Schmidt-Furlow Report Enclosure 28: Summarized Witness Statement

Summarized witness statement of a Lt. Col. who was the former Interrogation Control Element (ICE) Chief at Guantanamo for the first week in December 2002 and re-deployed at end of June 2003. When asked about detainee abuse alleged to have occurred at Guantanamo, the witness indicates his understanding that the controlling guidance on interrogations prior to Secretary of defense approval of the Special Interrogation Plan was Field manual 34-52. He also states that although he does not know about impersonating FBI agents, there was an impersonation of a State Dept. agent to his arrival at Guantanamo. He acknowledged the use of loud music; yelling; temperature controls to make it cold, “It was a technique used to make the detainee uncomfortable”. He also stated he was aware of a “Lap Dance” incident where the interrogator decided to “use sexual tension in an attempt to break a detainee”, but no detainee was ever physically abused.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005
Wednesday, June 14, 2006

SU~D\VITNESS STATEMENT OF Lt eoi ~b)(6) Iformer Interrogation
Control Element (lCE) Chief, who was interviewed on 22 March 2005 at his home in

I was stationed at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (GTMO) on or about the first week of December 2002 and re-deployed at the end ofJune 2003. I was the Interrogation Control Element (ICE) Chief.
During the course ofthe interview I was asked about what I knew about detainee ~useat
Guan~. I was specifically asked about the following acts: Inappropriate uSe of
military worldng do~inappropriate use ofduct tape, impersonation ofor intcrlerence
with FBI agents, inapprojriate use ofloud music andIoryelling, sleep deprivation, short­
shackling. inappropriate use ofextreme teclmigue, to include the use oflap dances and
simulated menstrual fluids.

I have personal knowledge ofthe following:
lt was kh)(jderstanding that prior to SECDEF approval oftbe Special Intetrogation Plan
for ISN b (m early December 2002). the guidance for interro~onprocedures was
Field Manual 34-52. '.


WbeD 1arrived at GlMO.\(b)(6) Imy predecessor, arranged for. SERE instructors
to teach their techniques to the interrogators at G1MO. The instructors did give some
briefings to the Joint Interrogation Group (nG) intcrrogatOIS. MGMiller and I didn't
believe the techniques were appropriate for the JlF-GlMO mission.

I never heard of any interrogators on my watch impersonating FBI agents. I do know that
an interrogator, "LTI(b)(6) jon the Middle Eastern Team, impersonated a Departplent
ofState agent prior to my anival at GlMO. I would not ~vehad a problem with an
interrogator impersonating any federal agency.

Loud l\lusic was used during selected interrogations. The rule on volume was that it
sbould..ilot be so loud that it would blow the detainee's ears ool

Yelling was also used OD occasion during interrogations. Like music, the volume was
never too loud, just a raised voice. .

There were times that interrogators adjusted the air conditioner in an attempt to make the
interrogation booth cold. It wasn't like the booth was a "snow storm" but it was cool.
The temperature depended on the cooperation ofthe detainee. It was a technique used to
make the detainee uncomfortable. 1dOD't beljeve this would be in an interro~ation plan.

It is my understanding that a CIa .. or something close occurred during my tenure at JTF-GTMO. I be 'eve SO b 6 cd the "lap dancc" and her supervisor wasl rt I1t l(b)(6)~ ISS . b)(6) ottogetherpriorto=~tca.t?gationand: \lJ ~ decideo to use Sexual teDSion in an attempt to 1mak a detainee. SG1i(b)(6l.,jubbed up against the detainee and was t~ld not to use ~technique again. SSG Scarpato received . a written admonishment fromKb)(6) Jorthis event. Jo6 G b
~, In my op~on.ISN~Dever pbysically abused dming the exccutio~D~o~fth~e~~~ intarogaUOJl plan. ~~yhave been subjected to some mental . (b )(6) 1
I declaze UDder pell8ll)' that ~in a true and comet summary ofthe statement !J. givCD by the witness, Lt Col~Executed at Davis-MontbanAir Force Base, Arizona. on 29 March 2005.


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