Military Police Report re: Detainee Abuse Allegations, Camp Red, Baghdad (0353-03-CID093-45256)

This Military Police Investigative Report is based on allegations of detainee abuse at Camp Red, Baghdad. The allegations are that soldiers hooded detainees; made detainees stand on bricks; and threatened them with being run over with a Humvee. The First Sergeant in charge of the Unit gave a detailed explanation of his understanding of the alleged events. The 1SGT stated that detainees were indeed hooded, but only when they were being housed in segregated areas and the hooding was a prudent security measure to prevent the detainees from learning the lay-put of the camp and quarters of the soldiers. The 1SGT also stated that detainees were attempting to escape by jumping over the concertina wire and were required to stand on "a tall brick to limit their movement." Finally, there was no statement or evidence given concerning the Humvee incident. The CID investigation (0353-03-CID093-45256) did not find detainee abuse and the Camp Red SOP provided for segregation with hooding to control violent and disruptive detainees.

Investigative File
Tuesday, December 23, 2003
Monday, April 4, 2005

MPC • Pertains to USACIDC ROI 43-4/ o 1asro Previously Released on VrC 409 DODDOACID 009324