Statement of Marine re: Detainee abuse

A Marine provided a statement in which he/she described various incidents of abuse that he/she either witnessed or heard about while stationed at an unknown detention facility.
In the first incident, occurring on or about July 3, 2004, the official observed a Marine guard instruct a detainee to stick their nose in the sand and leave them. The official then witnessed two marines make a detainee do squats and push-ups while the Marine stood over the detainee in order to force him to continue. One of the Marine guards then took a detainee to a location outside and kicked sand in the detainee's head four times, at that point, the official yelled out to the Marine and told him to stop. On the same day, the official overheard a Marine discuss how a Marine had ordered a detainee, #505, to place sand in his mouth and in his jumper.
In the second incident, occurring on or about June 27, 2004, a detainee was ordered to do push-ups, bends and squats, move rocks from one location to another and hold a cinder block in the air while running around the grounds. The detainee was found with a nail in his cell and the physical training was his punishment. On the same day, detainee #490 complained of pain. He complained that the Marine guards made him do alot of push-ups.
Finally, on or about June 20, 2004, the official observed a guard order a detainee to do push-ups behind a tall dirt pile, but the official was unsure of how many the detainee was ordered to do.
[Official provided an Article 31 waiver of rights].

Friday, July 9, 2004
Monday, January 1, 2007

Name: (b)(7)(C) : „ (b)(7)(C)
Activity: Unit: (b)(3) - 10 USC 130b
Telephone number____mit______

I understand that the statement I previously gave to Al) is not admissible at a court-martial and cannot be used against me. Regardless of the fact that have talked about this offense before, I understand that I still have the right to remain silent now.
I have been adviged that 1 may be suspected of the offense(s) rci Al14e_ and that
I have the right to remain silent.
Any statements I do make may be used as evidence against me in trial
I have the right to consult with lawyer counsel prior to any questioning.
This lawyer counsel may be a civilian lawyer retained by me at my own
expense, a military lawyer appointed to act as my counsel without cost to
me, or both.
I have the right to have such retained civilian lawyer and/or appointed
military lawyer present during this interview.
I have the right to terminate this interview at any time.

I further certify and acknowledge that I have read the above statement of
m is and fully understand them, and that: I expressly desire to waive my right to remain silent. _I expressly desire to make a statement. 'I expressly do not desire to consult with either a civilian lawyer retained by me or a military lawyer appointed as my counsel without cost to me prior to questioning. I expressly do not desire to have such a lawyer present with me during this interview. This acknowledgment and waiver of rights is made freely and voluntarily by me, and without any promises or threats having
been made to me or pressure or coercion of any kind having beenused against me.

(b)(7)(C) (I?)(7)(c)
Understanding my rights under U.C.M.J. Article 31,1 wish to make the following statement:

DOD 57745

Statement o (b)(7)(C) iven on 9 July 2004:
3 July 2004, after receiving information
that (U)(7W,)

Ce • .

had ordered a detainee in HESCO block A-1

(who were about to go home) to get off their mats and stick
their nose in the sand and leave them the day prior. I
decided to station myself on the corner of the back holding
cells that are under construction ;,n. obser e the Ma i1=
interaction with the detainees. ibq7C)
the two Marines responsible for escorting the detainees to

the toilet. I observedliMillimaking a detainee do squats and push-ups. The detainee took his right hand and placed it behind his back. The Marine stood over the detainee in a manner to force him to continue the push-ups and squats. 4b)(/(c)t
took another detainee over to the location behind a tall dirt pile where the incident was occurring. He later left and then returned. I observed the Marine walk over to the detainee, take his boot, and kick dust/sand in the detainee's head four times. I yelled out to him to stop it right now and he ¦ f -.etainee was returned • 1.: • _ CO cell. / told (b)(T(C) to go and get his NCO, (7)(C) (007)fC1 an• or a three of them to meet me iD)(7)C Shortly afterwards 07)(C) appeared and said he was informed of what happened and he would rectify the problem. I asked what had he been told that had happened. He stated his men were having the detainees to exercise. When I asked him what else he stat al told. I asked him to go back to and and have them
tell him the rest of the inciden a er told him and he stated he iveuld place them in the tower away from the detainees. The following day the Marine w ' with the detainees. I then informed
$ dent. I also told

11, . •,•

• t 3 July 2004 I overheard (b)(7)(C) and
(WT(C) • iscuss how a Marine had ox •= r etainee #505, (W' 7 'IC} to place sand in his mouth and in his camper un corm.
On or about 27 June 2004 at approximately 0730 r was being assisted bylinglin
conducting personal hygiene inspections atwct eanil was discove -.•
9 -
det ' CO". ailed out t• (b)(7)(C) and o in orm em of what he had oun• stated to the detainee, you are in trouble now''.
Enclosure (6)
DOD 57746

(bit7pC,tand 30 1", I-three
Marines, :bi(7C) (b)(7)(7,) , and IN(7(C) . The

detainee was ordered to per orm push-ups, bend and squats,

move rocks from one location to another, and hold a

cinderblock in the air while he ran around the grounds. I

left the environment while this was occurring. This was

re rted to ater. This was the last day for

and to work at this detention

aci it . The were bein transferred/rotated out.

and ere remaining behind for

another tour.

bout 27 June 2004 detainee 4490 (b)(7)( C,
eported that his arms and shoulders were hurting, as I was making my rounds, around 0800. I contacted a translator and marine to have him accompany me to detainee 4490's HESCO cell to obtain additional information. When I initially spoke with him he used signs and broken words. The translator reported that detainee 4490 stated the Marine Guards had made him do a lot of push-ups while he was tired. The Marines told detainee 4490 not to do it again if ordered to do so. I suggested we not have him refuse because he would be disciplined. He was asked to i f • 4J VS,' • and
e when this occurs. I informed tbv7CJt(b)ril(C) on 29 June 2004 at 0030.
(t) , ?(C)t

On or about 20 June 2004 I observed ordering a

detainee to do push-ups behind a tall dirt pile. He was

using sign language i.e. 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 etc. I was

unsure of the amount of time this had occurred. I soon
left the detainee with him. Later that day I informed

that one of his Marines was ordering a de ne-e to
perform exercises. He said he would speak to ach o them
and asked if I kn Se
even though I did


Enclosure t6 )
DOD 57747