Statement of Soldier: re: Abuse Complaint of Abuse by Detainee

Army soldier/interrogator asks a detainee if he has health problems. Detainee stated that since he was taken in to custody he was abused. He stated he was stuck on his body, beaten, received "extremely poor" treatment and was "rough-handled" by guards. However, when the detainee was offered medical treatment by a doctor, he declined.

Investigative File
Thursday, February 14, 2002
Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Spc.1111.11111. ))(..(k)--
TF 202
Abuse Complaint by Detainee # The following is a summary complaint of abuse-offered by detainee _At approximately 0600z on 14FEB02 I began an interrogation with Ail noticed that the detainee was breathing heavily and appeared to be disoriented. I asked the detainee if he had any problems concerning his health. The detainee said that since his arrival at Khandahar he had been beaten and received extremely poor treatment by the guards inside the detention facility. I asked the detainee to describe the treatment he had received at the detention facility. The detainee relayed that he had been thrown around and rough-handled by guards. In addition, the detainee said that he had been struck, on his body, by a guard.
I asked the detainee if he needed to see a doctor. The detainee said no and that he just wanted to proceed with the interview. I began a biographical questioning of the detainee. However, the detainee still appeared to be shaken and was having difficulty breathing. I had asked the initial guards/escorts to place the detainee's hands infront of him. However, the guards said that they were unable to move the detainee hands because they did not have handcuffs (the detainee's hands were behind him bound with "zip-ties"). At approximately 06I5z I decided to terminate the interrogation and inform my NCOIC and OIC of the abuse complaint.
Comment: The detainee said that he could recognize the guards who, allegedly, mistreated him. The detainee also said that his previous incarceration in Bagram, AF had been much better than his treatment in Khandahar. The detainee stated, "I am Kuwaiti and have always appreciated the American; they saved our country from Saddam. But, the treatment I have received here is changing my view of Americans."
TF 202
Khandahar, Afghanistan