Preliminary Autopsy Report: Abduhl Kaddim Altia, Abu Ghraib Prison, Iraq (Natural) (0040-04-CID789-83990)

<p>Autopsy report of Abduhl Kaddim Altia, a 64-year-old male civilian detainee died while in US custody in Abu Ghraib prison. Cause of Death: Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease; manner of death: natural.</p>

Tuesday, June 1, 2004
Sunday, April 17, 2005

ARMED FORCES INSTITUTE OF PATHOLOGY Office of the Armed Forces Medical Examiner 1413 Research Blvd., Bldg. 102 Rockville, MD 20850 1-800-944-7912 PRELIMINARY AUTOPSY REPORT Name: 1(0(6)-4 Autopsy No.: ME04-386 Prisoner,.# (b)(6)-4 AFIP No.: Pending Date of Birth: BTB 1940 Rank: CIV Date of Death: BTB 23 May 2004 Place of Death: Abu Ghraib Prison Date of Autopsy: 1 June 2004 Place of Autopsy: BIAP Morgue Date of Report: 1 June 2004 Circumstances of Death: This male died while in US custody in Abu Ghraib prison. Authorization for Autopsy: Office of the Armed Forces Medical Examiner, IAW 10 USC 1471 Identification: BTB, DNA sample obtained CAUSE OF DEATH: Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease MANNER OF DEATH: Natural These findings are preliminary, and subject to modification pending further investigation and laboratory testing. MEDCOM - 140 DOD 003267 ' AUTOPSY REPORT ME04-386 2 rb)(6)-4 PRELIMINARY AUTOPSY DIAGNOSES: I.AAtherosclerotic cardiovascular disease A. Left anterior descending coronary artery with multifocal stenoses ranging from 50-80% B. Right coronary artery with mutifocal stenoses ranging from 50­ . 85% C. Left circumflex coronary artery with focal 50% stenosis D. Moderate to severe atherosclerosis of the distal aorta E. Thickening of the mitral valve leaflets F. Pulmonary congestion (right 800 grams, left 650 grams) G. Prominent facial suffusion H. Bilateral earlobe creases (Frank's sign) II.APleural adhesions III.AStatus post appendectomy, remote IV.AFractures of the anterior ribs (right #5, left 3-7) consistent with cardiopulmonary resuscitation V.ANo significant trauma VI.AToxicology pending 1(b)(6)-2 T MAJ, MC, USA Deputy Medical Examiner MEDCOM - 141 DOD 003268