
in a room without furniture and two soldiers in front of me. One was carrying a wooden
stick in his hand, and he was average in height, green eyes, and chestnut hair. They
brought an iron box with a projector and they put it 3 or 2 centimeters of my face, and it
was emitting intense heat and light for more than three hours, and every time I put my
head away train the light I was struck with the stick or kicked with the shoes. The blood
was running on my face and they poured very cold water over my head, They put a cloth
band aid over my wound, then they asked me to half sit and that was hard on me because
my weight was 345 pounds, and that caused me to fall on the ground and my hands were •
still tightly tied behind my back. They started hitting me until it gets difficult to stand up.::
It continued like this for several hours. After that they left me Extending for an hour."I
requested water, they said " open your mouth" I opened my mouth and poured the water
over my chest and my back and no water entered my mouth:After that they ordered me
to lay down on the ground on my back and lift my leg•as the soldier demonstrated it to
me, and I did.
My leg was tired, and it fell.on the ground. They started violently hitting me with the
stick on the back of my-foot. This continued for more than two hours and after that they
ordered me to stand and they brought the projector back and this continued until the •
second day. I was falling down on * ground, because I was tired. When I requested'
water, they told me to open my mouth and they poured water over my head or my back
and few drops fell in my mouth. Then, the young tall interrogatcir curie by himself
without an interpreter and told me "Do you speakEnglish?" I said "no, only simple
words". He gave me one cup of water and I wanted more but he did not give me more
and he said.when we reach an understanding, we will transfer you to a place whore you
can sleep and eat, and he started asking the HA= 'questions
I gave him the same answers and he resumed more intense torture program. They gave
me a cup of water every three hours or more, sometimes they-give me a piece of crackers.
In the following day the other interrogator came without an interpreter and he: wanted to
know about the weapons of the embassies and the role of M- 14 in that. I reached a
complete desperation from life because of the intensity of the torture and exhaustion.

UGI. 29. 2004 i'.U5PM NU. (ILI r.
I started talking about weapons as he was asking. He asked leading questions and I '
changed them to answers and add a little to them. He gave Me a bottle of water and it was
so important to me, and I felt like.I owned the whole world. After that, the other -
interrogator came and started a conversation about the in:vectors surveillance and I had a
,good imagination, then we talked about al-Qaeda, and I said "in my, life, I never had been
exposed any information related to al-Qaeda, except the meeting of 1993 of M.4 with
Egyptian Opposition Group in Sudan, and I said tol 'growl in April and May that the
Director of the Intelligence, his assistant, and lean prove that, and I
explained that if there was a file related to al-Qaeda where and how they can find it.
'Days and nights go by, the torture was repeated, and I don't know until I fell on'the
ground, and one of the soldiers hit me hard with his ahoes on the left side of ray cheat,
and I passed out.
b6 per CIC
1--2,72 per CIC.
When I gained conscious, there was .a doctor in. the same room putting his stethoscope on
my chest and measuring the blood-pressure, and there was a blood mark on my chest due
to the hits, I was left sitting for two hours, and I tried to sleep, but they put a stereo with .
—loud sound near me. After that, they asked me to stand for two-three hours, and I was
sitting or sleeping for an hour with continuation of a cup . of water and a piece of cracker.
The young interrogator had come, then he was•followed by the huge interrogator, and
they said "You would die here and forget about your children or you talk about only two
subjects (Iraq's relationship with al-Qaeda) and (the Role of IIS in the concealment of
WMD), and two interrogators will come to you to obtain information about Iraq's agents
in the U.S, and the officers who were secretly sent outside Iraq". I said that I had given
all these information in April, and they said that there is a•liat of five or six names, some •
of them in Dubai and other countries that you forgot to mention and you must provide the
list, and I said "are you sure of that?", and they said "yea% then they said a third person is
going to meet with you and ask you about terrorism. and WMD, and be informed rne that
your file is With us, and we will decide your Lite. •
It was for nine days and I couldn't remember the details of it, because of the intensity of.
exhaustion, then I was transferred to a different room, and they untied my hand which
• was tied to ray back, and that was the fourth time they untie my hand, and they took off
mY.bliodfold, and I saw a group of detainees in the same room with their faces facing the
wall. There were old civilian people, - and one of them took a picture of me and asked me
about the blood I had on my face, and they told him that I'm a terroristand I complaint to
him about the torture.
'After.that, •they sent mc back to the room and blindfolded my eyes, and one of them hit
the my forehead against the wall, and hit the back of my head towards the wall, and as a "
result there was a wound and I was bleeding, and they put an ice on the wound, and they
covered it with a cloth band aid. Two or three days later, I was released from that place
and I found myself in this camp, and before dawn time, the guard-took me to the
bathroom And I took a shower.
ZD'a".:OTe JOIG0127945l6la:'°1"""%4
L. Lvv-r J vorm nu. VU 1.. 0
In the morning, I was brought to the administrative official Mx and hensed a •
camera to photo all the Marks of torture on ray head, face t cheat, an e handcuff marks b 6 per c.,' 1 c ,
to my wrist which was a deep cut, The Doctoti land the nurse come and - .
--)7C per CIC
checked me up, and on the folloWing day he sent me to the hospital in this area, and they
took x-rays to my cheat, and there were three ribs fractured, and they took MRI to * •
little and thumb finger naves, because the wound had reached the nerve.
'started the treatment stage to me and the rest of my comrades in the Hall,. and I
started getting information 1101211 IlbOut other sources of Intelligence in America, •
and from Dr" Iebout different things, because he was the h. 6 pe
.Director of al-Ghafiqi Project. Three days later, the interrogation has, started, and two b7C -er
people have showed up and I gave them what they asked for, of information of
exaggeration and lie. Then, areold officer with a beard, and blonde hair had elate., and he
witnessed the marks of torture and he said that he had fractured ribs because he was a
mountain climber and he is an officer In the Special Forces. He indicated that he knew
what happened to me and started to talk about terrorism, explosives, and al-Qaeda. I was
answering the questions, and sometimes I add to them fibre the information I obtained
On the following day, the young tall interrogator who was in charge of the torture-came
to the interrogation tent and said "we knew that youstarted to cooperate and you must
continue, and your fate is decided based on the information of '4WD and terrorism",
Every interrogator comes and repeats the same promise, months passed, and I started to
forget what I said of lies, because lies don't stay in the memory, because they have no
basis, and I lost my psychological.and mental balance, and I couldn't continue lying,
because I Was faced with a skillful interrogator who doesn't buy lies, and if the other
interrogators were very careful, they -would have discovered the lies.
During April and May, I was accounting on a good figure for me, my six children, my,
wife, my handicapped father, my sick mother, five brothers, and seven sisters to live in an
agricultural land together in one house, and afterheing free of fear, surveillance, and
despotism of the former regime.
• I was dreaming of a productive relationship with America (the raostpowcrful nation of
- the world), but a small gang had spoiledthat relationship, because they wanted to harm .
me through indirect motives -by the leaders of the opposition.
• , Is it acceptable to have a prison of war kidnapped from the prison cage where he was
- under the protection of the American flag and be tortured this way? It is an insult not-to
me but to every honest American. -
I challenge every person• to deny the truthfulness of the relationship with you in April and
May. I did not raise any arm, instigate, or talk to anyone to resist you, because I know
that the future is with you.
JV 1. L7, LVUT J. I VI IV 11 V , VL! - 7
I have not committed at all a crime against humanity. I forgot to say one more thing, .
some of the interrogators welt saying that they would hand me to the new government so •
that they out ray sexual organs, and most of them were seeing the marks of torture,
Wheal started complaining, they asked me to be quiet . I was placed in a solitary
confinement from August until November; I didn't see or talk to anybody; and I did not . -
receive any letters.
Truth had brought me torture, and they. asked me to Ile, and I did, and bo -th,•truth and lies
bad led me to this situation. I'm in a bitter struggie inside myself, and I see humanitarian -
treatment from the soldiers, medical staff, and some of the interrogators expressing what
we have already heard about the America's juatice.
, .
When I recall what happened to me, I get convinced that;what had happened was through
a personal plot, and I have grantod ray destiny to almighty God, the Lord of kleaven and
Earth; my God and their God, and he's the well trustworthy and the most Gracious and
During April and May 2003, the meetings with let the airport and
in our houses in Baghdad were mostly •without an interpreter, and it was complicating the'
subject. '
During my recent visit to the airport, I was placed in a room for foie days with a good - •
service for security reasons regarding the camp, and we also talked about the methods to
gain information about the WMD and terrorism.
I was saying and suggesting truthful opinions based on the mutual trust s and after that I
returned harm and the work continued on information and follow-up until 05/22/2003,
The information you found to be true which. was outside ray.specialty, that', have
. obtained through the.nature of my work with the mail, being close to the Director of the
II3 for six years, personal relationships with the LIS, and my good intention, service. As •
• for the information related to the WMD and terrorism were given to during the ,
• interrogation and torture..
I have reached the level her I can't add a single character, hecausei'm psychologically, .
tired and sick, and I don't know my fate, and the gang might come back again, and I live •
in a wheel of worries, but I have .a good faith in, almighty God that it will.be clear to the
*American government what had happened to me, and it will be fair to me and my family,.
and return me to them, and trust starts growing back once again in a &tura filled with
security and ambition.
Nothing happens without the will of Odd .who ordered us to say "say that you trust in God
and what has been revealed to us, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaiah, Jacob, and what Was
revealed to Moses and Jesus, and we're accepting that.
per CTC .
C per CIC
Prisoner of War No
b6 per C1C
b7C per CIC. I I
1•••• An ,/ v 1,110 "-i. V Z. I . I. IV .
Date: 07129/2004
per CIC
Note: on 06/25/2003o I. received a latter tom Coll Itorn the American b 7 C per CIC
• army in the Legal OfEce of Defense about a court session to determine my stains, •
whether I'm a war prisoner or a civilian detainee. I sent hiin a letter on the seine date •
requesting him to review nay health Ele and what had happened to me, and during the
court session he said "this is your health file and I have,lcaown your condition",
• - 7
. .
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