Statement of Navy Official re: Detainee abuse at detention facility

This document is a statement by [redacted], who was in direct supervision of detainee/guard interactions at a regimental detention facility. On July 4, 2004, officers were on duty at the facility and allegedly abused a detainee. A witness told the interviewee that he/she observed a Marine make a detainee stand up and sit down repeatedly then kick dirt in the detainee's face.
Detainees, Abdullah Tohtasinovich Magrupov, Bacha Khan, and Dawd Gul are mentioned in the statement.

Friday, July 9, 2004
Monday, January 1, 2007

Statement of ,b1(7)(C) given on 9 July


This is a statement regarding handling of detainees

#0528, 0529, and 0530 on 5 July 2004. On the morning of

the 5tk the three detainees were brought to the Detention

Facility for processing. After the paperwork was cleared I

woke the translator they had brought with them up so he

could help us with the in brief. After he gave them the

brief, I told them that they could go. They were out of

the facility before we got the detainees to the search

area. Detention facility personnel in no way mistreated

the detainees. It is also our strict policy at the

detention facility not to handle any detainees until all

paperwork has been cleared. There were at least two other

Marines from the capturing unit present when we took charge

of the three detainees and during the in brief given by the


This is a statement regarding an incident and the

personnel involved iP • 1 on or


about July 4, 2004. (b)(7)(C) and

were on duty at the Regimenta404:ten .n Facilit for RCT-


committing detainee abuse. As their sh ft NCO I am the

person in charge of and responsible for the actions and

conduct that they perform. About 90% of the time I am in

direct supervision of all detainee/guard interactions.

1. It has been alleged that (b)(7)(C) were

Anytime I am not there it is for Detention Facility business. I was not a direct witness to the incident, but I did speak_with the indiv allegation 'had been made. tb1(7-1 ( C)
He t he had seen (1) buse a


etainee. old me that .e was be nd "The Jungle" watchin nd one detainee near the detainee heads. t 200 meters between the detainee heads and the jungle. The jungle is buildings on the , ¦ ¦ -¦ - .f our compound said that he saw t-)7.=C)oke a detainee stand up and sit down repeatedly then kick dirt in his face. After I was told this I nt and ked the Marine In the tower what had happened. told me that ;17.,7)(c) wasn't

close enough to kick dirt in his face because •e was

holding the shotgun, which has a required 15-meter stand off from all detainees. When I spoke with • he told me that the detainee did not appear to un erste the
Arabic commands that were given to him. When he told him
(the detainee) to stand up; the detainee stayed sitting.

Enclosure (5)

DOD 57742

epeated the command with the same result.
hen resorte arm signals. The
told him to sit down.

etainee stood up. Then

old him to stand

Once the detainee sat down,
up again. The detainee sat there, Using hand
signals with the command, the detainee stood. (b)(7)(C)
repeated this process four or fiv tin s so that the


detainee understood the intent of
We do not always have interpreters on hand to translate for
us and this can make the guard to detainee process of
nicating difficult. I am not under the belief that

was acting under ill intent. I believe that

was instructing the detainee using basic


comman•s. he detainee did not understand him so he needed to teach him what needed to be done when the command to stand up was given. It is important for the detainees to know what the guards are communicating to them so that we can control multipl- .stain:; ovements at the same time. I am not certain of (b)(7)(C) involvement in all of this.
nly assume tha e was also in the vicinity of a)I'7 ¦ ;C) when the allegation was made. W 740) told to stop making detainee's stand up and sit down by
ye ing f sU the jungle. I think that he may have thought (b)(71(C) as hara7 • • •e detainee. My professional inio f (b)(7) (C) and is as follows. is a solid young arine w o takes pride in every aspect of his work at the facility. He is constantly adjusting to detainee movements and ensuring that they are properly dispersed. He has taken extra steps to learn additional commands in Arabic to further our communication abilities with f • 's. I would have absolute confidence to leave (b)(7)(C) n c • shift in the event that I wou • no t ere. (b)(7)(C) is always ready to do any task at hand. If I give a set of tasks for the section he will always be one of the first Marines to say, I'll do it. He has a strict adherence to orders and never cuts corners. He handles most tasks with little or no guidance and has great situational awareness when it comes to handling detainees. Both Marine's are highly professional and would never knowingly risk getting in trouble. All work I have observed from them has been more than satisfactory. I think that overall this job can be done by Marines of all ages and ranks. It is the professionalism, maturity, and discipline of the Marines that helps them do well at this job. Rank is only needed by the shift NCO who is ultimately responsible for ensuring the job is done properly.
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