Interview of Defense Intelligence Agency Personnel re: Possible Detainee Abuse

Interview of soldier by a Special Agent of the DIA Office of Inspector General. The soldier reported that ineffective interrogation techniques were being used by the Task Force. It is alleged in this interview that suspected detainees were being transferred during prisoner abuse investigations by the Task Force to avoid the detainees being interviewed by investigators.

Investigative File
Friday, June 23, 2006
Thursday, June 29, 2006

Information Report
23 June 2004
date typed
ib)(3):10 USC 130b,(b)(3):10 USC 424, (b)(6)
Defense Intelligence Agency Arlington, VA
(b)(1),(b)(3): 10 USC 130b,(b)(3):1
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Intelligence Agency (DIA); -was made aware of the identity o
.. as a "(b)(3):10
Special Agent of the Office of the Inspector General (IG), DIA. was interviewed USC 424 at re • uest re • ardin ana • ement issues pertaining to deployment in support of a at th was interviewed on a secure tele i hone on 9 June 2004 and a follow-up interview was conducted on provided essentially the following information an4 requested confidentiality.
is assi • ed for dut
but was sent to to provide oversight of as returned I because did not get along well with personnel. was not considered to be a team player. reported several management issues.
defid4ify eported that ineffective interrogation techniques were being used by the Task Force. The primary technique employed was personnel that did not support the techni ue were often the victims of character assassination and in some instances returned to the US nK stated there was an on- • oing power struggle between members o
pon arrival in personnel were advised they were under strict control that their communications and activit • would be monitored, making it impossible fo personnel to communicate freely wit

Classified By: (b)(2 ) Declassify On: X1 Date of Source: March 2002
Interviewed On: 9 and 10 June 2004 Case No.: 04-9999 At: Arlington, VA Date Drafted: 18 June 2004 B)' '(b)(3):10 USC 424



1b)(3):10 USC
130b,(b)(3):10 USC

(b)(1),(b)(3) .
10 USC 130b,(b)(3):1 0 USC 424,(b)(6)
vas concerned that becau personnel were monitored, incidents maybe occurring within the task force facility that personnel were unable to resort and others m ere afraid that if they did report anything perceived to be negative b personnel they be isolated from the team and returned to the US. In
ersonnel were under minin • DIA efforts.
suspected detainees were being transferred durin•nsoner abuse investigation
by the Task Force to avoid interviews • investigators. had no direct knowledge , 'r
of this activity ,u stated ersonnel assigned to the Task Force were wa ted resources. They were not being used a intended but were janitors fo ersonnel were denied the opportunity to visit the local military post exchange for haircuts.
stated personnel were of no intelligence value to in that no intelligence reports were prepared or submitted to by personnel. could provide no additional information.