Internal FBI Memorandum re: GTMO Task Force; FBIHQ-Afghanistan

The document is an internal FBI memorandum, regarding a request to establish a pre-deployment training program for FBI personnel who deploy to Afghanistan. The memorandum includes a cost analysis as well as a preliminary draft syllabus.

Non-legal Memo
Tuesday, October 5, 2004
Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rev. l-M-2003)
LATE: 05-27-2010
CLAS3IFIT7) ;• 65179 DEB/mlo
P.EASON: 1.4 Cc Soluce
DECLASSIFY CU: 95-27-2035
Precedence: PRIORITY Date: 10/05/2004
To: Counterterrorism Attn: DAD Willie Hdlon
SC -Arthur Cummings
From: Counterterrorism b2
Military Liaison & Detainee Unit.
Contact: SSA1 b7C
'Approved Ry Bald Gary M
HarringtOnTJ ,
Batle Frank
b6 •
Drafted By:
Case ID #: 66F-HQ-A-1430376-E- (Pending)
• .
Synopsis: Request -to establish a pre-deployment training program for
' ,FBI personnel who deploy to Afghanistan. , '
-Reference: b2
•Administrative: This training program.has been coordinated with CTD b 6 •
Training Administrative personnel (SSA1 I • b7C
. , , . . . . •
Details: The Military Liaison and Detainee Unit (MLDU) was formed as
a unit within CTD and -tasked'to oversee the FBI mission in Afghanistan
and GTMO. In the early stages of .the FBI presence in Afghanistan, the
* FBI's role. primarily focused on interviews of Al Qeada (AQ) and
Taliban (TB) detainees captured by-coalition forces.• However, the FBI ' '
mission has evolved and expanded -to its present form which is . •
primarily the collection of- •ctionable threat intelligence which may .
have a possible nexus to the United States, its citizens-and
interests. This.primary goal - remains in line with the FBI's top
priority to prevent acts of terror against the U.S., its citizens and
interests The current mission incorporates a stafftng level of _, b2
( S ) i 'who work with the U.S. Military, anu b7F,
otner national. agencies in high threat locatib.n. s throughout
:Afghanistan. •
' In June 2004 at the .direction of the Assistant Director CTD,
a CTD Afghan Assessment Team (AAT) arrived in Afghanistan to evaluate
OIG REQ 2/18/05-PART..9 F1310060345
To: Counterterrorism From: Counterterrori
Re: 66F-HQ-A-1430376-E, 10/05/2004 .
'the FBI mission in Afghanistan and the risk our personnel are exposed
to in fulfilling that mission. ,One.of the recommendations made by the
AAT was to.provide a more comprehensive and realistic training program
for all personnel'prior to deployment to Afghanistan.
MLDU has worked in conjunction.with CTD Executive Staff to
develop a comprehensive training plan which can be provided to all
Field Office, and FBIHQ personnel who deploy tia-Afghanistan throughout
the year: A central training objective is the desire to make the
training mission-specific to the needs of FBI agents and support
personnel ;deploying to Afpanistan. - Furthermore, this training is to
be.distinCt from the training currently offered to FBI personnel
deploying to Iraq for two reasons:'FBITersohnel in Afghanistan often
operate as'tart , o-f-military.units widelyldispersed throughout the
• - theater. -They:are also tasked with abroad range Of responsibilitieS
to include, the investigations of na attacks against U.•S..personnel,
Foreign Police training, and assistance to the U.S. military on •
missions where a clearly definedcounterterrorism nexus exists.
• Based on the proposed practical training prOgram, MLDU has •
identified Catp.yilliamsi_Utah as the .location best .suited to meet
training objectives.
.MLDU initialIy*,conducted a-feasibility.stu -Quantico
as a trininri location., HOwever, .on '09/30/04, SSA'
I CTD Executive Watch - Training', 'aed vis was a . .b6
shortage of available housing at Quantico dine to the new-agent. b70
staffing .commitments. On 10/01/04, Unit Chief' In the
Firearms Unit,and SSA' bOth
advised that the'Quantico ranges could not accommodate the type 'of
firearms training requested for Afghanistan personnel which included-,
.223 firearms drills,' ConVoy•protection and shoOting.under low light
conditions (many SSE's are conducted in'the early morning hours with'
limited day light). • -
On 09/30/04, SSA Icontacted-Salt Lake
.City Division ASAC Kevin•Fryslie. ASAC Fryslie advised that Salt 'Lake
•City wouldbe willing to host the proposed training'as well as- provide "
logistical support.

There are several-factors behind the selection of Camp'
Williams for the Afghanistan pre deployment training:
• Camp Williams is the home•base for the U.S. Army 19th
Special Forces Group (SFG): The 19th SFG has deployed 'to .
Afghanistan. FBI personnel often work in concert with SF
personnel in Afghanistan and a familiarity with SF
operations is essential.
. OIG REQ 2/18/05-PART 9 FE10000346
To: Countertern,rism From: 'Counterterrori.1
Re:: 66F-HQ-A-1430376-E, 10/05/2004.
Camp Williams, Utah has elevation, geographical - and
topographical surroundings which simulate the Afghanistan
theater of operations. DoD entities specifically train in
Utah for this reason and exposing prospective , FBI TDY. .
. personnel to this environment will help facilitate training
goalS. • '
• The firearms' training facility at Camp Williams is designed
. to accommodate M4 familiarization, low light firearms .
training, force protection,and convoy familiarization.-
-Because of the 'limited space and size of the ranges at
„ 'Quantico, none.'bf this training can be conducted at' .
• Campyilliams has a driving course'for convoy and force
protection. drills.
• The 19th SFG has agreed to'assist the FBI in conducting
training by providihg instructors for several of the
courses, to include force protedtion, convoy pracedureS,
field medical'trauma, and helicopter,familiarization and
safety.' (agents Utilizelhelicopter aircraft for, deployment
. to SSE locations) will take 4,days, with 1 day. allowance for
travel 'prior to.the Start of trainingand allowance for travel
upon completion of training for a -total.of 6 days, ,MLDU is reqUesting
pre deployment training 3 times per year for all personnel.deplcying,
to Afghanistan..:
Per Diem and lodging for Salt Lake City:'
Lodging $79:00 MIE $39.00 = $118.00
Requesting training for 20 . agents lodging and MIE is $2,360,00 per day
'x 6 days = $14,160.00
Vehicle Rental: (per Hertz. Car 'Rental)
The rate is $91.00 per day plus taxes x 5 'vehicles =,$455 per day x 6
days = $2,:730,00 plus takes. '
Projected Cost of Training.for each Rotation for 20 BU personnel (this
includes the cost of 4 participating instructors ):
OIG RET2/18/05-PART-9 FB10000347
To: Counterterrorism. From: Counterterroriz-a
Re: 66F-HQ-A-143037t-E, 10/05/2004
• $16,890.00
MLDU•in.conjunction with ,SU, have requested through SU and
• the 19th Special Forces Group at Camp Williams to assist in the vast
majority of training in the areas of .evidence-'-'collectioni explosive
ordinance, firearms training, -force protection, survival/ evasion/
resistance/ escape training, and field medical. trauma.
Pre-Deployment Training Syllabus
—._for FBI Personnel/ Afghanistan
1. Afghanistan . Awarecress vistimated Course Time (ECT) . 3hrs 1)6
(Instructors: SSAI I SSAI 1
' a. Islam .
b. Culture of Near East .,
c. Military History of Afghanistan
^d..The Enemy
•2. FBI Mission .ECT l' 3hrs bb7yc •
(Instructors: SSA t
a. CTD. .
b.: Specific Roles '
- c.- . Sensitive' Site Exploitation (SSE) Interiews•
d. SSE's . .
e,.Report Writing/Classification..
f. Current Intel
a. U.S.,Led Coalition: Combined Joint Task. Force 76 ECT lhrs b6
(Instructors: SSA b7
4'. Other 'GOvernment ' Agencies
(Instructors:, SSAI
b. DIA
e. :DEAf.
- ECT lhr h 6
b7C •
OIG REQ 2/18/05-PART 9 FBI0600348
a. Mission .
b. Units
.c. FBI Role' • .
, d. Command Structure (Centcom, SOCOM, CFC.:.)
e. Military Etiquette (Ranks, Insignia and Protocol)
To: Counterterru_ism From: CounterterroriL.•,A
Re: 66F-HQ-A-1430376-E, 10/05/20.04

Evidence Collection .ECT 6hrs'b6
(Instructors: SAI ISU; SU ERT Coordinator) ' b7C
a. General Collection Procedures
b. DNA Recovery
c. Post Mortem Finger Printing
d. Blood Evidence ' • •
e. Gun/Explosive Residue Collection
f. •Elebtronic Evidence Collection
g. MAFIS/ JABS Training .
• '-2-7-‘;
6. Explosive ,Ordinence - ECT 2hrs
(Instructors: SABTI 1 •
a. Identification of Improvised Explosive Devices and
b. Collection of Explosive Fragments 'and Residue
c. Role of CEXC-A
.7. FFoorrccee Protection ECT 12hrs'
.19th SFG, SU 'FBI-SWAT)
a. FBI•Shooting Policy. •
b. Force Protection Concepts
Tactical Driving .
d. 'Tactical Bail Out
e: Convoy Procedures •
d.•Convoy Communications
1. Familiarization with PRC •17's and PRC 148'•

8. Firearms Training .ECT '4hrs
'(Instructors: 19thSFG,,SU PFI)
a. M-4• Familiarization/Qualifications
.b. M-4 Familiarization NVG-,
c. Glock Pistol Qualifications
d, Field Cleaning_of Weapons

9. Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape training ECT 4hrs
(Instructors: 19th SFG)
10. Administrative
, •(Instructors:-SSA1
a. Lege
b. T,&,A/Pay Roll Matters
ECT 2hrs b6
b7C •
OIG REQ 2/18/05-PART 9 F1310000349
To: Counterterr(„ism From: Counterterrori
66F-HQ-A-1430376-E, 10/05/2004
11. EAP ECT 2hrs
(Instructors: FBIHQ, EAP) • b71'
Total Training Hours 40hrs •
• „.
OIG. REQ 2/18/05-PART 9 F1310000350