Formica Report Annex 41: CID Report: 0233-03-CID259-61217

Documents related to CID Investigations 0233-03-CID259-61217 and 0022-04-CID149-. Includes two Agent's Investigative Reports and a translation of a statement provided by a detainee. The first Agent's Investigative report summarizes interviews with at least four detainees (two female and two male), who described being tortured by the Iraqi police. The first female detainee "Iraqi Police tortured her brother and other young men by forcing water bottles into their rectums and beating them. Detainee stated she was questioned by Iraqi Police and beaten and slapped for over seven hours." A second detainee says she was repeatedly harassed by Iraqi Police, and eventually arrested and beaten. Another detainee claims his confession was obtained after severe humiliation and torture. After he turned himself in at A'Adamia Palace, "during the first interrogation he was beaten without being asked any questions," and "the second interrogation involved a lot of torture and beating on 12/27/2003," including no food or sleep, blindfolding and beatings with brass knuckles. Detainee also alleged that he was kicked in the back, hit his head on the walls, and had a bottle was forced into his anus. State that he confessed to everything, "not because he did it but because he wanted the torture to stop." A fourth detainee "stated during interrogation he was left without food for four days of torture...forced to urinate on himself...sleep standing with hands tied behind his back and blindfolded. He passed out many times from pain." Included is a translated statement by a detainee, describing abuse at "the palace."

Investigative File
Wednesday, March 24, 2004
Thursday, June 29, 2006

61 DC .63
0022-04-C1D I 49-
itassiatiew 105.1
BASIS OF INVESTIGATION. On 7 Feb 04, this office received a Request For Assistance (RFA) (0233-03-CID259-61217) from the le Military Police (MP) Detachment (DET) (CID), Baghdad International Airport (BIAP), Baghdad, Iraq requesting this office to conduct a subject interview ofill1111111111•111•011111111! National Detainee Reporting System (NDRS) (NDRS # 156918), pertaining to the Murder of T1 411111.11111111111111111111111P, 2/3 Field Artillery Battalion (BN), Baghdad, Iraq.
At 0955, 18 Feb 04, 1111111111111111111t and 1111111111111111111111=1, Interpreter, 411111111111111111111111111110111111. Baghdad, Iraq, advised Detainee .of his legal rights, which he waived and rendered an IraqiLange a Statement where he denied attacking Coalition forces and stated the confession he previously gaveto the. was "beaten out of him". (See Waiver Certificate and Sworn Statement for details)
On 18 Feb 04,41111.1.11 translated the Iraqi Language Statement of Detainee' (See
Translation for details)

At 1255, 8 Mar 04,4111111111111111111' andliIIMINMINIPI verbally advised Detainee 11111111111111111111.1111W
411111111111111111111 of her legal rights, which she valved and denied any knowledge of financing, supporting or ; Any other involvement in attacks against the Coalition Forces. DetainedIIIIIIIIt denied she was a madam foisii:)amiiiimers regime and was not a member of the Sa'ath Party. Detainee.1111111 1. stated an Iraqi /.
• lnaa 1p namedj11¦11.111.1ffill attempted to blackmail her sister for money and when she
refined.arrested her. DetaineedIllin related 1P4111111111111Wurested several young Iraqi men severely beat them and forces them to say Detainee...was involved in attacks against the Coalition Detainee4111111 stated, one of the young men told her he was forced to say she was financing the Anti-Coalition forces. Detainet#11111111 further stated, IP 41111111101 tortured and killed her bother seventy-five
(75) days age. Detainebillint related IP11111111111111111 worked at a Sub-Station (Sale') of the Al A'Azamia Poke Station. Detainees stated she was questioned by an American Intelligence Service about thetorture and murder of her brother. Detainee WIN stated, IP IMININIIr tortured her brother and other young men by forcing water bottles into their rectums and beating them. Detaineeellft stated, she was questioned by 1314111111111111111 and were beaten and slapped by him for over seven hours. Detaineeq119,0% residence and place of business was searched and nothing of evidentiary value was discovered. When about why IP11111111111111twould do this to her and her family, Detainee 41111111111111 stated IP
lived near her family, who was wealthy and wanted money from them. According to Detainee .;
411111111k she owned a fabric business and did not hav .the government and denied any involvemem in supporting attacks against U.S. Forces. Detainee .not provide any further information for this investigation.
TY= aourrs NAME ANDIEQUENCE NUMBER ORGANIZATION Prisoner Interrogation Team (PIT) (CID) (FWD ) Baghdad Correctional Facility. Abu Ghruveb. Iran
-:, rillill". nAn. MINT
'•-. 1 24 Mar 04


1 rum
, '
Formic* Repast *Annex 41


0022-04-CID 149-
CID RepiatIon 1954
emu At 1340, 8 Mar 04,111111111.116 and111111111111111111114 verbally advised Detainee 1.1.111111118, ISM .-
of her legal rights which she waived any denied any involvement us attacks against U.S. forces
related she was continuously harassed and threatened by IP 111111111.for money After several attempts by 1P1111111111111111111tto obtain money front Detaineeill111111e he arrested her and "beat the crap out of her." Detaineed1111111111t related she never gave any money to 1P11111111111111111 and he arrested her and stated the was also involved in attacks against U.S. forces, along with her sister, Detainee Mit Detainee '6C.•
could not provide any further information for this investigation.
At 0940, 10 Mar 04, SA
and Mr. 1111111111111111111111011* Linguist, Titan Corporation, BIAP, Baghdad, Iraq, verbally advised DetaineetallININININININIMINNIIIIIIIMNIO of his legal rights, which he waived and admitted he attacked U.S. Forces, but the confession was obtained after severe humiliation and torture. Detainee.stated he turned himself into U.S. Forces after his sister told him that the Coalition(
forces were looking for him and wanted to talk for ten minutes. After he turned himself in on 24 Dec 03, at Al A'Aciamia Palace, the first interrogation he was beaten without being asked any questions, He was accused one being part of the Fedaeen and then the interrogator brought four witnessesfilin1111111/111
was telling Detaineeel11111111P that they brought weapons together, which is not true. Detainee WPM stated the second interrogation there was a lot of torture and beating on 27 Dec 03. This consisted of no food or sleep and his eyes were blindfolded, he was beaten with brass knuckles on his side, back and kidneys. Also, he was kicked in the back' hit his head against the walls and a bottle of water was forced into his anus. He noted that the person doing the corium was speaking English and heard the Arabic translator with him. He confessed to everything the
• 1 interviewers wanted, not because he did it, but because he wanted the torture to stop. Detainee OM! stated the interrogator took a pair of pliers and squeezed his testicles and telling him that if you have kids you wilt never have any more. The interrogator was IP 1111111111111111111! and he was constantly asking me where the money was kept instead of asking about the weapons. 1P411111111111111 1 takes money from the prisoners families claiming that he is taking it to the American to release them. Names of prisoners who had the same treatment that I did and that were imprisoned because of1P411111111111111111, a friend °this called .who speaks English very well and used to translate for rpourove ek) AGENT'S COMMENT: The information pertaining to 1P0111111111111 was forwarded to the Coalition
Provisional Authority (CPA).
At 1110,10 Mar 04, SA4111111111it and Mr 110111111111111, verbally advised Detainee01.11/111118/11111•111 0111.11111111.111111111111111.1, which he waived and denied any involvement attacking U.S. troops. Detainee 11111.1.11 stated during interrogation at thcll011111111111111hetea without
...t...out any food, only water for the four days of torture. He was forced to urinate on himself and was not allowed to go to a bathroom Detaineeill.IIII.was forced to sleep standing with his hands tied behind his back and his eyes
naso *mars toms Am swum NUMBER ORGANIZATION
Prisoner Interrogation Team (PIT) (CID) (FWD)
Baghdad Correctional Facility, Abu Ghtuveb, Iraq
24 Mar 04
40 CID FOAM 94
• 0233-03-C10259-01217

CO)Repdation 195.1
blindfolded. Detainees passed out many times From the pain and torture. Detainee111111111111111110was accused of being I member of a terrorist group, that was what he was told when he arrived at Abu . Ohnryeb Prison, not before. Detainee .related he is extremely afraid of 1P11111111111161. Be
At 0915,17 Mar 04, Investigator (11W)1111111111.1111/f, 372' d MP Company, Abu Ghruyeb Prison, Abu .1 Gbruyeb, Iraq, monitoreda11111.1111111L advise llii..11111111111N his legal rights, which he waived and 64. was administered • polygraph examination. The results of the polygraph examination were documented M a ! Polygraph Examination Report prepared byarrirrae. (See Waiver Certificate for details).06
On 24 Mar 04, received the Polygraph Report #04-0508, 17 Mar 04, pertaining to Detainee 4/1/1M• (See Polygraph Report for details)
STATUS: Your RFA has been completed in the attached enclosures.. No further investigative activity was
anticipated by this (Ace. ••

1111101111111111111111111111101111111111111111111011111111111LASTENTRY11111/111/11/1111111111111111/11111/111/11111108.-7:tg -ii,wi
ram ..otirrs mats ANO 11EQUIME MAME! OIOANIZATION Prisoner Interrogation Team (PIT) (CID) (FWD11111111111111/5 BafoA Ehdad Correctional Facility, Abu Ghtuyeb. Iraq
I Mit=
24 Mar 04

"INEOnamir Font*. Ripon Annex 41
Detainee. -.. 8G)
"Some people hit this area and then they run away. All the area not happy with them.
The Coalition forces come over to ottr neighborhood and they ask who hit They tell
them whoever here hit, and we were hearing the sound from there. There were those
people hitting. 101111111.001 2;1111 3;11.1111111111t The coalition forces came over to 0(s,
my house, Ilpm at night, they searched the house for weapon, they didn't find any
weapon. They told me, questioning for 10 minutes until now. The Iraqi police hit me.
Strong hits on my head and my stomach, until I lost conscious. He told me to say to them
that I was hitting the coalition forces. I said to him, I didn't hit the coalition forces. I
'never thought about hitting them. Then he started to hit me again, very hard. On my
head and my belly. And every piece of my body even the interpreter there at the palace.
several times. And he wrote all this writing on his own, I didn't know anything about it .
Then he said to me, say that you attacked the coalition forces. I didn't do anything, I
didn't commit any terrorist operation. Not even killing anything in my whole entire life.
I was happy by the arrival of the coalition forces to Iraq. They kept beating me three
days. At the 611111111.11111111111111.11day and night, and they kept saying, say that you hit
the coalition forces. I said to them, I didn't hit, then they started to hit cm' again, till they
ripped off my clothes and poured water on my head and on my face. And they came at

night once more and they kept hitting me, all over my body until I lost consciousness for
three days due to the beating. Then they took me home again, looking for weapons and
they didn't find any. Then they took me back to the palace, on the forth day, they took
me to the police transfer then to the airport, then to Abu Ghraib."
A: 111111111111111111111P
Q: Do you have anything to do with the killing of
A: No.
Q: Do you know who is111•11111111111111111P
A: No.
Q: Do you know who is11111111111111111111.
A: Yes.
Q: Do you know who is1.1110.11111P
A: Yes.
Q: Do you know who is 01111PROINT
A: No.
Q: Who took part on the attack on the coalition forces on this day, I Nov 03?
A:1 don't know.
Q: Do you know who is111111111111111111111111111111111111•1111111111111111111P
A: No.
Q: Have you ever took part in any attack against American forces?
A: No.
Q: Do you know what is the difference between saying the truth and saying a lie?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you want to add anything else to this statement?
Forint= Roped-Annex 41
I.I .II ¦ 11111111 III II U. INN

J" tJa-.
• Li:A. •

A: When they were firing on the coalition forces, the people of the neighborhood, were scared from the firing on the coalition forces because coalition forces come to the area which the fire came from on the coalition forces, they were scared for their houses, their kids, their families from this firing on the coalition forces. When he coalition forces come to the area asking who fired from here, they tell theta that these people fire from here and there. The coalition forces told them, if they fire again we will fire on you from airplanes and tanks on this area. And you have to hit those people in order to keep them out of this area for your kids, houses and families safety and for your own safety. We maintain your safety from these people.
Q: Do you have anything to add to this statement?
A: No."

Translator, Category II . Translator, Category Il Than Corporation. Titan Corporation Assigned to: Prisoner Interviewilluerrogation Team (PIT)(CID)(PWD) l0 Military Police Battalion (CIDXABN)(FWD) 34 Military Police Group (CID), USACIDC Abu Ohraitt Prison Complex (ABPC) Abu Ohraib, Iraq APO AE 09335
Fanlike Ripon -Annex 4$

AGENT'S INVESTIGATION REPORT 0281-03-C1D259-61236 CID Regulation 195'i PAGE I OF I PAGES
• ,
Basis for Investigation: About 2130, 24 Dec 03, This investigation was initiated based on
notification from I st Armored Division Provost Marshal's Office that a U.S. Soldier was killed in
Zone 18 by an lED.

About 0930, 25 Dec 03, Coordinated with LNO and received copy of CIR on incident. (See CR
for details),

About 1400, 29 Dec 03, .obtained Death Certificate from Mortuary Affairs, MAP,
Baghdad, Iraq. (See Death Certificate for details)
About 0900, 9 Jan 04,1111111MMIIIIIIIIIIIIM111.1, and.coordinated withell!.64
2/3 Field Artillery (PA)

Essimeat stated the financier isif/M/Ifai/J/Magi3 or her brothad111111111111111111, tialilalfrwho is also a financier and provides materials for IEDs. .stated1111111111. 0111111111Mhs the bomb maker who provides the IEDs to whomever they can pay to place and
detonate them. The three cases linked to this cell arc 0233-03-CID259 and 0281-03-CID259. The
• major players have all been picked up and have been detained and are presently at Abu Ghraib Es 6 Prison. CID is currently verifying they are detained at Abu Prison and will inre ew them..111111
airrelated a. was detained by and provide .a statement that it was his brother and brothers' friends who placed and detonated the IED that killed The brother's name is the friends ate11.1.11.111111111111111111111mrandlINIMIIIP 111111111•11111111111111111.1111mor., house was recently raided and they found 4lbs of PFA, Det Cord, Timers and Mercury Switches; alsoellii11811Mouse was raided and they could not find him or any explosive or IED making materialASPIPINFstated his unit is planning a raid within the week ond11111111111111% and s house.
About 0900, 30 Jan 04, OMR received an Information Report fromd111111111111111P1111P(CID).
containing Preliminary Autopsy Report ofd. (See Information Report for details)

1111111111111111111111111111111111111111INIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILAST ENTRY1111111111111111111111111111110111111111111111/111'!"
12th MP Dot (CID), 3rd Grp (CID)

1111111111111111111 Victory Camp
APO AE 09335
30 Jan 04
Formic* Report -Anew 41