Internal FBI Email re: Focus of Military Interviews

The document is an internal FBI email, regarding the focus, scope, and procedure of military interviews being conducted of FBI personnel who reported witnessing aggressive interrogation techniques at Guantanamo.

Friday, January 21, 2005
Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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DATE. C724-009- BY 55179'1--(--
I (RMD) (FBI) b7C •
From: I I(OGC) (FBI)
Sent: • Friday, January 21, 2005 1:06 PM o7C
To: • I l(CTD)' (FBI)
Subject: focus of military interviews •
The FBI personnel who are being asked to participate in the interviews are those who, in response to. a.
Bureau-wide inquiry from the Inspection Division last summer, reported witnessing any aggressive
interrogation technique while at Gitmo. DOD received a. copy from the FBI General Counsel of all the
positive responses and any follow-up paperwork to the original email. These Army Officers have
been to investigate allegations involving eight different types of conduct -associated with
military interrogations. These run the gamut from least serious such as playing loud music, using strobe
lights, and shouting at the detainees to the more serious such as using working dogs. to intimidate
detainees or wrapping duct tape around a detainee's head. This group is responsible for issuing a report • •
conclude whether any of the eight allegationS' can be substantiated as well as making specific
recommendations for imposing preventative measures in the future. The report will not explicitly
• include the names of the. FBI personnel interviewed but will instead assign numbers or acronyms to
• protect their identities. The final report is to be issued to the Commander of the U.S. Anny,
. Southern Command, Miami, Florida. •
Th•interViews are being led by 13rig. 'General Furlow, he is preient and leads each interview: A TAG"
:Officer is present with the General and asks follow up questions. Another Colonel is Participating and
a Sergeant Major is taking notes. The interviews are not tape recorded or videotaped. (There are no
allegations against the FBI, there is no advice . of rights to the interviewees, thele are no signed
statements being produCed) Either myself or someone else froin. the Offi.Ce of General Counsel has been
present for the interviews. I'have been ensuring that the FBI personnel interviewed received copies
beforehand of whatever the DOD received which had their name on it (normally includes their •
•• individual email response to the Inspection inquiry and whatever other document sometimes followed. •
• it:)
Each interview begins by . showing the person interviewed a 2 page memo to Brig. Gen. Furlow from -
. the Commander of the U.S. Army. .The letter, lays out the eight' allegations 'against military interrogators
'at Gitmo for which this inquiry is responsible. (They have been scrupulously honest in adhering to the
topics in the letter) Everyone is asked whether they•witnessed or heard abdut any such incidents while
at Gitmo. .(At least one such observation was included in the original email response to Inspection)
Beyond that, each interviewee is asked whether they were aware of any complaints or concerns being
forwarded to anyone in the military in Gitmo or the DOD. Some interviewees are being asked if they
felt that the military leadership in Gitmo was receptive to 'hearing such concerns. Some interviewees
were also asked-whether 'they were ever advised by the military; either orally'in writing, about what
techniques were permissible. No one is being asked • about what was reported to FBI supervisors
or being asked about communications going back and forth between the agents/support staff and their .
supervisors/FBIHQ regarding.such concerns.
• I was designated by the FBI General Counsel as the point of contact for these interviews. If you
receive any , inquiries about such interviews, please let me know.
OIG-6W18/05—PART. 3 FBI0000125
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Assistant General Coun sel •
National Security Law Branch
Counter Terrorism Law Unit 1 .
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