Formica Report Annex 63: Statement of Detainee

<p>Sworn statement of female Iraqi detainee whose siblings were also held at Adhamiya. States, &quot;I have two sisters and five brothers. One brother died at [redacted].&quot; Detainee was interrogated at Adhamiya palace for four or five days and &quot;beaten and made to stand for the entire time.&quot; States that she was threatened with electrical wires, beaten, and blindfolded. Continues, &quot;I saw the linguist who was with [redacted], he was shoving the bottle in five or six people. I saw them stick a bottle up several people's rectums. When we were transported from the palace to the police academy we were beaten so badly we bled, I had blood on me from other people bleeding. There were a lot of Americans present&quot;. States that at the Police Academy she was told her brother died.</p>

Sunday, June 20, 2004
Thursday, June 29, 2006

• SWORN STATEMENT ear nos at this ton% we AR TOGA: ata IIMPOIMAI Woe I ODOM PRIMO" ACT ITATEMINT AUTHOINTY: Title 10 USC Section 301: Title 11 USC Seaton 2041: L0.11307 dated Peovsesbar 22. 1143 ISM 11011111COPAL MIRPOilk To outride sorralwrdia all taw entonsement *Maim wan means bv neish information me, be leeway* ROUTINE UMW Year swig murky 41811118f 18 wad a an aldkionoltsitennsa ammo of Idendboadon to balms Ws and sensual. .048CLOSUMb theclossatt yew meld mew*. many vakaltmv. PeATI°14 fie, OAT! (YVYYSINIDDI 13. TVA 4. FILE ramilletpd-rr bed k ,h1,,,44-- s44). LART MST NAME. Mediu saw /Xita & ISSN 7. OnnOTOSIATut E•3 O. OIMANMATthe OR AWNS* NHL In Crepe Anthery . WANT TO SAME TI4IFOLLOWING STATSMINT UNDER OAT* that l elIa lte Ind calZete• thelettilirtalistmoIgthe adsoarof 'Avlestoestsi l,L on eitall made 1 skates tad rive heathen. One bather mantes led as MAW live in 0111.....ral about a listf abut bar rag. n:pl OepetiMINsi s nidi am a friend as bb LS taking him to the hospital. Oa be way to the kapit al they core bothsad Impeded. This was *rag Rammed" I was to the police madam and I didn't fed him. Sameooe to a stabi police mks is another area. I saw a man Meth's err and my Walter was Bela to hes They told me *hem is brother. it was a rebuke dust him up.' so they released him. I took him to theInapkal became Ise was had hum Re said some other Iraqis him him. Two days later lave Amalgam came tolgaimiouse smaching toy house and looking for my Wax. bam too o'dook hs ibe amnia& Sou where my is. Hold hies it was ma garage. walked with to the mtege and he sold me *Wpm dotes pay me matey. we wait let your brother slows". Them was as American soldier melgons with me what we wax to Me proms. My Ot48A8n. who had beat hataited ballelligsdote. told me am to give him any ammo became he won't love aloes. 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Oa Do:ember 231 was in my ear With sea children when I was mopped by ear with ser American.wit ipiw vlto locked err rad to sun away. The Amer. took my ear. mod I wan der darkSIW skiZIilaqito du IAS Emirs sod put me itt ammo whet* as AMorican 0;1 tbe meth nellasek coevaander. lathed • bout soy steam woks, sod brothers of threanmsd to pot me bath is the beseteme. I was Mee left bi elYieft be told me that be would cover let me Me the swills* spin. I was them with thechildren baud sen We got said tabs the kids so the police stadia. I • and the Hagen co drop off the kids at the police station. I was then tam to 1111llialinIlmthe Anmoican commander. They cubed me from belled and pushed me where dude were km, of"why aro you hem" She said AO bona' oar Mews for istemdgetiost and Owy kept her. I waskept at Adasolya Palace fix four or five days when I was beam mod made to :mod the mire time l was there. • They peeled my brotheanitody is frog of me. Re was beaten badly. 1 saw my sister. and my basher Mile was to. smear 2. I 1. INITIALS{ STATEMENT ; PARS 1 OF —2— FACES ADDITION& PAM MUST CCWTAsm TNE WADING 'STATItMENT WEN AT DA TED TIM ISOTTOM OF EACH ADDITIONAL PAGE MUST MAR THE "ATMS OF THE PERSON MAKING MS st4 meta AND PAGE aniatiNO MOW SE OE SAIDeAreo. AM 2823. DEC 1$95 OA FORM 2823. JUL 72,50 ORSOLITE SNA VI 03 ingenwitioreings,,,y4., `) Repot Annex 43 2966 DOD JUNE DOD056782 C8L9904O4 L96Z aruir aoa 'Nu IN • Vedird vein 4111161011021113119, Iola wan i MO VW IIMOif Yu es i Crcr' • WOW " SO 301,0 gal.13 warm /100000 00 11Y11110 1 ;tet • 7 111 ir Joi patio ai p.m *gam I wog* mem Pa 'aga =141110Pit 1011Pata *asp 11P15 VIP VT* tip nal IPIS all1 Pol.MS alli Jo NO 'fraP le al WV 1912201 slit III Pa '.god ala.god '.as a m on lap noon an Amax :mop 1.nao on •alo unmoor Noo P&P adli ^PIN "WSW aU Mal°. 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