Preliminary Autopsy Report: Iraqi Male, Balad, Iraq (Homicide)

<p>Autopsy no: ME04-388; Based on a verbal report, an Iraqi civilian male was shot in a firefight and lived to be transported to a US hospital where he underwent multiple surgeries. Cause of death: gunshot wound of the abdomen; manner of death: Homicide</p>

Tuesday, June 1, 2004
Sunday, April 17, 2005

ARMED FORCES INSTITUTE OF PATHOLOGY Office of the Armed Forces Medical Examiner 1413 Research Blvd., Bldg. 102 Rockville, MD 20850 1-800-944-7912 PRELIMINARY AUTOPSY REPORT Name: bXO).4 Autopsy No.: ME04-388 SSAN: AFIP No.: Pending Date of Birth: Unknown Rank: Civ Date of Death: 24 May 2004 Place of Death: Balad, Iraq Date of Autopsy: 1 June 2004 Place of Autopsy: BIAP Morgue Date of Report: 1 June 2004 Circumstances of Death: By verbal report, this Iraqi male was shot in a firefight and lived to be transported to a US hospital where he underwent multiple surgeries but died due to complications of his wounds. Authorization for Autopsy: Office of the Armed Forces Medical Examiner, IAW 10 USC 1471 Identification: By prisoner number only, DNA sample obtained CAUSE OF DEATH: Gunshot wound of the abdomen MANNER OF DEATH: Homicide These findings are preliminary, and subject to modification pending further investigation and laboratory testing. MEDCOM - 144 DOD 003271 AUTOPSY REPORT ME04-3888 2 :b)(6)4 PRELIMINARY AUTOPSY DIAGNOSES: I.HHistory of remote gunshot wound of the abdomen A. No gunshot wound defect or tract evident due to multiple surgical interventions B. Direction of wound indeterminate C. Status post small bowel resection and anastamosis with sigmoid colostomy, and rectal stump D. Feculent peritonitis (300 ml of pus and feces) and fibrinous adhesions E. Right pleural adhesions and bilateral purulent pleural effusions, status post chest tube placement F. Pulmonary edema and bilateral pneumonia (right lung 1150 grams, left lung 1000 grams) G. Purulent pericardial effusion (50 ml) H. Minute radiopaque fragments visible on sub optimal radiographs, no projectiles recovered II.HNo other significant trauma III.8Toxicology and histology pending b)(6)-2 MAJ, MC, USA Deputy Medical Examiner MEDCOM - 145 DOD 003272