Memorandum for Federal Bureau of Investigation, Internal Affairs Division, Attn: Toni Fogle

This document is a memorandum alerting Toni Fogle of the FBI's Internal Affairs Division of an investigation into the death of a detainee, Haji Sher Mohammad, and requesting to interview a special agent who administered a gunshot residue test to another detainee while Mr. Mohammed was confined at the Salerno Firebase.

Non-legal Memo
Thursday, October 28, 2004

cl i4c7ww 28 Oct 04
MEMORANDUM FOR Federal Bureau. of Investigation, Internal Affairs Division, ATTN:'.
SUBJECT: Request for Witness Interview of SAI Federal Bureau o
1. The Afghanistan MP Detachment"(CID), is currently investigating the death of a
detainee by the name of Mr. Haji Sher MOHAMMAD, Kumarsar Village, Khowst Center,
Khowst Provenance; Afghanistan, who was found dead while at the Regional
Interrogation Facility (RIF), Salerno Firebase (SFB), Salerno, Afghanistan, by RIF •
2. SAI Iwas identified as having been present (administering a Gun Shot Residue
(GSR) test to another detainee) while Mr. MOHAMMAD was undergoing a medical b E PER FE:
screening by Other Coalition Forces (OCF). • b7c,
3. On 7 Oct 04 this office received a Category 1 Request for Assistance (RFA) from the
Af hanist n .MP Detachment requesting this office locate, fully identify and interview SA
Federal Bureau of Investigation, Washington Field Office, 601 4k" Street •
N.W., Washington, DC 20535-0002, to determine his knowledge of Mr. MOHAMMAD's
condition before, during and after he was secured by OCF personnel and determine if
he has any knowledge of any injuries or abuse to Mr..MOHAMMAD or complaints -F PF FBT
4. Point of contact for this memorandum is the undersigned at (703) 696-3500.