Statement of Former Staff Judge Advocate, (170Th JTF and JTF-GTMO) re: Investigation of Possible Detainee Abuse at Guantanamo Bay

DOD interview of a former Staff Judge Advocate regarding her knowledge of detainee abuse at Guantanamo (GTMO). The former SJA was stationed at GTMO from June 2002 to June 2003. The former SJA recalled learning of an incident where a detainee's mouth was duct taped because the detainee was yelling resistance messages; the tape was used because the soldiers feared the detainee's message would incite a riot. The interviewee also heard about an incident where an interrogator performed a lap dance for a detainee. Also, the interviewee was aware of the Secretary of Defense's approval of twenty hour interrogations. Lastly, the interviewee recalled temperature manipulation and yelling being used as interrogation techniques.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005
Monday, January 1, 2007

Advocate, 170Th JTF and JTF-GTMO. She was interviewedon two separate occasions: the first interview occurred on or about 1350 hours, 21 January 2005, at the Penta on and the second interview occ on or about 1500 hours, 17 March 2005.
was also present during_interview, at the interviewee's request.
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I was stationed at GTMO from June 2002 to June 2003.
During the course of the interview I was asked about what I knew about detainee abuse at Guantanamo. I was specifically asked about the following acts: Inappropriate use of military-working dogs, inappropriate use of duct tape, impersonation of or interference with FBI agents, inappropriate use of loud music and/or yelling, sleep deprivation, short-shackling, inappropriate use of extreme temperatures during interrogation, and inappropriate use of sexual tension as an interrogation technique, to include use of lap dances and simulated menstrual fluids.
I have personal knowledge of the following:
I would like to say at the outset of this interview that I am proud of the soldiers of Joint Task Force GTMO (JTF-GTMO) and the job we did under the most trying of circumstances.
I never reviewed a plan authorizing the use of military working dogs (MWD) during interrogations. I personally observed between three and four hundred interrogations and I never witnessed the use of a MWD. The MWDs are controlled and used by the Joint • Detention Operations Group (JDOG). Therefore, authorization for the use of MWDs during an interrogation session would need the JTF-GTMO Commander's approval (or Major General Dunlavey's approval during the brief time period in October 2002 when be was in command of both JTF-170th and JTF-160th
I am aware of one incident when duct tape was used during an interrogation. However the duct tape was not used as an interro ation tec ' ue; instead the tape was used as a force protection measure. According t directed the guards present at one of the interrogation rooms to duct to a detainee s mouth shut when the detainee started yelling resistance messages. afraid that if the detainee weren't shut up his actions would incite a riot in_111 rrogation trailer. I first heard about the incident from_the Crimin byes ' ation Task Force (CITF) attorney. Shortly after a co ersauon wi_ was or ered b MG Miller to look into the incident and take care off it. I ate y calle n I spoke with
L e admitted to duct taping of the detainee's mouth or ordering the guards e detainee's mouth shut). 1 never got into the details of the incident (i.e. whether the detainee suffered any pain when the taw removed or exactly how much
iota duct tape was used). After our conversation, I told_hat the use of duct tape was net an approved technique and never do it (duct tape a detainee's mouth) again. That was tIE extent of the "investigation" and the command response alliplon't do that again."
AR 15-6 GTMO Investigation
Exhibit as_Qt 76.Exhibits
DOD JUNE_ 3763

I understand that an alleged "lap dance" occurred during the early months of 2003. the Joint Interrogation (JIG) Chief, conducted an investigation into the incl en mined that something inappropriate occurred. don't recall if the report was
committed to writing, but if it was, a copy should be retained at the office of the Staff
Judge Advocate at GTMO. After the investigation, I believe the female interrogator involved was removed from conducting interrogations for thirty days, re-trained and_ returned to the fight (purely an administrative action and punishment). It is important to note: the female interrogator's actions/technique was not approved prior to implementation.
I am unaware of any instances of "short shackling." When we first spoke I stated.' was unaware of the practice being used in interrogation and I am still unaware that the practice was used (other than hearing about the practice in this investigation and the Church investigation).
The SECDEF approved twenty-hour interrogations with four hours of sleep for certain high value detainees. I was involved in submittin: the est for additional techniques in October 2002. Within that .1.!uest:
pro . unlavey forwar PI' 'Ill At I tely to SECDEF.
• Yelling was a valid interrogation technique that was used by our interrogators to obtain
Initially I believe interrogators would adjust the air conditioner in the interrogation _• rooms. MG Miller found out about this practice and directed the interrogators to stop the practice. I am not sure when this was exactly.
I declare under penalt that the foregoing in a true and correct summary of the statement
4,‘ given by the witness

xecuted at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base,

Arizona, on 29 March 2005.
Investigating Officer .