Letter from The Honorable Henry A. Waxman U.S. House of Representatives to President George Bush re: Requesting Assistance in Obtaining Key Documents

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A letter from the House of Representatives to President George W. Bush informing him of their determination to investigate the prison abuses at Abu Gharib and elsewhere and to request his assistance in obtaining key documents. The letter includes 35 descriptions that identify each requested document.

Thursday, June 3, 2004
Thursday, October 29, 2009

1 c
" Department of Ju~tice,EXECUTIVE
DAT.E OF DOCUMENT: 06/0~/2004
D,ATE RE.CEIVED: 06/03/2004
WORKFLQW, II): 595649
rviAlL TYPE:
, 06/01/2004
The !:ionorable He1¥YA. Waxman t.
il.s. House ofRepresentatlves
. ,
Washington, DC 205i5
President George IN. Bush (cc: AG)'
COllgression~l Priority .
(FJx c'dpy rec'~ from <: lt="" the="" govewm="" refonn="" comte=""> RM1vJ; Conyers; Judi9i$.y CQmt~; ItM:tvt Qbey~ ApPtopri~tiom?'¢Q¢te, RNIM.
Skelton, Aimed ServIces COl'pte, RMM Lantos, lntemational Relations Comte,
& IUvrM Hannan, Perioanent Select Comte' on Intemge~ce~ advis~ng of their
detennitlation to h1Vestiga.t~ the pr1$Ol.1 abuses ~t th~ h;{l4~ prison; Ab'u GIu:aib?
~nq other pri~ons iil Afgbani§:tan and Gufillt~amoBay. Rbquests the President's
assistance In obtaining key doctiment~ by 6/1712?0.4.
For infonnation.
CRM, FBI, 9LA, ~AO, bAG, OOAG. (McAt~mrtey), bAG (Israelite)
DOJOIG 006308
--:-6-6-/0J/04 09:47 FAX C'"~ . " --~ ------ f4j'OO2l,006
, ' C;; 9fJ!?i CfC
TN~'np?~ATTnN ./
The Presid!'}nt
The White House'
,washhigtoiJ~ 'DC'20S'OO
Pear Mr.l>reside:q.t:
'(ortg~e%5 J;Jt tl,Je, ·.nite~ ~tat~5
~o\1~e, ,n£ltepr63ernatibtJ
~Cu£tant~'<.t.> June 3. 2004
" ' . Unfol:ttuiat~ly: With the exception oft'\1<: l="" sessions="" in="" committ=""> and a single' .Ann~d. SeIVf~es COnlmitt~e heanng, these r:equests havebeer1'r~'t?u:eted. i DeSpite the
magnitude of the Abu. Ghririb and othet det3.inee abuses and their enotJn.oUs rillni.:ficatioIis for' oUr
effort in If?iq ~d U.S. fo:retgn policy, :q.o :rrriuS~, cOxnrrllttees are cm;rentlyundert3k:irig a io~ar
pub]jc investigation. 'I'bfs 1S a dereliction of C~gr~ss' oversight responsibility that ill serveS'our
nation and our troops. '
'- Ther~ ~e multip.le x;easons why a fonn~ public .investiga,tlon is e:?Sential., MemBers -
cannot ~eqpately' assess. the (l.eterioratlpg ¢,tu,anoujnha endeavors there without a thorough. widerstall.dmg oftfte nat:ure, eXtt;ill.t, and l:ainifications, 01 the
. prisoner' ~buse. Not can members address om:, constituents' many concern;:; about these matters
- and tp.o pTogre,ss of OUT ~fforts to' combat terrorism - without mor¢ infonnation.
MoreQver, in order to reestablish U.S. CIed:!.'b:ility in the eyes' of tQ.~ world, CongreSs must
conduct a fuU and transparenfin.'vestigatjon. Such ~ investigation woUld demonstrate our ".
commitment to accountability and to ensuring that these. abuseS cannot Iecur~ ,A thorough and
open inve:mgution is also critical for the emergence of a stilble and secure Iraq. it is hard to see
. how we can win the hearts and minds of-~e Iraqi people ifw"e neglect oilr constitutional
, , ove.r sight respons.i bilities.
, :to address these needs, we intend to investigat~ the prison-abuses at Abu Ghr.aib and the
a11<::gations of="" prisoo="" abuses="" at="" other="" location="" :i.q="" iraq="" and="" in="" afghanistan="" guantanru:p.o="" bay.=""> While we would prefer to participate in committee investigations with our respective chairs, we
cannot allow the refusal of the Republican leadership and'coannittee chairs-to pursue these
matters to obStrUct Congress' access to essential illfonnation..
- .
22 pll2
DOJOIG 006309
e e
06/03/04 09:47 R\I 14l 003/006
The Presid<:lllt:> Pa~e,'2 '
. We request your assistmlce. in ob~ng key docilm~ts. Wj~ few eJ(~tions~ the '.
documents we seek:are not cunently available to mem~ bf.tb.e House. d~t~ the doCUlllents
. ~bvio~ siimfrcance, W~ nop~ you, shai;e Q~ b,elier~at ~IieIti.b~s of the, HaUse of ,"
Represent~Hyes should have acc~ to th~~ dOCUlIlentS, so that they can rea~h,th~ QWU ,
cqnr;;lusiQUs anq fulfill then- legislatiye :r~onsibilit1es. SOPl,e 9f t?eS~ 4oc~ h~ve already
'Qeen:: ~eli-v~ed to th,e S~ate:.Arrxled Seivi,ces Cop:uni.tt~ !mcisoln~ to tl,te HQuse,~titelli~enc~ .
Committe,e.· 'There is llO reason to' deny- meinbers of the;: HQuSe ofRep~~$ehtitlY€:S acc~ss to
Spec,ificallY, we tequ~t copies 9t'the fqllowin~ dor;tunents:
. All Int~tnatipnai. Committee of ilie Rt;:d 'CJ;t)~s (IcRe) mem,oranda: or r'epotts submitted. to
fr!,e Administration regarding, deteritioI;l :tacili~es In Jraq, Afg:!:uml$fan~ and Gu.antanaino
,Bay; ,
(2) 'All fonnaJ r~:PQns~ by the A~$traW;~I;i to JCRe meI:Qo~m®, or ~9rtS. including but
, not 1im.it~d,tQ Brigadier 4enenli Janice Kdrpmski,'s pecemh~ 24~ ~OO~; ~espOllSe;
(3) .
(9) ,
,~ , ,
All qontracts, supcOhtraqts. and task orders for mterrogationor: translatioI'.\ work in Iraq~
Ai~~~s.tan~ and Quantan.imo ;?~y~ ibc1uding 9utno~ limited to tho~e ofCACI
mtermitional and Titan Corp.; ,
All ieports or qssessments ~f COlJ,tracto; perfo~y~ for the contractors, and
subcontra~tors invol.v~d in ~nterr6g~tiQ~ or transI'atioI? work in ~~ Afghanishm, or ,
Gnant~~o Bay, inclu.~ing but no~ l~lt~d to, any :dQCum~f. or other inaterials related to
the, t:ieclslon to a,Uow employc::::es ofCCJntractors without security clearances to participate
in interrogations or other sensitive activities;
\' ' " , "
The Department of Defense interro'gation gqidelines a.pproved by, Secretary of'Dt:!f Donald Rumsfeld in April 2003; , ,
The CIA rules for interrogation ofbigh-level Al-Qaeda prisoners in Iraq, Guantanamo "
Bay~, and Afgnanlstan;
The'October 12; 2003, directive of Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez 'entitled
"Interrqgation and COUllter~ Resistance Policy»;
, ' .
All written approvals for the US~ of specific fnte:xro ,iation techniques issu.ed by General
Sanchez pUl'S11ant to the October 12, 2003, directi:ve; ,
iJI written statements of de'ta:inees~ ¢litary personnel, or civilian: contra.ctors regarding
the abuse of prisoners in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Gllintanarno Bay;
FP~ GGGSD .... ?
DOJOIG 006310
. ,
06/03/04 09;41 fAX ,
-,.--.-•. ~-- -e", " -c. · ----' ------. 14J.004/006
, P·age.,3
(10) ,All mterrogation reports from Abu Ghrai'b' and' oth~ detention facilitl.e~ in !raq from ~ay
2003 through December 2Q03; : . ,
All1usdc;e Dep~en~ memor;m,da a~thored since $epte~ber ,11, ~O? t :;egar4in~' th~
cJassificati,on C)f deblinees or the applicability~ of ti+e:,Qeneya Cop.ventions, tq detainees"
inciudillg 'but not llmit~d 'to q. Jimuary $)7 2002;'rneJ;Ilq from J o~ YOQ, ~d Robert ' .
D?lahqpiy ~o Dep~~t ofDef~~e Gen,et:al Co~el,Williallf ijaynes entitled,
"Applkati;on: 'of ti:eati,es and lawS to a1~Qa'lda ~d;ra.l:il>~ 4eU;Unees)~? . '
The jarl~ 25. 2001, m~o fro¢ White H¢us~ 6;un,~~1 Nbe:rto OQIliZalel) tQ. y~u '
rega,rdirig 'tIieapplicati~u oftli¢ G~eiva ¢onven,tib;ns'to the cOD,flict. Wj.tb. ~l-Qaeo~ and,.
the 1;'alibiili:(' .. ", ".,. " .. "
All State Dep~ent m~moranda autho;re45ince Septe~ber 11. 2()Ol~ rega::cd~g the
~laS~rficatioiI ofdetail].ee$ or the applicability of th,e. Geneva Cou:v'entions tQ ~etainees1
inc~u~gbut not limi~d to S¢tetaty ofStq.te cpli:p. pow~lrs January ~o. 200;Z~,meniO to
W¥te trouse Co~el Alberto GQ'nza1es regru:ding tne 3.m?1l9a\lill.t:t otthe qeneya"
Conventions in: .Aigharust;u1; , ,
fh~ February 5,,2003l tfu.ee.-page·memo, from serdormUitary attomeys rega:rding
interrogatimi technique~ at Guantanamo Bay; .' '
'The 'October 2Q03 report of Major General ~offrey Miller regarding intelligence, .
intexn;i~tlon operations> and detentio~.oI?e.ratlons;' .
(16) " The Nov~~er 2003 report of Major General Ponald :Ryder regarding the detentjoll and
correctiolis. s)'stem. ~ Iraq; , ,
, I
(17) 'The November 19~ 2Q03;> or\ier by Lieutenant GeneJ;al Sanchez transfeni":Qg tactical
control of the military police a.t Abu 'G1?raib to Colonel Thomas :Pappas, cOlIWlander of
the 205th Military Intellig~ce Briga~e;' ,
(18) The March 2004 report of Major General Antonio· Taguba, regarding the treatment of
detainees,at Abu Ghraib, ~ncluding the complete annex;
(9) Any interrogation or detainee treatment guidelines posted or distributed at Abu Ghraib,
including th.e "interrogation rules. of ~gageme.n.t;· posted by Ca.ptain Carolyri A. Woo~ in
AUgust 2003; . " ' '
(20) Th~ Standard Operating .P::oCedures for duantanruno Bay;
TIT Foft2 FBI-0000028 .
\ .
DOJOIG 006311
06/03/04 09:47 F~X til 005/006
_,_] -J.....---- ---'-\ ----.------------
Tb,e President
Page 4
All summaries of r~levant :\nyestigatio~ clJ:(!ently pendms or alre~dy c1os¢d that J:u~:ve
been preplIIed bY-military iDvestiga#':e. se~re;:? ~luding.but.not limited to the 1rfay S •.
2004~ S:ynop$ prepared by the' Criminal Inyestigation Gomma.nd~
All JepoJ;ts ~f autops1e~ r~lated' ~o detainee d~athS. in Iraq; A!~~~tan, or Guan~amo .
Bay and any docum~ll~. t'tla~ are related to the case$. of dc;tamee dea~ "t'herJ! P.Q auto:fJsy
was pejJ:brni~~ mcluq.ing b\lt nQt limiteit to any document tl.t3X e:lg)lains the r~aso~ fo~
. not performing auto'p~les? . .
. (30)
Aq FBI ~ePortS' of P9tentiahy impr'oper ~onduct l1i prison. interrogations ove~een by the
CIA, Qr m3.litary in 1iaq;' Nghanist{Ul~ or Guat;lt~amo ~a~ . .
" " . • I "
" . "v ,~, ~ """,.,' " ~ , " ~" ~"", " _. , .An:! Wri:tten:d~q~eD.tati6~,On'~r Opjectio%~ t9 jnteri,()gatiQp. techhi'lues b,~g used m:
Ir~ Af~haci~? 0t GlW;it:ariamo Bay~ .. .
A:iJ.y FBi Qirectives PlPhlbiting FBI' agel'!~ fr.om participa1:ing in ;aggiessiv~ ~terrogations
in Jraq1'Afgh~~a:n/or Guimtanamo Bay ot removing: agents from such interxogati{)Os; "
- I ~ • -
rh~ 6cfQb~ ~t No~~ber 200~ 'm~~o trom the CrA general Gounsel regar:ding .fue.ClA.
presence at Abu Ghiaib;' . . .
Any visito~ log~ forblq~ks I-A ~d 1-13 ~fthe Abu Gbnrlb':Pri~on from O~tober·1003
through Dec~ber' 2003; . . .
All prisoner intake documents fot Abu Ghraib 'prison and oilier detention facilities
located ill Iraq since May "1, 2003~ mc!udlllg but not iiIni~d to a b:reakdo~ of'the
numbers and typ~ ofpris,Oners in the prison·population; - -
Any documentation of th~ 1:rainin~ receh.'cd in the areas of det~t.ion opetati~ns~4 ,
" prisoner treati:nent by the 800th MP Brigade' and its component bat:i:aJ.ions and companies
~ce Janu;:uy 1,200:2; . .
Any ·a:p:pX'oval.docuroents for Special-access programs regarding th~ interrogation of
de~aineeS in Iraq, Afghanistan. or GllilIltanamo Bay;, .
All records of meetings held between May 1. 2003) and December 31. 2003, involving
D~fense DepartInent,. State Depa:rtrnent, or CIA officials regarding the treatment of
prisoners in Iraq; .
The memorandum signed-by Colonel Thomas Pappas and ~'James Bond" on or about
January 12, 2004, regarding the practice ofkeepmg some Abu Ghraib detainees off the
official roster;
DOJOIG 006312
06/03/04. 09 :.47 P.-\!' --"-- -,---'--- , C~' 141006/00~
" ~ >~,
The President
·Page 5' "
The Janu(jiy 12" 2Q04, ;nemoraitduID: for 1he,recoJ;d signed by Major ~att Pri~ regarcl.iQg
detainees at Abu. Ghraib? . . I • •
} ,
A 'list ofali onggjng m:yest;ig'ations by th,e't)efense De~arlmen~ state De'p~~t. JU¢ce, .
Pepartment, C:tA, or their il:i$p~ct6ts genc:ial i¢.Q the aQusy pr k\lling of detainees i~ TrM~
Mgharustan, arid Quantln&Qo Bay~ iridicatitig·tbose: caS~ that are '9el.ng ,considMed f9f .
pio~'ecutiort, ~y the I)eferiSe I?ePartml?nt or J tistice DePartment~ an..d ,. , , !, .
, . ~ \ ,
(3S) A list of all 'iIl,YeSugations c9mpi~ed hr, tIle:: Defense ))ep~en~ State beJ?artlAe.Q.~
J~cE: Pepartr:Oent) CIA; or: thelr jnsp~topi g~¢ral into the ab,i.lse or kill,ing of 1etaihees
in Itaq~ Afgh~staIi, ailcl Guan~amo Bay) aloil~ wit'4 anY written reports px:cduce4 by
inv~tigaf, o,.ts.'" , ,', ' " ' , '
• . \ ~ .' , , , ." \ ' t, •
We r~~e that aU\l11lber at th~ docuinen't$ we are t~qu~stkg ±nay b~ ~iassl:ti~ ot:may
bet:ele'lavf to po,tential ~~ P;i:()s\~~o~. \y~. ~e ~~?litt~4~o h~c;ll,ing any Sl.!-ch '~erisltive,
material. approjniai¢ly and, are;ayailaQl,~ tQ work V(ith AdmirusthitioD, 'ofi?:c~~s tQ ensure theiJ;'
'proper hatidlmg. We wo-qld ,like to recejve these IP.,~ferl~ oll, or b~fore JUn.e 17. .
Henry A. Waxman ' '
R~g. Min.only Me.Qlber .
Conitnittceon Goveomment Reform
4J~'/?t~' , David R. Obey' ,
Ranlcing Minority M ber
Committee on Api)]." riations
• 1".,1.t:.~
l'Qni Lantos
"1010 • , Jom. Conyers; J ,',
, R~Mipori b,
. Committee on ale ,.:uaICiary.
1k;e Skeltop , , '
Ranking Minority Member
Co.m:tnJttee on.Arnied Services
. , t, ' , -/tMM.r.-:
q~arman' ,
Ranking Minority Member· Ranld:rii Minority Member
Committee on International Relations Permanent Se1ect Conmtitte'e on Intelligence
. co: The Honorable Donald E. Rums:feld, 'Secreta,ry ofDetense
The Honorable Colin L. Powell. Secretary of State
The Honorable John Ashcroft; Attomey General .
The Honorable George J. Ten.et, Di"rector of Central Intelligence
fBr fOil
DOJOIG 006313