NCIS Interview of Guantanamo Detainee re: Detainee's Activities in Afghanistan

<p>NCIS interview of a detainee at Guantanamo regarding his activities in Afghanistan. The detainee stated that he traveled throughout Afghanistan doing charity work and teaching the Koran. The detainee stated that he never took up arms while in Afghanistan and was not part of Al Qaeda, but did admit telling a U.S. Marine that he was a Mujahdeen fighter. He states that while in a U.S. prison in Afghanistan, he was tortured. His hands were tied in front of him and he was dragged on the ground.</p>

Investigative File
Tuesday, June 8, 2004
Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Activity Contents Title: FM40111111111111111-imimpi, 1 1 17 et (c)- s— Narrative: , 12 ti¦sc 0-- c 11-5xos-=„Art-A en- On 08 June 2'004, Naval Criminal Investigative Seryice Agent (A04111111=11111.11114nterrogated Internment Serial Number (ISN) at Camp Delta; Naval Base Guantanamo Bay,-Cuba. Mr. Ae¦i, contract linguist, provided Arabic/English translation. i'f")(c)-'7-lotim-/w.,4 r)\ (0-5--w_. tpi CO-S— _=. interrogated illI I I 011 I I I 6 pursuant to a case review. .1111.11111111116cooperated and responded to both non- pertinent and pertinent questions. to hvc)-s-rbI-Wc)-r)6 (7 )et 1 - r" . b II)a)-s-)6t-ten-s-1,( V4-3- 11111111111111rdenied any *tary asso on or activities, while Ili was in Afghlonistan all1=14confirmed sai he saw in various locations in Afghanistan. 41111111=11,provided the reason that he possible weapons that traveled through Afghanistan also gave his opinions on the Twin Towers attack of 11 September 2001. 6 t.)1 tO-S- 6b11cc)-s- 4. ,- 01.1111111.claimed that he never fought in Afghanistan. 11/111Man&was in Afghanistan during the fourth monthly of 1422 (Arabic calendar), doing charity work and teaching of the Qu'ron. The Saudi Arabian government accepted donations for the Taliban government, with the Saudi government also broadcasting news about Afghanistan. The newscasts made 9111. desire to go to Afghanistan, to help the poor. .4 41/11111111111Virargalfghanistan. He traveled to Afghanistan about four to five months before the Twin Towers attack. said that he obtained money for the trip and other expenses in Afghanistan via money that was bequeathed to him from his father, who died about two years earlier. Afghanistan is a poor country, with many orphans and starving 11011111, because MOMS was born around the area of the holy site at people. The people in Afghanistan respected Mecca; he also visited the poor and taught the Qu'ron to the poor. t yillen.„5-wto (-II cc) -s- ivoiCC)-5- While 111M1111111111 was in Afghanistan, he never participated in any military actions or affiliations o‘fean.7cy tc:ple..withb the en. 11111111111111to join the Taliban. He knows no one who is or has claimed tube with Al-Qaeda nor has anyone ever asked Taliban or AL-Qaeda. 1/67)ed-r . , . (-)vo-111111111111111111said that his only activities, while he was in Afgams omn, were to visit local mosques and teach the ron. uld not recall the names of the towns and villtiges that he visited. However, during these visits, said that he saw some weapons in the marketplaces. slain& described the weapons that he saw as guns that were placed in "armored" pick-up trucks or mounted in pick up trucks; he said that these vehicles were operated by members of the Taliban, but he could not say how he knew that those persons were affiliated with the Tallinn. i,,t-nto-s-1, t-tec)-s-=bovo-f 61-)w)1-wob i) 0. 1-wlotten-s-- 6hvo-s-4111.111111111osaid that he we to a Pakistani • rder guard, cause illgrast brun out ofney, and 11=11•11111 bia. wanted to be brought to the audi Arabian e sassy, to see assistance in returning to Saudi that he did not have a weapo with him, whe he contacted e Pakistani border guard; he , ver possessed an AK-47 When 1111111111a4 (rifle). He was brought to a P tani police o military offi , who wanted money from said that he stayed in the custody of the Pakistanis fortold the Pakistani officer that had n money, that he (the Pakistani officer) would not stay in Pakistan, if heor two. Then, the Pakistani officer told eave the compound,with the other group of were • therefore, the Pakistani officer suggested that people there, who were also leaving Pakistan for their home countrie said that he could not speak to anyone felt ' , k it was a g ' , d idea to leave Pakistan. When /Ilktiter else in the group, due to a language barrier, but that agreed to leave, he boarded a bus. Instead of lea Pakistan, was . , . .. rted to a US jail, where he has brl sa a United S' tes person, when as brought to a remained in US custody. The first time that /-Al 0--5" US prison at or near. Jalalabad. 1911(0-S-ktlyes-s-1/cc):55 r:(-1)(1‘,-t-s-C __________--1 al-S- fit .1co (6-)7;42,--r t11bblm-s-W The reason that ABM& said that his stori s dinered om the t:account, when AININESowas brought to thewas brought to the US prison in "Afghanistan," detention camp and that of rAent interrogati • ns, is that hen he was, "tortured." ANIIIIIIIM. claimed that o .. hands w tied in front of him and that he was dragged on the ground, andthat I could not see any such damage or scars to his arms and hands were cut and damaged. ° o o I told said nothing to me. 'd that the only reason that he told a Marine interrogator (at the US jailarms, in Afghlanistan/Jalalabad) that he was a Mujandeen fighter, was to make his situation better, since the Marine did not believe anything that mowsaid, and continued to accuse of being a Mujandeen. , _ bell ec)-S-. lo ( -1)(C)-7 111111111111Lgave his thoughts and opinions about the Twin Towers attacks. He said that he hated the Twin Towers attacks. asnd(eli)e-rtalso heard news accounts of the He saw some photographs of the attack, while ill/INTMLwas in a restaurant, -)als *--' lot 11 Cel-s- 6890 htto:// orod/ doe web.Doc DetailbS11:1010KPYV8m0b... 9/28/2004 DOD-045148 I '3 '3 V)) to-r oP 6 (-Ato -c 6 ill)-5-w 'th an interviewer and a cleric, while he was in S udi Arabia. Another errogatorattacks on the ra o; he did see a fi photographs of the Twin Towers, to which felt it was a orat the detention showed problem. The atta have caused major communication problems between Muslims and the United States. feels badly about a attacks in part because the attacks reflect only one percent of the people who caused the attacks; is at the detention camp,feels that the Twin Towers attacks are the reason thatadditionally, iate the aftermath of thead nothing to do with the attacks themselves. It is "difficult to fully aalthough Twin Towers," with t actually seeing it, although he can only imagine the attacks in his mink' , W:-.))0).-S- --; t nal- Ipt-0 -1- talleMsaid that he had extensive dental work done last year by a US dentist, and hadteeth extracted. The dentist told that should have the other two teeth (molars) extracted as well. "loves" sports, and showed gre t enthusiasm abou anything about football ("soccer"), since01111111 is a physical education teacher, and likes to teac about soccer espe 'ally. i -Nre) -S- C)-s-- 0)(0 --s-1 i9(11Y­END Participants Involved Participants Role I Name Subject of Activity MINIIIIIIMINIMMOOP to (1 )(0 6891 httn:// nrod/i 2m doe weh.Doc Detail?nS1D=1010KPYV&n0b... 9/28/2004 DOD-045149