Navy NCIS Chart: Pending Cases for RSS Squad

<p>This is a List/Chart of fifteen (15) pending cases for NCIS Team Iraq as of June 14, 2004.</p>

Monday, June 14, 2004
Monday, November 22, 2004

8/14/2084 PENDING CASES ALPHABETICALLY BY TITLE SQUAD • RRS PAGE: 1 PRIMARY TITLE CCN TYPE CASE CTRL LEAD DATE DATE OF LAST PAPER PRI OFFICE OFFICE ASSIGNED TO SQUAD 1NMATED LAST PAPER TYPE DUE DATE DATE CLOSED EXT. RET S 0 F E 0 DISP DATE I J W V W DODDON000273 C 2 BJ 11111111¦ RRS 06/01/2004 06/06/2004 ROI 08/08/2004 CB2Bal IMP C 2 8JBWet TB2BBJ LB2BPEB11.1111111P CB2BBJ 1111111 RRS RRS RRS RRS RRS 05/21 /2004 03252004 0428f2004 04/20/2004 04/07/2004 05/21 /2004 0329/2004 05/17f2004 04/25/2004 ROI ROI ROI ROI 08/21 /2004 04/29/2004 08/08/2004 05/05f2004 06/252004 CB2BBJ 11111111P RRS 04/11/2004 04/142004 ROI 06/14/2004 L 2 PEB Bj NNW LB2BMWBBJ gallatip RRS RRS 04/14/2004 05/08/2004 04/25/2004 ROI 05/05/2004 05/23/2004 CB2BBJ LB2BOKBBJ LB2BMCBBJ CB2BBJ TB2BBJBLB2BTNBBJ IMINP 01111t. RRS RRS RRS RRS RRS RRS 05/09/2004 05/08f2004 05/27/2004 05/132004 04/28/2004 08/04/2004 05/20/2004 05/17/2004 05/172004 ROI ROI ROI 07/202004 05/232004 08/18/2004 07/17/2004 06A36/2004 08/19/2004 NNNNN NN NNN NNNNN N N N N N NNNNN NNNNN NNNNN N NBNBN N NNNNN NNNNN NNNNN NNNNN NNNNN NNNNN NNNNN 2BN, 1MARREG, 1MARDIV, INDIA CAMP, IRAQ/SUSPECTED THEFT OF 11,2 MILLION IRAQI DINAR CUTTER, BRIAN K/PFC USMC (DECEASED) DESALES-MARIN, JUAN CARLOS/LCPL USMC GIBSON, CHRISTOPHER A/CP L USMC 11•1111111¦11. IMEF, CAMP FALLUJAH, IRACUPOSS THEFT OF BAT SYSTEMS IMEF/FP EBTHE DEPT OF THE NAVY IN SUPPORT Ur OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM II MACINTOSH, JOSHUAMN USN MALS-11, MAG-11, 3RD MAW, MCAS MIRAMAR, BLDG 8841, POVVER PLANTS/ ATTEMPTED VVRONGFUL DESTRUCTION OF F-18 ENGINE, SERIAL #380045 0111111.11¦11111111111P 1111111M111111111E¦11, 1111111•11111111111111111111 4111111111111111111111111P SMITH JR, MICHAEL JAMES/LCPL USMC 111111W IIIMMI11¦111IP 01 JUN04-MEBJ-0214-6SMA 21 MAY04-ME BJ-0191-7HMA 25MAR04-MEBJ-0095-7HMA 22APRO4-DCAN-0025-7HMA 14APRO4-MWPE-0092-8VMA 07APRO4-MEBJ-0111-6SMA 11APRO4-MEBJ-0138-5CFP 27JUNO3-MEBJ-0250-7HMA 07JAN04-MVVMM-0001-8UMA 09MAY04-MEBJ-0183-8FMA 23SE P03-FEOK-0292-8XMA 25MAR04-MPMC-0008-4BMA 13MAY04-MEBJ-0187-8FMA 22APRO4-DCAN-0026-7HMA 27JAN04-MWTN-0013-8SMA TOTAL NUMBER OF CASES/OPERAT1ONS/SOURCES: 16 TOTAL NUMBER OF CASES ONLY: 16 The information contained in this report is Privacy protected. See SECNAVINST 5211.5D