Formica Report Annex 69: Statement of Sergeant First Class - Interrogator

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<p>Statement of Sergeant First Class who served as an interrogator. Describes interrogations, and states that only specific interrogators conduct interrogations. Continues, &quot;Our command has authorization to detain people longer than 72 hours.... If I wanted to keep someone for longer than 72 hours, I had to request it from [redacted].&quot; States that he yells at detainees during interrogation but does not abuse them. Mentions an incident during which he &quot;did transport two or three detainees in the trunks of two different vehicles,&quot; but states that this &quot;was a one-time deal.&quot;</p>

Friday, July 9, 2004
Thursday, June 29, 2006

...... . ' SWORN STATEMENT For um of bis form, me AR 190-44s the proponent away Is ODOSOP5 MACY ACT ITATIMENT rib 10 UDC Swam 301; Tab 5 USC boson 2951; 1.0. 5397 doted Navambw 22, 1943 MOD. RWJIIWITY CIPALPIJIIPOIE To predde commandom and law onforawmint Mold* with mane by whist, intommtion may be atmissaw MUM Mei Yew mold afar* mambas la wood as on odSit andiallomma IMAM of idadifloation la WNW. fahns and moloval. 015112.090115: Dlawaamo of your social mashy nurnbw Is wiluntaty. SPAUT 1. LOCATION 2. OAT! (YV VYAMIDOS 3. TIME 4. FI E KUM UMW* Palace Complex. Waded. Iraq 20N/07109 1100L so; jigilliaiNCE. MIDDLE NAME S. SIN 7. ORADE/STATUE E-7/Aedve 03 S. OROANCA11011 OR ADORERS Win 9. 011110101.11 WANT TO MAKE TIN FOLLOWING STATEMENT UNDER OATM My Imo is MOS is ea 111F. I ant is Melligenee NCO Ike Mb heeds mad of the minim! ip reports bend on what we found. Sometimes I control detainees hem theottlective to ase detainee-is Foga* seemed, dm ham food and water, Wigs of net Mare. If a thulium iss Waldo& to another wit my mks part hi-dohs the paperwork. I do held iniserogations, sceselmes at the objectify dm, somethings st the Menden hdlg. • . I've gone op to the aid Ckilfelnery site sod gum timed some dim we Mt they had up there. Myself andlejle are the my two Intoorte for 1110111/14 A bdid overvi of my imemption method id k shuts cm the . laden are ew my Mum in arse, soda es, slithers bad pp associmsd h& Cie the to more that this is the It* mu. net unY Prquedue, aohiograplied idlinnedoa is nonnally ad id name, age are °Imbed om thy In the mamas hanky we__ isto tingly members, addresses, employmem, end people that their smccided Mb. We • buerrogation rms. We've IOW had more than one inierreption mem Time may have bow same tpesdoessiked moodier item, but Raman; fail blown intemptions. We put tosa chaos di anoMer roan for elis partitalar objective. We Ada% knovr bow may people we would alt, and we set It ep so we could at Mist camel the 'Madan. it wu the room in do hod. think we dabs lathe big room will the blankets ado. In my delendoo facility I've about or seven detainees.thlokallinhhesabout the arse amount. . or km of detainees. It would me if you told me that you he has kMrogiW Warm 15 and 25 detainees,and the be told you that oat did dm mom No use else doss iaterrogamens. Using sty bed jedgateak I mold. say that is Milabis dm about 12 to 14 intemopdons. There were some people that we plaited off m oldeceve, we amused thio as isobjective, because we were not me of their association with the mut, and we would set diem some quick qualms be the demotion fedlty to damming their iatehemeni. Many of hem got released of shoes questions, sally= count those individualsI could haw qtawkoned up lo 25 bithviduals. The six or sewn Inierropdces 1 weetalaftiakabout me the cm this were held in the deter ion May. the ems that we misted, detained, and kept them in the detendos to intenegam. Of the da ex Wen. the ones that /Med longer dm 72 bon am rime, sally *ensilage Mow Our commend nuthochadon to detain people bumdm 72 bows; I'm not me *kith level of onainsod. If 1 wanted to keep SWOON.72 boon, I beta request it ham gliMINON sidles would tdl me if it was approved. I've never speak Mind Antic. We have two ism:pietas, one amed11111111111 sad cm named SNIA I thin111110 first same Is11.111111* not one who his last MN Is.IMPS employed Through TITAN. USW an indigenes employes,paidas an kompreter. ra URI either cue as as interprox. l'Yever leave either ese a room by themselves. I've never IMIto conduct as isurrogadon and be's neva lidded In ea iMenogolitit bryond interptedag. most eggraelve poems that I've mime as aninteroemor is liming forward in the chair, and asking Yquestions. I never set I there Noe. tau I have raised my voice m me 50. MINT ( t 1, soMALit 0 STATEMENT PAGE OF —.3 _ MOO ADDITIONAL NACU NWT CONTAIN THE HEADING WATFORD" TAKEN AT — bArED — THE BOTTOM OF FAON ADOMONAL PAD [MUST REAR THE SNITALS Of 711 E POISON MAIN, TW STATENINT, AND FADE NUNDIP MUST SE at INDICATED. 1110" DA FORM 2823. DEC TINM OA FORM 2523, J. 72.15 OBSOLETE irennica ' Report -Annex ea -8110111M101110RINF . DOD JUNE 2982 DOD056798 • use MkS Pun P MOOD. MS PAa stem IimOID. Pt asa moan TO WAAL PAGE of THIS MM. ISTATEPAINT OP Wet Nal *NIS TAKEN AT DATED IoNitra e. STAMEN! fCearefael dom. triad of way. If I were to tharactecised three types of ass ' . the drill serpent would be the mos amuse, at would be mysd& and dim Isom or dad. I would be clown to the moot or and me chewing. I dot get very swain is my tatstsoladass. I um* ask Walk= Om akeedy bow tbe answer to and wins tbey lie to me about it, I may raise my voice wad say 'well bow cane I have thiar and hoodoos to them a piece of evidence. 1 duet get in their face and maul at dem like a ddli ssilesat. I'M presently not awareof am( alleptiont towards my ion:crop= or interpreters. I brow tbakeinlie and to somebody at B1AP about rdeptioes. bet I dool bow what OW allespdoes were. I bow im it was asked the detainee is the tmok. There was tae lime that I did impost into or doe &Mom is the iamb of two different vdtkles. W had arms gem six SF gays and or ammeter spilt batmen two own We sock the sine its the task of the ems to Tilt. k took is. the auk or Ms ems beams" in doe ana at the time, to 20 minim. and 1 think it was der* the afternoon. Werectleamint set age by AlP out there, it wasthese were bevy ll OVa the place, than were rope Ots first time that I'd bam up to sal Tu. so I bad cur guys reedy to get la a gad*. mid did not amt mire a chigoe at tee of the detahaes bebop able to rt a mecca, bemuse we seri bed at least two weeps* and some hag gremdes. and I thought k was sofa* put them isthe nmx was a one time ded. lishee the saes shad= I would do the same thine. The dog in the beck yard is awed larsmoutilm. att barbwhenever netody caws into the composed. Obeloop tothe WAG NNW II0 role in ideriugnioes. my imwonedm if we me oodzotto4 or oak to woo doge tO imretlg . 1 dost how a detainee would bow none. As we birm Maass through the sikitelling blur 't magmas as b etdores any here one of us. yea. at aunt so It Chet a dame"" wordd know s nem k would we if pm me detainees lave sad alum into Me latertoption mom. kwould surprise Bye" told me that ban alleged to be eleetrocoad with a eomstlelt and wises. The broom stick and ou since the existence wire that y totted was toed Mirk tbe detention balky, babied a locked door ea has not opened the detention Balla. This area up until I cut the lock fardingglimigs was ady accessed om the outside of Me Wig. olse not through die damask* May. b clitioed up is the beck pit anyone. Be bas paver • .raed Air me. Eva la the nag' Mahood, sad k's &wow for him us wilder the imObothwC he OM goal uotod gasload Wauseon for to We were Wes hoods as databases at the' bet have switched to blindfolds. It is Gonad FAWN to Medd tioNiuss's video at lbs tato._ They're allowed to take the off when they're la the moss that they's. cheimeg dents is. Its typical for them mos to be bidedderlag the dear. They are bliudfo(dcd desks an interroptIon. The ream we do this is bemuse were out as these streets evaphy mid don't waist dam to go through the system and wind back en the skulk ma harget ser- They see wise we look like awls awhile, whoa we go an the objective' W• aH take part is bringing them food. We glue Mae bread sad wear three dome a day. We've never had an ody for 17 days. Nobody has ever been hers more thee 14 days. to my bowled.. t bee track ofimam:wok= track of the eusebee of Ow sad of that mum. If is beth for 14 days, they ata eivm cab, bread vista 14 days. I've never Shed a deadness ffdd a little interrogation. I don't know whose policy it is to give detainees only bread and war. Ajorpojw- IMAM OF Mem KUNO STATOseiT PAGE a or 3 PAM PAT 1. marasa, nec ram IOWA VIA* RePart .A.M.X ea 1_ DOD JUNE 2983 DOD056799 TAKEN AT 1PC, Ibiebdad. IZ DATED 2034/07/09 STATEMENT OR STATEMINT ICANIANNIS AFFIDAVIT HAVE READ OR HAVE MAO READ TO IS TIES STATEMENTI. . I PULLY UNDERSTAND THE CONTENTS OF THE ENTIRE STATEMENT MADE WHICH ES . EY ME THE STATE IENT n TMIL I HAVE INITIALED ALL CORRECTIONS AND HAVE INITIALED THE IOTTOM OF EACH PAGE CONTAINING THE STATEMENT. I HAVE MAIM THIS STATEMENT FREELY WITHOUT HOPE OfSINEW OR REWARD, WITHOUT THREAT OF PUNISHMENT. AND WITHOUT COERCION, UNLAWFUL Subseribed and swan is bears ma. • Mewl memorised OS law Ie • . AORNANNIAOOar*/ Y(IMAy Gan/ ir iIsidodty TA Aesidstor Oaths, WITIALS OF PERSON MAKING STATE/MIT 1 PAGE OF 3 PAGES ,3 WWII VI OS PAM 3, OA POP& sin OSC ¦ Famlos Report -Amex 439 2984 DOD JUNE DOD056800