Schmidt-Furlow Report Enclosure 23: Summarized Witness Statement

In a summarized witness statement, the Joint Interrogation Group (JIG) Chief at Guantanamo Bay discusses a variety of incidents of abuse alleged to have taken place under his command. With respect to interrogators' impersonation of FBI agents, he states that the practice was "discussed . . . and stopped." He was "aware" that a LTC was reprimanded for her involvement in the "lap dance incident"; he states that she was "one of the best interrogators." The JIG Chief was not aware of the use of military working dogs in interrogations. He does point out that "fear up" is a proper and authorized interrogation technique. The witness was also asked about incidents involving inappropriate use of duct tape, inappropriate use of loud music and/or yelling, sleep deprivation, short-shackling, inappropriate use of extreme temperatures during interrogation, and simulated menstrual fluid. Any discussion of these allegations of abuse is absent or redacted.

Monday, January 10, 2005
Wednesday, June 14, 2006

SUMMARIZED WIlNESS STATEMENT OFkb)(6) /who was interviewed on 10 January 2005 at a Conference room in the Commissions Building, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (GTMO). His statement was substantially as fo])ows:
I am the current Joint Interrogation Group (JIG) Chief. I work for the Defense Intelligence Agency. I was deployed to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (GTMO) for a two year assignment I took over the JIG in late summer 2003.
During the course ofthe interview I was asked about what I knew about detainee abuse at Guantanamo. I was specifically asked about the following acts: Inappropriate use of military working dogs. inappropriate use-of duct tape, impersonation of or interference with FBI agents, inappropriate use of loud music andlor yelling, sleep deprivation, short-shackling, inappropriate use ofextreme temperatures during interrogation, and inappropriate use ofsexual tension as an interrogation technique, to inchide use of lap dances and simulated menstrual fluids.
I have personal knowledge ofthe following:
1am not aware of any military working dogs being used in an interro28tion (b)(1)


When the FBI ~c~om~p~a~m'-':e-::r::a=uC::;;tC::m=:-'I~I7:tary=:-"!:m::-':te:::rr=o::-:ga=to:-::rs~im::-:pe=rso=n::-:at2":in=-=g::1FBM'i'I',::w-=e-::diTisc==us-=sed::=i~thL.e:-;is;:-su==e:-::an~d the practice was
stopped. 1 do not believe it violates any laws but the practice was stopped.

I am aware thatl(b)(6) Iwas given a Letter of Reprimand by LTci(b)(6) Ifor her involvement, as the NCOlC, ofthe "lap dance" incident. She was one of the best interrogators. In fact, I believe that Major General Miller sponsored her so she could obtain a commission.
The interrogation teams and the iIldividual interrogators draft the interrogation plans and the approaches to be used for the interrogation. Ifthe plan doesn't involve teclmiques requiring additional approval, as detailed in the 16 April 2003 S,ECDEF Memo, it is approved by the I~E Chief. If the approaches require additional approval, the interrogation plan is forwarded to me for review and ifnecessary, notification is sent to SECDEF. If a response is not received within 7 days, I instruct the interrogation team to proceed with the implementation of the approach.
The atmosphere at JTF-GTMO has gradually improved during my tenure. The pressure in the beginning was tremendous because ofthe need to get information. The atmosphere was tense and the agencies didn't always get along. That is not the case now. .
I declare under penalty that the foregoing in a true and correct summary of the statement given by the witness~(b)(5) IExecuted at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. Arizona. on 29 March 2005.

vestieatins;, Officer AQ 1 ,,_~ ~TMnInvestioation DOD JUNE 839
Kb)(6) Chief, JlG, GTMO, w~interviewed and made the following statement on or about 1600 hours, PST, 15 April 2005, via telephone from GTMO to Davis-Monthan AFB. !bis statement is a summary ofthat interview only:
This interview was conducted for thet)lt rurpose ofclarifying facts and circumstances surrounding the interrogation ofISN b
Mrj(b )(6) \was sworn in as a witness and advised ofhis x:ights under the 5th Amendment. He was told that he was ~tedofbeing a co-conspirator in communicating a threat to detainee ISN ~He said he understood his rights, did not want a lawyer, and was prepared to answer questions.
He stated that he arrived and began work at G1MO on 14 Jul 03. Kb)(6) ...,

He commented that FM 34-52 pennits fear up during the course ofinterrogation and that it is a proper and authorized interrogation technique. He stated that under the SECDEF 16 Apr 03 guidance that fear up can be approved by the interrogator sud that it would not have required higher-level approval.

He stated that MG Miller would have weekly staff meetings in which they would specifically discuss interrogations but he would not have briefed or discussed this level of detail with MG Miller. He cannot recall any specific guidance that MG Miller had in place that had to do with threats to detainees in interrogation.
~).kA:-lb:" r ~3 .

He cannot be certain ifLCDRj(b)(6) ran this by the JAG prior to acting or in what level ofdetail he would have briefed the JAG. He does not doubt LCDRJ(b)(6) Itestimony, he just cannot confirm it.
............ He was not aware that it occmred and did not approve this
approach .

.., I swear that the above statement is a fair and accurate summary ofthe testimony ofMr. Kb)(6) I