Re: GTMO Tiger Team Assignments & Areas of Responsibility

This email concerns the practices and effectiveness of Tiger Teams, which appear to be FBI interrogation units. It mentions that interviews of detainees can range from 1 to 6.5 hours, and emphasizes patience and continuity in interrogation approaches. The response email from the NSA Operational Training United, Counterintelligence Division, poses a variety of questions about the teams and their interrogation strategies. The next email in the chain lists three documents attached.

Tuesday, May 14, 2002

The FBI's mission has not been altered at GTMO. It is inclusive of JTF-170's force protection mission
and will assist DoD in it's prosecutive mission working closely with CITF.
The make-up of the teams will remain the same and additional teams are planned. In Coordination with
Those teams, we can afford BAP opportunities to be a part of or conduct their .own interrogations.
Prior to each interrogation, a complete pre-brief is conducted by the DoD analyst assigned to the TEAM.
•The entire TEAM is required to attend. Each detainee has a file containing background and investigative",
reports and those files are available for review.
Yes, we are making a concerted effort to have the same TEAMs and lead interrogators, who's selection is
usually decided at the learn level, to conduct interviews of those of specific nationalities, etc. We will
coordinate having those interrogators available for comment with BAP. .
Our "prOjected" goal of 30 per day was set by DoD. We have cautioned JTF-170 command here with
relying strictly on numbers as the sole measure of results. JTF-170 has agreed with the'FBI's positiOn and
•has made 30 interrogatiohs a day a plan instead of a requirement. This is .a DoD show, but we're in a ..
position to tweak the process.
. .
There is no time limit set for interviews. I've seen them generally run from one hour and in other cases
well over 4 hours. In one recent case, a six and one-half hour interview resulted in a break in the
detainee's cover story and the beginning of different relationship between the interrogators. and the
. Please remember, we have in most, if not all, little or no Intel [that we can disclose] or other informatiOn to .
confront or refute the detainees' accounts. So patience and continuity in our approach, i.e. use of the.
TIGER TEAMS, has been a major bump in our effectiveness.
. Will get EC your way, any further questions, please let me know..jd
»1 105/13 1:30 PM >»
hanks for the information on how the teams are comprised. The BAP team wants la . provide
assistance for thiS project, and we have a few questions—
For JTF 170, are the FBI's objectives limited to the same as DOD's in terms of strategic force protection,
:or do we have secondary purposes for our IT-mission?
Will the makeup of the teams remain the same, or will the BAP have opportunities to conduct .
What data would we have in advance of the prescreening? '
Does the interrogation area have the capability to monitor/record the interviews?
Given the number of ethnicities within the team responsibilities, would the same person be used to
interview others from the same background, and could he/she share their experiences with the BAP?
Is your goal to interview 30 detainees per day?
How•much time do you usually allocate to each interview?
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TC4 V.f) t7 AIAA—PART 4
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1)5/11 8:03 AM >>> .

We can brief the teams, tour the base and provide interview and cultural assistance to each team and
directly assist beginning at the ore-screens. Please send an en via e-mail to us and to CTD requesting our
help, and when you need usi !National
Security Programs Operational Training Unit, Counterintelligence Division
To assist you further, I have attached three docs which provide additional background re the TIGER
TEAM concept employed at GTMO.
1) "ANALYSIS ORG 07050" breaks down the four (4) areas covered by sixteen (16) TIGER TEAMS:
The areas of coverage are: North Africa/Europe (NNE); Central Asia (CA) ; Saudi Arabia (SA) ; and Gulf
States (GS). This doc identifies the specifrc countries assigned to each area. •
2) 'TIGER TEAM CONCEPT" is a Power Point presentation prepared by JTF-170 with input from all.
3) 'TIGERTEAMS.xls" breaks down each TIGER TEAM identifying those assigned to each team. •
Questions, please call/E-MAIL. jd.