Statement of Marine re: Detainee abuse at detention facility

This document is a statement by a Marine who was present during an alleged incident, which occurred between a detainee and a fellow Marine.
The incident described is related to ACLU RDI 4813.

Friday, July 9, 2004
Monday, January 1, 2007

Statement of IMEMIMIlgiven on 9 July 2004:

During a routine morning head and water call an
incident concerning prisoner abuse was reported. This is
my account of what happened that morning. At 0500 on 5
July 2004 I woke the detainees and told them to 'Salat or
pray". They were afforded 30 minutes to pray before
released them for their head and water call. I began at
Alpha-1 letting detainees out of the cells and lining them
up along the concertina wire. Once all of them were out I
issued a verbal command in Arabic to "bow your heads".
This is done to break down any attempt to make
communication between detainees. One particular detainee
would bow his head for only a few seconds at a time and I
also saw his mouth moving as if talking. I decided to
segregate the detainee from the main body. I then told the

main body to fill their bottles with water and -et back
line. I then escorted the detainees towards
position by the ••rtable heads. I brought the segregate
detainee to (b)(7)(C).

nd made him aware of the det nee

unwi ingness to comply too orders. I wanted
it)ifliC) o keep hint segregated. After the main body was
finished with their head calls I escorted the main body of
detainee's back to the concertina wire to wait on the
segregated detainee to return. I had the main body turn

towards me," •• e

-.-9d bow their heads. During this
time I heard (b)(7)(C).

yell from the rear of the compound.
All I could make out from the distance was 'Hey Marine".
From my position and due to the sand berm blocking my view
I could not see-what was going on with the detainee and

A short time later e o walk in my

ion. Once they reached me gave me the
shotgun and said he was going to go talk to I
asked him what the problem was and what had appene. He
told me that he had instructed the detainee several times
to stand up after more than an adequate time washing his
hands and he was still being insubordinate. He then told
me that he made the detainee stand up and sit down to make
sure the detainee did in fact understand the commands. I
was then told that was wh ad yelled
About this time.was app oac ing us and

11. started to approac him. I continued to observe the ainees while they were talking. I was no.

to hear the conversation but soon afterward (b)(7)iC)
inform d e that.

to see us and our shift
NCO, in the medical building. We continued the
morning routine and I guess sometime during the morning

Enclosure (10)

DOD 57754

(b)(7)(C) and met with (b)(7)(C).
(b)(7)(C) ithout me.
I was under the impression the issue had been resolved. I
never heard of it again until three days ago I was informed
of an investigation. This is my complete and whole
recollection of that morning's event's in its entirety this
9th day of July 2004.

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DOD 57755