Marine Corps List: Spreadsheet of Alleged Detainee Abuse Cases

This US Marine Corp spreadsheet lists twenty-one (21) cases of alleged detainee abuse. The table of cases includes ten (10) substantiated incidents and thirteen (13) unsubstantiated incidents. The incidents include: beating detainees with fists; holding pistol to detainee’s head while another Marine took a picture, and photographing detainee with a flag draped over detainee’s body; hitting the head of a detainee on a table and squeezing his testicles; electric shocking a detainee; and burning a detainee’s hands.

Thursday, August 5, 2004
Monday, November 22, 2004

Total as of 5 Aug 04: 10 Substantiated incidents; 13 (plus unknown #) Unsubstantiated incidents
1. Substantiated: 10 incidents - All 1stMARDIV — 8 OIF I, 2 OIF II.
24 suspects: 11 Court-martial convictions — 1 General Court-martial, 7 Special Courts-martial; 3 Summary Courts-martial 2 Non-judicial Punishments (1 followed by Board of Inquiry & pending discharge) 1 page 11 (official counseling) 6 - charges withdrawn or dismissed 4 cases pending:
3 pending General Courts-martial 1 pending Art 32 investigation

2. Unsubstantiated: 13 incidents (plus unknown #); 25 known suspects & unknown # other suspects (2 NJPs for false official stmts alleging abuse).
3. Other:.1 detainee death investigated with no allegation of abuse.
4 investigations pending.

For DODIG Report (Ongoing/Closed): Preliminary Inquiries 0/5, Criminal Investigations 3/8 (10 are NCIS-DODIG counts under Navy; 1 open is joint Army CID & NCIS), Non-criminal Investigations 2/7, Inspections/Reviews 0/0, Total 25 Investigations 5/20 (2/12 without NCIS/Army CID)
Unit Date of Date Suspect, Location Type of Disposition Stab Incident Reported & Allegation Investigation & Date
SUBSTANTIATED 111 Original rpt (I j SPCM 7 Jan 04
15May03 20 May 03. SUSPECTS: (1) Command Guilty of dereliction, C. 3rd BN, 7 th MAR, 1st 11.11111110 (2 (JAGMAN) maltreatment, assault MarDiv, I MEF also rptd it (3 SENTENCE Conf 90 days,
to CNN 11 LOCATION: Kara .,.Ogrstm-Base West of Karbala) forf $500 x 3 mos, red E-1 1 SUBSTANTIAT-May 04 & to ALLEGATION: 1111111111,mistreated a bound detainee ED INCIDENT; WCQS rprtr -Uy holding a 9mm pistol to the back of the detainee's ea (2) SCM 2 Jan 04 3 SUSPECTS 23 Mar 04. while another Marine took a picture. .also admitted to Guilty of Art 92
was pouring a glass of water on the detainee's head. .took a SENTENCE Conf 30 days, 3/7 SSgt photograph of the detainee while an American ag was draped over forf 2/3 pay x 1 mo, red E-1 separated 31 the detainee's body. .failed to properly guard the detainee Dec 03 on in the execution of his uties uring these occurrences of (3) SCM 15 Jan 04 combat maltreatment. FINDINGS Guilty of related dereliction, maltreatment physical SENTENCE Conf 20 days, disability) forf 2/3 pay x 1 mo, red E1

l' BN, 4 th MAR, IstMarDiv I MEF
13 1
3"I BN, .5` h MAR, 1st MarDiv I MEF
2" BN, 25 th MAR, 1st MarDiv, I MEF (NY Reserve BN)

2 Jun 03 3 Jun 03 `IPSUSPECT: LOCATION: TBD ALLEGATION: Beat detainees w/fists on various parts of their body Command (JAGMAN) SPCM: 2 Jun 03 Guilty of Art 92 viol of lawful order; Art 93 maltreatment; Art 128 Close
SENTENCE: 120 days
conf; red E-1; BCD

1 Jun -6 Jul 03 TBD SUSPECTS: (1 (2 (3(4 111 LOCATION: A twaniyai, raq ALLEGATIONS: NCIS (vice Command) (1)SPCM 17 Jun 04 Guilty of Art 93 maltreatment related to allegation (3) SENTENCE: Red E-3,30 days hard labor w/o conf; Forf $1056/mo x 6 mos Clos , \c;
(1) Locked two Iraqi male looters in an abandoned tank with a water bottle & hatch open. (2) Sprayed Iraqi looters w/fire extinguisher;(3) Ordered 4 juvenile Iraqi looters to kneel beside 2 shallow fighting (2)SPCM 29Mar04 Guilty of dereliction SENTENCE: Red E-3; 30 das hrd lab w/o conf
holes & a pistol was discharged to conduct a mock execution. (3)SCM 26 Jan 04 Guilty of detainee abuse
(spraying detainee w/ fire extinguisher)
SENTENCE: Red E-3; forf
2/3 pay x 1 mo; 14 das restr
(4)Chrgs withdrawn_.. —

6 Jun 03 6 Jun 03 SUSPECTS: (1) NCIS
(3) ill
0 0 0 (5) 1111
O ' 2

15 1
3 rd BN, 23 rd MAR, 1st MarDiv, 1 MEF (SNO is Reservist, Parent command is 4thMARDIV, MARFORRES)
4thLARBn, 1st MarDiv, I MEF
17 1
2.nd 2Bn, 2d MAR 1st MarDiv, I ME (2/2 is based at Camp Lejeune NC with 2d MARDIV)

(1)23 Jun/Jul 03 Jun 03
(2)29 Jun 03

3 Aug 03 3 Aug 03
15 Apr 04
6.. 8DODDON 0002

S.. .
LOCATION: Al Kut, Iraq
(1)23Jun03- SNO, as Combined Anti-Armor (CAAT) Plt Cdr,
detained 4 Iraqi males for looting brass from the Ammunition Supply
Pt. After the 4 th time of detaining them the same day, SNO had them
searched, stripped of clothing except shoes & underwear, & released.
SNO failed to account for their personal property & currency.
(2)29Jun03-SNO's Plt fired in self-defense at a semi-truck attempting
to run a checkpoint 28Jun03. The 2 occupants were injured &
transported to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries. 29Jun03,
the Iraqis returned to recover their personal effects, but SNO denied
them access & ordered his Marines to burn their property.
SUSPECT: 11111111.1111111.11111111111P
LOCATION: Al Mumudiyah, Iraq (LSA Dogwood)
ALLEGATION: Mistreated detainee (1/111/MINIMMEMp

y causing 21'd degree burns/blisters to back of detainee's hands. Detainee requested to use hand sanitizer following a head call. As the detainee squatted down, a Marine guard squirted alcohol-based sanitizer into detainee's hands; excess cleaner formed puddle on floor. As the Marine guard turned to dispose of the empty bottle, 1111111111tit a match & threw it onto the puddle of hand sanitizer. The liquid — ignited, & flames burned the detainee's hands, causing large blisters,
SUSPECTS: (1).shocked victim.
elpedIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIpoperate -transfoffner.

scort for victim while he was shocked.

HET NCO, present during incident

(5) discussed shocking detainees before LOCATION: Al.a imu rya, Iraq (2/2 holding area) ALLEGATION: I 11111111,e p o rt e d he witnessedrallEM&
hock an Iraqi detainee with an electric transformer; thataller eld the wires against the shoulder area of the detainee & that the e amee "danced" as he was shocked. The detainee-victim was released on 14 April & cannot be located.
Command (JAGMAN)
Command (JAGMAN)
Command (vice NCIS)
CG's NJP 1 Aug 03 Guilty of Conduct unbecoming , Failing to rpt & turn over captured property SENTENCE: Forf $2,034 x 1 mo, ltr of censure. MFR BOI 6Apr04 substantiated misconduct & recommended separation w/ Hon discharge.
SPCM 5 Apr 04 Guilty of Art 128, assault with means likely to produce death or grievous bodily harm. SENTENCE: Confinement 90 days, Red to E-2
GCM 14 May 04 Fallujah, Iraq. Guilty of assault, cruelty & maltreatment, derelic-tion, & conspiracy to assault detainee. SENTENCE: 1 yr conf; red E-1; total forf; BCD

SPCM 14 May 04
Fallujah, Iraq. Guilty of
cruelty & maltreat ment,

dereliction, false official stmt, orders violation, &
Close Separt on pendit DC M&tc... rec & SECN V fina action
Pendii GCM. Art 39
04. Re quest Indivi dual Milita
conspiracy to commit assault. SENTENCE: 8 mos conf, red E-1, total forf, BCD. Couns fm COM grante
(3) SPCM 15 Jul 04 Fallujah, Iraq. Guilty of dereliction. SENTENCE: 60 das conf, red E-1, 30 das hard labor w/o conf, forf $100 x 4 mos.
• (4) P.11 — official counseling entry (date TBD). SNM not in room, ordered Marines to stop when heard commotion, & reported it to others.
(5) Pending GCM.



o 4
%S .1

No dates 4 Jan 02 SUSPECTS: Unknown
CTF-58 were LOCATION: Kandahar, Afghanistan
• Suspects' provided ALLEGATIONS:
ranks/units/s vc/
names not provided (1) Excessive force by guards when detainees moved from transport
by complainant aircraft to TF-58 Short Term Holding Facility (STHF) at Kandahar
International Airport
A TED INCIDENTS; (2) Harsh physical treatment during interrogations — including
UNKNOIVN # interrogators hitting the head of a detainee on a table and squeezing
SUSPECTS testicles. Allegation made in Afghanistan to CTF-58, though unclear
where interrogations occurred.
SUSPECT: Marine Guard
Task Force Tarawa, I 29 Mar 03 30 Mar 03 LOCATION: Detainee Collection Point An Nasiriyah, Iraq
MEF ALLEGATION: Detainee (Hamdan Shibey ISN 0408400C) was
shot & killed by a Marine guard. Investigation determined that the
I UNSUBSTANTI- detainee attacked the Marine guard and the guard acted in self-
ATED INCIDENT; defense when he shot the detainee that was lunging for the guard's
I SUSPECT service rifle.
131 2 nd BN, 23'd MAR, 8 Apr 03 Jan 04 SUSPECT: 0.1101111111111111.111111USMCR.VI)LOCATION: Baghdad, Iraq
1st MarDiv I MEF (open source ALLEGATION:. old Las Vegas Newspaper that
— news t at Whe personally execute.ill11/1,1.ere out of combat.
0 0N 5

Preliminary Inquiry (Oral), which requested names of detainees/ suspects & dates but did not receive further
NCIS (initially Preliminary Inquiry by Command per TF Tarawa SJA) (Counting as NCIS for DODIG Report)
Unsubstantiated Feb02 -Guards use only force necessary to control detainee & provide safety & security for detainee & guard force. No medical treatment required/requested. -Physical abuse during any detainee's interrogation did not occur at TF 58 STHF. Unsubstantiated 31 Mar 03 Close( Close(
.Unsubstantiated for abuse/homicide Substantiated for False Official Stmt, NJP 28 Apr 04 Guilty of False Official Statement — false allegation SENTENCE Forf 1 mo pay. SNM to retire. Closet

SUSPECT: "U.S. Marines" Command Unsubstantiated Close(
3dBN 4 th MAR I stMarDiv I MEF 9-12.Apr 03 2 Dec 03 CONGRINT LOCATION: Baghdad/Umm Qasar, Iraq ALLEGATION: UINIIIIIIMIIIIPalleged U.S. Marines "stole Apr 04
my belongings...and started torturing me" in Baghdad, Iraq. On 30
1 UNSUBSTANTIA- Apr 04, 11.11111111111Piled a claim against the U.S. Army claiming
TED INCIDENT; abuse while at Camp Bucca, Umm Qasar, Iraq, an Army detention
UNKNOWN # facility where he was transferred after being under Marine control
SUSPECTS for 3-4 days in Baghdad. (0(e
[ 5 1 Apr 03 13 Jun 03 SUSPECT: Cpl USMC. NCIS Unsubstantiated. Clo..
Combat Services LOCATION: Iraq. Suspect said he was
Support Co ALLEGATION: Suspect told several unit mbrs that he was ordered intoxicated &
1 St FSSG I MEF by his formetilito execute 3 Iraqi EPWs during combat ops near -fabricated entire story.
abandoned Iraqi pharmaceutical factory south of Baghdad; thatelli. He passed polygraph.
I UNSUBSTANTIA- threatened to kill him if he did not carry out the executions; & that
TED INCIDENT; he killed 3 Iraqi EPWs & disposed of bodies in 8-ft deep hole.
1 6 1
N/A 9 Jul 03 SUSPECT: LCpI USMC NCIS Unsubstantiated. Closed.
2dBN 5 th MAR False LOCATION: Iraq. Preliminary Suspect also told Due to
lstMarDiv I MEF allegation ALLEGATION: Suspect was being treated at the Naval Medical Inquiry & medical staff he was totality c
Center San Diego, when he was overheard bragging about stabbing Command meritoriously fictitious

1 UNSUBSTANTIA- dead & wounded Iraqi EPWs. Preliminary promoted to Sgt, stories b
TED INCIDENT; Inquiry wounded in Iraq, suspect,
1 SUSPECT • (Counting as awarded Purple Heart, full field
NCIS for honored by hometown investigi
DODIG Report) ceremony, treated to tion
dinner by deemea
Congressman, & unwarra
assaulted 1 night in ted.
San Diego. In fact,
suspect was assigned
to chaplain's vehicle
in Iraq, & there is no
record of hometown
0 - ceremony or
0 promotion.
Ort z o 6

1" BN 4 th MAR IstMarDiv I MEF 15 Apr 03 15 Apr 03 SUSPECT: 1111.111111.1.P LOCATION: Iraq ALLEGATION: SNM was medevaced with a broken hand. He told ryPreliminary Inquiry (JAGMAN) Unsubstantiated for detainee abuse. Close(
the BN surgeon that he broke it "punching an EPW in the face" & Substantiated for False
1 UNSUBSTANTI-ATED INCIDENT; told another officer he broke it punching an EPW "in the back of the head." In CONUS, he recanted, stating he punched the ground. Official Statement (false allegation) &
1 SUSPECT; infliction of self-injury.
NJP FOR FALSE NJP 11 Aug 03. Forf
OFFICAL $692 x 2 mos, Red E-3

[81 Combined Anti- N/A False Oct 03 SUSPECT: Navy Corpsman detailed from Naval Hospital' Oak Harbor,litgton, in support of IstMARDIV in OIF from 21 NCIS NAS Whidbey Unsubstantiated. Suspect said he never abused or assaulted Closed. Case ha( no prose
Armor Tm (CAAT), Wpns Co, 1" BN IstMARDIV Allegation Feb 03 to 13 Sep 03. LOCATION: Iraq. ALLEGATION: That suspect claimed to have "roughed up some EPWs while in Iraq." Island WA EPWs, though admitted pushing one EPW's face in the dirt & tripping other difficult cutive of disciplin ry merit per Trial
1 UNSUBSTANTI- EPWs to put them on Svcs
ATED INCIDENT; the ground while Office­
] SUSPECT assisting USMC members conducting West NI Whidbe:
":pat down" searches. Island.
191 Unsubstantiated.
12 Apr 04 15 Apr 04 SUSPECT:.Counterintelligence Specialist Preliminary Inquiry found evidence Close(
1" Intel BN, 1st LOCATION: .Interrogation Facility, Camp Fallujah, Iraq Inquiry limited & conflicting.
MarDiv, I MEF Serious ALLEGATION: That detainee was kicked & struck during SIR indicated
Incident screening. immediate medical
I UNSUBSTANTI- Report, I exam of detainee found
ATED INCIDENT; MEF FWD no associated injury.
1 SUSPECT 15 Apr 04
1101 Moved from SUSPECT(S): Unknown Unsubstantiated. No
"Other" category -)Ild Bn. 2d MAR IstMarDiv I MEF (2/2 based at Camp Lejeune NC with 2d MarDiv) 15-26 Apr 04 0 0 0 0 0 Z 25 May 04 LOCATION: IVO Al Mahmudiyah, Iraq ALLEGATIONS: 2 detainees, Semied 1111111111/111r &1111111/1111.1P , alleged that while in custody of Marines or Task Force.they were struck w/a rifle on the hands, wrists & backs of legs & thaillillIrvas soodomized w/a rifle muzzle. FACTS: On 15 A r 04, G Co 2/2 detained them & a 3 rd man, at a vehicle ckpt w/ wpns, comm equipment & $500K in vehicle. They identified themselves as mbrs of Command Preliminary Inquiry Approved by CG IstMarDiv 3 Jun 04 evidence that abuse occurred in Marine custody. No signs of abuse during inprocess-ing at DIF which included medical assessment, nor when Dr. examined detainees Close(
UNKNOWN # 0 Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI). On 16 prior to transfer to IF

0 7


UNSUBSTANTAT- Apr 04 they were transferred by convoy to 2/2's FOB & holding 626..Inquiry included
ED INCIDENTS, facility. On 18 Apr 04 they were transferred to the Division interview of personnel
UNKNOWN # Interrogation Facility (DIF). On 26 Apr 04 they were transferred to who had contact with
SUSPECTS • TF 626, thus terminating Marine custody. TF 626 is a SpecOps detainees, & review of
theatre level asset. TF 626 transferred them at some point to an wpns handling &
unknown US govt agency, where allegations were made. custody SOP.

1111 Unsubstantiated 6Jul04.
22" MEU 25 Jun 04 26 Jun 04 SUSPECT(S): 8 Marines from MEU Service Support Group & 10 Marines from C Co, 1/6. NCIS (initially command No evidence or injury to substantiate abuse. Close(
LOCATION: Forward Operating Base (FOB) Ripley, Afghanistan investigation; (a)-(d) are control
1 UNSUBSTANTIA- ALLEGATION: Mistreatment of 6 Afghani nationals while being counting as measures for sleep
TED INCIDENT; 18 held at the temporary detention facility at FOB Ripley by: NCIS for deprivation &
SUSPECTS DODIG Rpt) punishment for break­
a. Forced to repeat stand up & sit down. ing camp rules, last 2­
b. Move small rocks from 1 pile to another. 20 min only (1 detainee
• c. Stand with extended arms for long periods. tried to grab guard's
d. Kneel in place for long periods. pistol)..Little to no
e. Kneel with feet propped up on 2x4. evidence of (e)-(h).
f.Kneel while holding large rock overhead. Investigation found
g. Kneel on small pebble. actions appro-priate,
h. Lay with chest across wooden board. within SOP, guidance
& training.
1121 SUSPECTS: Raiding Team, 2/2 Unsubstantiated. No
18 Jul 04 1 Aug 04 \OLOCATION: Mahmuhdiyah, Iraq Command evidence or injury to Close(
2d BN 2d MAR ALLEGATION: Team searched home of Iraqi Police Forced.. Preliminary substantiate allegation.
I stMarDiv I MEF 'Wl/suspected as an AIF sympathizer who possessed a weapon to Inquiry Witnesses included

(2/2 based Camp be used against Iraqi & MNF units. Weapon was found, &' .was 1 Aug 04 BNCO & OpsO on raid,
Lejeune NC w/ detained in accordance with SOP with flex cuffs, afforded due Approved by XO & HET OIC during
2dMarDiv) 1 UNSUBSTANTI- deference to rank, taken to Camp Mahmuhdiyah for questioning, & released 5 hours later. 1111111111111111 later alleged he was kicked while CG lstMarDiv questioning, whom 10 found credible.
A TED INCIDENT; enroute to 2/2's FOB, & verbally abused by disparaging remarks
UNKNOWN # about himself & the Iraqi Police Force during his detention.

902000NOC a0a


[1] 11111 1313 Jun 04 SUSPECT: LOCATION: NCIS Investig tion
ALLEGATI pendin,
[2] ‘11 10 Jun 04 NCIS as.17
ALLEGATION: (initially a pendin
11111F Inquiry; counting as
19 Apr 19 Apr 04 SUSPECT: N/A Command/ N/A — No allegation of Close(
3nd Bn, 7th MAR 04 LOCATION: Husaybah, Iraq (3/7 holding area) Reportable abuse
1st MarDiv, I MEF NON-INCIDENT On 19 Apr 04, a detainee (suspected Muj martyr) captured during heavy combat operations died of unknown causes 36 hours after he was apprehended. The detainee is suspected to have died from head Incident Assessment Team (RIAT)
injuries suffered during one of over 20 escape attempts, including one
in which he escaped from his restraints and threw himself through a
window, landing on his head. Subsequent examination by a medical
officer (MO) had him conscious, with good pupils, and responsive.
However, a few hours later he took a turn for the worse and died with
a Corpsman present. The examining MO surmised that the detainee
died from internal cranial bleeding from the fall that was slow to kill
0 0 0 C) him. The entire period of the detainee's captivity occurred during an intense combat engagement. Since the fall out the window did not appear to have caused any injury, the detainee was not evacuated due to military necessity.
1.3 0 9

[41 21 Jun 04 SUSPECT(S): Joint Army Investigation pending Investig (\
ALLEG (Army CID pendin
1 51
Jul 04 7 Jul 04 SUSPECT(S): Unknown. Command Investigation pending Investig
RCT 1, lstMARDIV LOCATION: Fallujah, Iraq tion
I MEF ALLEGATION: Detainee states he was forced to lie face down in the pene .
dirt, kneel next to a mud pile, and was pushed into the mud pile.