NCIS Report (Death): 05JAN06-MEBJ-0015-7HMA; Adnan Eid Abbass, Camp Korean Village, Iraq, January 4, 2006

This is an NCIS investigation into the death of Adnan Eid Abbass, an Iraqi national who died in the custody of USMC while being transported to the Detention Facility at Forward Operating Base (FOB) Camp Korean Village, Iraq. Mr. Abbass was one of several men arrested for suspected insurgent activity and being transported in the back of a Highly-Mobil Multi-Wheeled Vehicle (Highback) to FOB Korean Village for detention and interrogation. When the Highback arrived at the FOB, Mr. Abbass was discovered deceased of apparent natural causes. This file contains: 1) Report of Investigation (Action, June 27, 2006); 2) Report of Investigation (Interim, May 24, 2006); 3) Investigative Action: Attendance of Autopsy, (Jan. 24, 2006); and 4) a Death Certificate. The investigation has found that Mr. Abbass' death is possibly due to a heart attack, 2nd to hypothermia. This occurred after he was taken in to custody, and while he was being transported to the Detention Center. No abuse is alleged or indicted. Attachments redacted under NCIS Deleted Page Information Sheet.

Investigative File
Tuesday, June 27, 2006
Thursday, January 20, 2011