Formica Report Annex 85: Statement of Lieutenant Commander

Sworn statement by a LCDR, Commander unit, discussing detainee processing and interrogation procedures at tactical interrogation facility. States, "What we consider the rule for holding detainees at our facility is no more than 72 hours," but that 48 hours is preferable. States that detainees go no more than 12 hours without eating. Regarding stress positions, refers to a conversation with a Gunnery Sergeant who said, "Sir, it's 90% about stress positions for the most part." Statement continues, "I have to assume that Gunnery Sergeant [redacted], by his position and training, can authorize stress positions. I know it's okay with me."

Thursday, June 17, 2004
Thursday, June 29, 2006

Location: CAE& Ze"C.. Be.tawbeN ,LAC-
Date: 17 :SA* AgtOt

Tule' f72 C (11,
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1. LCD commander o West. any a inisnative militia is the eteeutive a cc 'b c 1 is11111M. He hi at B1AP. arza on 30 March. 1 B lot ovals about three and half weeks. They pulled out of here on the 24* or 266 . were supposed to be here on the 4* of April, but dug to a strategic air problem we didn't make it out here until the 13' t'. We didn't take control wttil 15 April. Between 15 April and 26 Apra we didn't ions. On April we went to Fillujah, and stand there for Rey i A E_
our first target on I believe 3 May. We've brought back, I believe nine detainees to out
facility. Tire been calling our facility a &tendon facility up until recently, but It Is
actual! a 'ad interrogation facility. It is not to be confused with a detention facility
1 Ws not a long or mid- term holding facility. What: we consider the
rule ing detainees at our facility is no more than 72 horns, but may rale here is ifa
guy can tell me something during the first 4$ hours, he's not going to tell me much more.
so my guidance to Rich is after 48 hours let's get this guy to 7RCT, more or less to take
the stress off' this camp for holding this detainee. We've not been keeping guys here
longer than 72
Everybody Imo*: when a einem is in camp. That interrogadog room is avoided
and the word is put out that no one is to go nett the facility and there is a guard sitting out
there the cadre time. There is always a cot in the cooex box. There may have been mom
than one person in the cortex box, but they aro in there for a very shoat period of time.

We feed them cracker:, bread, or the main meals of MRlis. The guidelines that they

lop '.
out on feeding times. are no more than 12 hours ataViVitir The time we Seed them
. varies, but it would be no more than 12 hours in length, the any meal. Within a 12 hour
period that individual will get some sustenance. It is a possibility that someone could
receive crackers and bread every 12 hours for 41 hours. I don't evec do any
intemogstions. I've never been present during an interrogation.* i'vd never done a spot

• chock on an interrogation. As fir at the conduct in interrogations, I reviewed the guidelines of what's posted with. of tikdetainees, and I've looked at Gunn Sergeanallagin the eyes and I se 't .1m mistreaunent of the
under which have been brought in. I told hint, sow your job boner than 1 and 1
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Ratios Repast • Nem 86

St°cment 1.1111110.°IUra;ed
professional suutdard." I have not talked about vibe techniques could and couldn't be
used. I asked him about technique and he said, it's 90% about stress positions far
the most pair so I assume the mal techniques invOlved ' an individual in
‘,sums positions, I have to assume that Gunnery S by his position and 16 noising, can authorize stress positions. ( know its okay mc. Ito told me about it and I didn't deny hiin the ability to do that.


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