Notes on Rapport-Based Interviewing

The document includes information on the FBI approach of rapport-based interviewing.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

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DAT_ 12.-03 .2005 BY 65179 DE....L.•
Rapport 7based interviewing is the procesS of
communication.betWeen individuals . in which a bond, a . degree .
of trust and/or mutual understanding . is . develOped.
During law enforcement and•intel4gence-related
interviews, a. rapport-based approach has been found to be .
most' successful in obtaining incriminating information, •
corroborating existing information and developing . new leads.
Rapport-building allows an interviewer the opportunity to •
develop a detailed understanding of a subject, determine
his/her_motivations . and identify specific areas of
. vulnerability.. .
k.rapport-based approach,is considered to be more
effectiVe and reliable than an aggressive approach.
Although rapport-based approach is' considered by some to -be
soft and overly polite, this is not necessarily the case. ,
For example, there may be times during interviews in which •
there is pronounced. tension, suspicion, hostility and
intense disagreement.. Depending on circumstances, these
reactions may not benegative and; if - exploited correctly„,
they may actually serVe to enhance the. building of
zappott/trust betw een the interViewer.and . subieCt...
Developing•rapport . takes time.. Some agents are more
pa•ient.than others, and some are more. able. The best
-interviewers are ones with experience, sensitivity, and . ,_
'insight.: Proscriptive approaches are .not the answer andshould
be avoided. To•the extent possible, .agents should
be encouraged 'to develop as Much background 'information as.
possible on a case and subject and on the cultural milieu':
in which it occurred before beginning an interview. ,If
detailed information is unavailable, agents should use the
initial stages • of an interview as an opportunity to_obtain.
additional information which can then be used to create a
specific interview plan.
• OIG-REQ 02/18/05-PART 10 . F13100001,72-