Taguba Report: Certification of the AR 15-6 Investigation of the 800th Military Police Brigade

<p>A memorandum for the record from a Special Assistant to the Staff Judge Advocate certifying that the Master Disk of the Taguba report, provided to headquarters of Central Command (CENTCOM), is a true and accurate copy. The memo also discusses typographical and administrative mistakes in the annexes of the report.</p>

Non-legal Memo
Friday, June 4, 2004
Monday, October 18, 2004

JU~. 4. iUU~ ~:~Lr~ 31.B438B006 -~. 02 __.. -_--~.,J. ...... __;J CFLCC S.JA - DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY HEADQUARTERS, ntllU) UNITED STATES ARMY UNITED STATEa ARMY FORCES CENTRAl. COMMAND COALmON FORCES LAHO COMPONENT COMMAND ' ..1 HARDl!e AVE SW FORT McPHERSON, GEORGIA 31UlO-1014 RE'iYTO ATTNTIOM 01" AFRD·JA 4 June 2004 MEMORANDUM FOR RECORD SUBJECT: Certification of the AR 15·6lnvestigation ofthr &OOth Military Police Brigade 1. As the custodian of the original ~port, I hereby cenify that the Master Disk, which was forwarded by this Headquarters on 13 May 2004 to Headquarters, US Central Conunand in Dohs, Qater is a true and accurate copy of the AR 15·6 Investigation and contains all of the material that was forwarded to the appointing authority, LTO~forreview and approval. 2. Among the 106 annexes, there are statements and or other documents that reference enclosures or attachments that were not made part of the actual repon as prcsenteci to the appointing authority, The actual annexes were limited to those items that were specificaIJy referenced in the 53 pa.ges of the findings and recommendations. 3. The: following allied documents have been stored, and are now maintained, on the electronic copy of the report (referred to as the Master Disk). These were materials ga.thered by the Jnvestigating Officer but not included as p~of the original report &IS they were not specUically identified in the f1l1dings anc1 recommendations: a. In Annex 24; The S30th MP Company's Geneva Convention Brief, undated, was added to the Master Disk. b. In Annex 45; Thc Original Rcport con[ains only SG Karpinski's Deposition, two additional Memorandums from BG KlUpinski, which are also found in AMex 62, were added to the Master Disk. c. In AMex 62; the following document.s were added to the Master Disk: ~.. . 1. 670 MP.CompIlllY's Conunand Philosophy, 2. 670thMP·Compan,.v~s AAR, . 3. FRAqO 70, Redistribution ofHUMvEES, 4. FRAOO 70A, Redistribution of HUMVEES, 5. MFR, Lateral Trarufer ofM·114 Up Armored Vehicles, 6. Memoro.ndum to All 800lb MP S~ldiers, from BG Karpinski, SUbject: Proper Treatment of Iraqi People, dated 19 Jan 04, 7. MemorBl'dum to All 800th MP Soldiers, from BG Karpinski, Subject: Brigadc Policy Regarding Fraternization with Detainees, dated 17 Jan 04, DODDOA-000246 P.03 31S43se006 AFRD-PA SUBJECT: Certification of the AR 15-6 Investigation of the 800th Military Police Brigade 8. Memorandum to All Soldiers, From CPT". Subject: Contacts for Physical Abuse of Any Detainee in Theater, dated rrr~~and 9. A sign pOsted by the local command's IG, CP--. titled (Contacts for Physical AbU!e of AIly Detainee in Theater). undated. d. In Annex 95; only 6-pages Mobilization Order were in the Original Report, however. the full 18 pages is now on the Master Disk. e. In Anne~ 101; The Original Rcpon does not contain 2LT Osterhout's Sworn Statement, however, it has; been added to the Master Disk. 4. Further review of the Original Report did identify ccnain typographical and administrative emrs that, for clarification purposes, are annotated as follows: a. In Annex 23; Annexes A-G of the regulation do not appear in the Original Repon b. In Annex 44; The separate annexes found on the Original Disk were combined, with the exception of AlUlex G. c. In Annex 87; there is an error in the Summarized Testimony. It appears that in the preparation of the Statement, a ponion of AMex 88 was cut into Annex 81. It is unclear if any testimony was lost, but the error existed in the Original Report and is on the Master Disk. d. In Annex 92; the Original Report contained a Hyperlinked Table of Contents not found on the Master Disk. c. In Annex 103; only the Original Disk contains all ofthe SIRs that produced, but contains all of the SIRs that v.ere coruldered by the Appointing Authority. S. The original of this document is kept in the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate, CFLCC, Camp Arifjan. Kuwait, APO AE 09306. 6. The Point of Contact is the undersigned at DSN 318-430·6303 Special Assistant to the StaffJudge Advocate 2 DODDOA-000247