Taguba Report Annex 18: Presentation on the Escape of Prisoners from Camp Bucca on Jan 26, 2004

<p>Report on the Escape of Prisoners on Jan 26, 2004 from Camp Bucca conducted by the 310th Military Police Battalion.</p>

Monday, October 18, 2004

Camp Bucca Detention Facility ---~.,.: An Analysis Of The Escape of On 26 January 2004 from Compound 9 Conducted by: CPT I 310'" MP BN. 5-3 TimQline (26 January 04) _____,,- _,.;4•.____ 0001 CPT~5-3)instructs SSG (Battle Captain) to implement Fog Plan do to the increasing low level FOG moving in (if needed) 0020 OIC (1LT ~988"MP Co) plans to implement Fog Plan 0030 Visibility very poor; OIC calls Fog Plan 0040 All compounds notifted to implement Fog Plan 0100 Response team arrives by PlT (entire 988111 MP Co IIF OPS) 0200 ole !iflLEgg Plan do to the fog lifting and visibility Increasing 0215 SFC ~(CCT -NCOIC) reports all prisoners accounted for 0300 OIC: fog coming In heavy, visibility 25 meten;; . 0320 OIC relnitiates Fog Plan, plans order of count of compound 12, 11, 10, 9 & 8 0330 SRT and additional MPs arTtves 0355 Compound 9 receives notice of Fog Plan; Instructed to count Q4.1O Complete count (as per COmpoundj.~T reports 100% accountability) 0545 After arrive back from the IF. CPT ell. SSG to have compounds conduct complete ISH count of aD detainees 1 TimWline ./j (Continue) : '.o.j;k 0600 OIC moves static: guard and tower to front 0620 Last static guards moves to front 0700 Compound 9 conducts counts by ISN (approximate detainee chow amval) 0730 Chow arrives at compound 9 approximately 0830 CCl 9 discovers ISNs are missing 0930 SOO: fog starts to lift; move bacl. to towers (compound 9) 1000 SOG calls off Fog Plan 1013 Fog Plan lifted; advised compound NCOIC and SOG 1030 SOG meets with (463 -coming up short) 458 (2 In hospital) 1140 Advised by compound 9 that prisoners reported as hospitalized 1145 Rover team sent to check for tracks 1151 Advised by compound 9 SOG of foot trecks from back and over berm 1200 Notified 977th to activate ORF to conduct search 1240 Advised by MSG tOPS -SGM) that detainees 115236. 116272. 151933. need manifest to include pictures 1410 Contact British forces and local Iraqi Pofice in UMM Oasar o Summary of Key Events "!"!!1:~4______ . • VIsibility was 10 to 15 meterw from 0300 to 0900 • 98881 MP CO used enllre company to lurround \he compound. Rule of thumb was each guard WII pieced wtthln viewing dlltlnce 01 elch other. • Conditions and use 01 gUlrds coming off a 12 hour Ihill hlmpered observation abHily. • MPlGuardl went not completely Iurrounding the holding pen aller count was complete as inltruded In \he FOG Plan. MPs were placed on the North. East. and West. No guard was placed on the south lide of the holding pen. • Holding area dinenlions are approximately 20 x 50 meters. • The SOG moved the exterior static guardl on the louth side of compound 9 at 0620. • Compound conlrol taam NCO did not immediately inform the SOG that his count may be off. He recounted to check his original count. • The window of OIIPOfIunity for the cIeIaInee to escape is established ber-en 0620 and 0830. II was during thilline that the exterior ItatiC guards on the louth side of compound 9 move to \he front of tha compound and when the compound control team NCO discovered the count _I off during detainee feeding. • SOG dilcoYerl that detainees low crawled under the wire from the holding lrea to the rear of tha compound and through the tNr layer of wire. 2 DODDOA-000614 TllPPLAIIa • MPGUARO • DETAINEE • ESCAPEE +------------!--------+ • XXXXX*XXXXX • -I· • Between 0620 and 0830 /­ - - - Escape Route XKKK • UP GUARD • DETAlfEE • ESCAPEE 3 Detainee escape through wire Compound 9 .Corrective Action ___~:r . .', ' .."mI .. ~'.----. In-Process • Chain link fence • 20-foot ditch around entire compound • K-9 dog teams • Additional trip flares • Additional radios Not Confirmed • Thermal equipment • Contracted engineer assets to add additional wire 4 R Corrective Action .. , "f;t!______ ---~"" SOP Improvements • Fog Plan rehearsal of plan • Count procedures • Ensure that 360 degree security is maintained on compound at ALL times to include holding area during FOG plan . • Use of QM, BN, and Signal personnel for additional bodies once all MPs are exhausted 5