Letter from Army Officer re: Correction of Facts Concerning an Incident of a Detainee Being Shot

Corrected report of a an incident where a guard shot a detainee. Correct report was that the detainee moved toward the wire, and place his hands there, so the soldier fired. Details about the charges he faces included.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

US v. 4ID
CID misreported the details of a detainee abuse case in the 4 th ID AOR. The original reporting stated that on 11 September 2003 at the FOB Packhorse detention facility, "an Iraqi detainee died while in US custody. An enlisted Soldier while on guard duty, failed to follow the ROE and shot the detainee who was throwing rocks at him." The synopsis also stated that the "Soldier was charged with Murder. Soldier was reduced to El and
tx administratively discharged in lieu of trial by court-martial."

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.4 4,- The correct information is that on 11 September 2003, SPC was ...a0)-'I
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forming guard duty at FOB Packhorse detention facility. A detainee,
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was being held in an isolation cell in flexi cuffs. SPC was
standing in the hallway of the isolation cell when he saw move toward the wire. (a--_4_,C
He was informed that detainees were not to go nears the wire SPC fired -----his weapon statin that he sa place his hands near the ire. First aid was
administered ans was taken to t id station. On 7 Oct ber 2003, SPC was charged with v tion of Article , UCMJ, Mansla ghter. SPC submitted a Chapter 10 re t. That reque as granted o 12 November 2003.\SPC had no specialized ' ing in han. detain.
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DOD 006721