Statement of FBI Agent re: Investigation of Possible Detainee Abuse at Guantanamo Bay

Interview of FBI Official-member of the Behavioral Science Division, interviewee was stationed at Guantanamo, Bay from mid-September 2002 until the end of October 2002. The agent stated that he witnessed at least three incidents of abuse, involving military personnel, dogs, short shackling and duct taping by Military Intelligence interrogators. The agent stated that in one interrogation room "I looked inside the room I noticed a detainee whose entire head covered in duct tape (except for his eyes and maybe mouth). I asked 'why the detainee's head was covered with duct tape?' one of the MI interrogators stated "because he (the detainee) refused to stop "chanting the Koran" during an interrogation session."

Tuesday, March 29, 2005
Monday, January 1, 2007

SUMMARIZED WITNESS STATEMENT OF Agent He was interviewed on or da005, at Conference Room, NACAVC. was also
about 1030 hours, 20 Jam
present during Agent interview.

His statement was substantially as follow:
I was stationed at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (GTMO) from mid September 2002 until the end of
October 2002. I was deployed to GTMO as part of the Federal Bureau of Investigation
Behavioral Science Division. During my time at GTMO I was partnered with Agent
During the course of the interview I was asked about what I knew about detainee abuse at
Guantanamo. I was specifically asked about the following acts: Inappropriate use of military
working dogs, inappropriate use of duct tape, impersonation of or interference with FBI agents,
inappropriate use of loud music and/or yelling, sleep deprivation, short-shackling, inappropriate
use of extreme temperatures during interrogation, and inappropriate use of sexual tension as an
interrogation technique, to include use of lap dances and simulated menstrual fluids.
When I first arrived at GTMO, I was asked to participate in theplanning and implementation of
an interrogation plan for a high value detainee — II was being housed at the
Navy Brig and interrogated at Camp X-Ray. Agent and I were asked to observe
interrogations of ISN Eland offer guidance to the military interrogators, based on ISN
behavior, on the best approaches to use in obtain reliable information. After observing a few
interrogation sessions, it became clear to me that the military interrogators were using more
aggressive interrogation approaches than the FBI. In fact, durinuise interrogation session,
Agent'''. and I witnessed a dog inside the room where ISNE. was being interrogated.
Once inside the room, the dog was ordered to growl and show teeth at the detainee.
Agent d I were watching an FBI interrogation in one of the interrogation trailers when
came into the observation booth. He was excited and stated that he had something to s ow us. was curious, so I followed 11.111down the hallway to an interrogation room. When I arrived at the interrogation room, I observed six or seven soldiers (or persons I believed were soldiers) laughing and pointing at something inside the room. When I looked inside the room I noticed a detainee wt *s entire head covered in duct tape (except for his eyes and maybe mouth). I asked why the detainee's head was covered with duct tape? stated because he (thedeta
.tai) refused to stop "chanting the Koran" during an interrogation session. When I askedIMIN how he planned to take the tape off without hurting the detainee the detainee had a beard and longer hair),)just laughed. I immediately informed andproceeded to notify the Criminal lastigation task Force attorney (either I don't think personally put the duct tape on the detainee'shead, but I believe from his actions he directed the soldiers to do it.
I recall observing two interrogations when the detainee appeared to be short shackled. The first incident caught my attention because I heard loud yelling emanating from an interrogation room. The voice I heard was speaking English and was yelling in an abusive manner. As I approached the interrogation room, I heard a thump. I observed a detainee short shackled (hands shackled to
AR 15-6 GTMP Investigation
nt 7= Cviiihite
Fvhiilit it_,

the eyebolt) to the floor when I looked inside the room. I do not remember the interrogators

name or the exact date of the interrogation.
I declare under penal that the fore ing in a true and correct summary of the statement given .11 by the witness, Agen Executed at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Arizona, on 29 March 2005.
JOHN FURLOW estigating Officer