Statement of Interpreter re: Possible Detainee Abuse

This is a statement of an interpreter was states he was told by a detainee that the detainee was hit in the back of the head while hooded and in transit, possibly with the butt of a gun/rifle. The detainee was unable to identify or describe the guard that allegedly struck him or any details of the date or location of the alleged abuse, but did have a "large bump" on his head.

Investigative File
Monday, January 21, 2002
Tuesday, December 20, 2005

On 21 JAN 02, creened detainee number At the end of the screening, I showed him the camp rules.After havinr-ead the camp rules out loud, specifically the section on raising complaints on guard treatmentrinformed me that he had been struck on the head with a heavy object. rstated he believed it to e the butt of the guard's rifle. eyes were hooded at the time, an so e was unable to identify or describe to me the guard that struc im.1111howed me a large bump on the top of his head,
from where the guard struck him.
-----rPC, US Army TF 202 Interrogator