Internal FBI Email re: BOC E-mail Allegations Regarding Abu Ghurayb Prison

The document is an internal FBI email, regarding the legitimacy of allegations of detainee abuse at Abu Ghurayb Prison and the FBI's potential involvement in the Criminal Investigative Division (CID) investigation of these allegations.

Thursday, January 22, 2004
Tuesday, June 14, 2011

To: Gary•Bald
I M Chris. Brieseil I b6
Subject: BOC E-Mail, Priority, Jan. 24. i 2004,1 I
Allegations regarding Abu Ghurayb' Prison
:11111e : y: Attached is an e-mail from Fly Team SAI I our Team Leader for HVD b7C
. terviews at Abu Ghurayb prison'.. Abu G is a Saddam-era prison being utilized by the
Coalition to house detainees. It is over-crowded and my recent force protection
memorandum spoke of the dangers there. Nonetheless, our access to detainees at the prison
is a central Part of our mission and very important to our ability to get the job done.'
Therefore; the allegations contained in the attached e-mail, if true, or even• if not true
but heavily publicized, could make life difficult for us.
I met yesterday on another subject with AUSAs Dana Biehl and Bruce Pagel. Pagel advised
he was aware of the allegations of abuse at the prison. He said that it is his •
understanding that Gen. Sanchez is fully aware of the matter.
I told AUSA Pagel•that the FBI will not enter into an investigation of the alleged abuse,
that it would be outside the scope of Our mission, and that'I believed CID should handle,
it without:our assistance. I will maintain this position unless instructed otherwise by
FBIHQ. First, the matter truly is outside our mission and would squander resources.
Second,•we need to maintain good will and relations with those operating'the prison. Our
. involvement in the investigation of the alleged 'abuse might harm our liaison.
. • •
---- Original Me age
Subject:'nAAU 5ARAYB
am -0500 (Thursday) :b6
1/41011t 01/21/2004, Captainl 1Magistrate'Cell, OIC, DNVT: 1 I verbally b 2._
Itlat,the recent.allegationS of prisoner mistreatment at b° vis.ed SAI
u Ghurayb prison are founded. .Capt.' !stated that there is video . taped . evidenca b7c
of the mistreatment, which includes' beating. and rape, Captain has observed the
evidence. One videotape is-unaccountedfor, end was reportedlybeing offered for sale to ',
CNN (no Specific informatipn provided regarding the individual, involved, yet.he .alluded -
to. the possibility of civilian .contractor involvement). -.
land SA - ' b7C •
. .
In a follow-up telephone conversation between Capt.' I
Capt.' 'advised that the incident is being actively investigated by the Criminal .
Investigative Division, who currently poSsesses all of thei pvidence. wig' the exception of
the missing .tape. .Theinvestigation is being led by Chiefl ICW2, SAIC. SA
asked whether or not this incident has been briefed'to the highest levels of the
U.S. components of the Coalition Provisional ..26mthoritY. Capt.' 'indicated that CID'
briefed General Sanchez who i 'in turn, gave a press briefing approximately four days, ago in
an. effort tobeat CNN to'the story. Capt.I Ibelieved that - General-Sanchez was
advised of the situation, in general, but perhaps not, of all of the facts surrounding this
investigation. 'As'recipients are aware, the release of this videotape to the public.would
be devastating to the coalition mission. 'b6
Capt.' •adviSed the FBI for information purposes, in case the CID investigation
leads to a federal-nexus. He wanted the FBI to be aware of this investigation if and When
CID approaches the FBI.
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