Statement of Detainee re: Allegation of Abuse While in Custody (0184-04-CID259-80230)

This document is a translated statement made by a detainee taken in to custody. Detainee describes abuse he received when taken in to custody at the Iraq/Saudi Arabia boarder. He said he was forced to exercise. He also stated to have been put in stress positions and beaten about the body with fists and feet.

Investigative File
Tuesday, March 9, 2004
Monday, September 19, 2005

1711*$.1,40014 OF STATEMENT 0 ED TiY" 1040 Mar 04: 6.7 /
It was Mecca/Saudi Arabia,' for pilgrimage. When I came back to the.1)0.0Pr custom "Maaro,. between Saudi 1 abia and Iraq; o Ce of air customstiSpend • me and other pl).Etrinis, Tbey fook PaSspprt and :pasiciortS of the rot of pilgrims. Collation
foces idok us to a camp 0041). tfi border c4H.: We Passpd. the first 64y1:10:
.-• gto,14. Afaai
Araar a0a1 and everyt4it was 04 At the second da% they transferred me to another camp, which I do not know its location. I passed one night in that camp, and they' transferredme in the next day to a new cOnp. in A1.7041dadi Base. I passed one night in that Camp, and in the next day I was tortured by Collation forces. They ordered me to run and squat and stand up so fa-4 044d6*-i*40urAY for one hout They tied 411041 water h0t, to my chest and other to my back, and ordered me to squat and stand up for a long Otte:- I told them: that I am and old man and I am 47years old, and -I cannot do these tno*etnents. They tied My legs to my hands and left Me tied, A soldier came and stood on my back and kicked me in a sensitive organ in my body and kicked my face with his shoe. They made trip lean on a wall, and then two soldiers came and kicked me with their shoes and I fell down several times and I was wounded in my face as a result of my • falling. I felt that all my limbs in a bad case, and I had severe pain in my right and left arms as a result of beating, An American officer came and saw me and he was too mad, and he stopped the torture and brought a doctor to check me up and I was given a medication. In the second day they tied my legs to mineral water boxes and ordered me to . walk and drag these heavy boxes. An American corporal came and said to thein a that is enough", so they untied the water boxes and ordered the to squat and stand Up and shout for a Ions. tittle,. They brought the suspended Iraqis and ordered them to make a circle,
and put me inside the circle; and they ordered thein to slap me on the back of my neck
and on my face and they said to them: this is an Iranian, to let them beat me more. "
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Titan Cd oration Titan Corporation. '
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Prisoner Inferview/rnterrogation Team (PITX0DXFWD)
22nd Military Police Battalion (CID)(ABN)(FWD)
3rd Military Police Group (CD), USACIDC
Abu Oral Prison Complex (ABPC) •
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