Formica Report Annex 34: AR 15-6 Investigation: Incidents of Detainee Abuse at Radwaniya Palace, Iraq

Discusses a meeting that took place regarding an AR 15-6 investigation concerning incidents of detainee abuse at Radwaniya Palace, Iraq. Topics of discussion included: "four investigation files into significant incidents" at THFs, including two detainee deaths and two allegations of abuse; detention beyond 72 hours; [redacted] detainee tracking; interrogation techniques/treatment of detainees; and training for soldiers guarding detainees, primarily "a Guard SOP that must be read by each soldier prior to the start of their guard shift." Mentions a "48hr Detainee Worksheet," to be completed after 48 hours of detention and to request detention beyond 72 hours if necessary, and a "Detainee Interrogation Worksheet," used to determine authorized techniques and if there is doubt over the detainee's status. Worksheets not attached. Author's name redacted but rank and assignment listed as Captain, Judge Advocate, III Corps Artillery/MNC-I Effects.

Non-legal Memo
Friday, May 28, 2004
Thursday, June 29, 2006

Multi National Corpwiraq
APO AE 093424400


MNCI-ECC-JA n May 2004
THRU CO11 MANDER,4111•1101MM M Corps AnillaYiN 1riC4 Effects Chief' CampVictory, Iraq, APO AR 09342-1400 LVA/
StlBJECT41111.1111111111111PALACE 154 1NVESTIGA'TION: MTO with LTSIIMand SF:' 111111.1111111.1111)0SIA Representatives. on 27 May 2004 L0(p RAD
I. Purpose. The memorandum memorializes a meeting with Land SM.& SJA representatives front in regards to a 15-6 investigation into detainee
Policies and procedures that tack Place 4tMllIlliMin the R.adwaniya Palace Complex (RPC) near Baghdad International Airport (BIAP) on 27 May 2004.
2. Discussion. 0/a 1100hts on 27 May 2004, the imdersigned met with representatives of INNIIIWSJA. The Wowing issues were discussed:
a. Four (4) SignLts. 1 received four (4) investigation files into significant incidents occurring atLFa. Two (2) involved the death of a detainee. The other two (2) involved allegations of abuse. LT1111116infonned me that CID had undertaken an investigation into one of the deaths (the cardiac arrest) and that the unit's investigation was
halted so as not to interfere withLNo Anther investigation or disciplinary action has beentaken at this time. However, LLeves the coroner's autopsy report was inconcluSi.e as to the cause of death.
b. Deteodou Beyond 72hrs. I received theallilMiltIlbr Detainee Worksheet (attached hereto). This worksheet is completed for each detainee at the 48hr mark IOT fulfill the 1,-) I
. Li48hr review and report requitement and to request detention beyond 72hn if military intelligence 1 (MI) personnel have determine an extended stay at the THF is necessary. I received a sample of L' forms--one blank and a number of completed forma.
C. 111111110.11Petainee Tracking. According toLSEAL Team Seven ran the RPC THF Informally" from January 2004 through We March 2004. During this period there
were few detainees held at the RPC THF. It was not until April 2004 that 1.1.11111111Mool. over the 'TM' operations and the number of detainees held at RPC THF increased. From 03 Apr
• ---41BeRr1771‘113FOLT-----'

Forager Repot Annex 04

• through 18 April. 48hr reports including the detainees currently held at the THF were sent to the L3 10C" as handwritten notes and Thbr authorizations were communicated verbally to "the 10C L0.-and SM." I received a Memorandum for Record, LOG, IIIMMOTHF at RPC, Baghdad, L47
However, the date of Iraq, dated 25 May 2004, listing the detainees held daring this period. release for many of the detainees listed is blank making it impossible to determine form this.
`--MFR how long detainees were typically held during this time. I also received the daily reports from about 23 April through 26 May. These reports list the detainee's name, date of capture, capturing unit, status pending release and location of capture.
d. Interrogation Techniques/Treatment of Detained. I received dialiae.w-t'"
1111111111111.1111111111¦11111111that implemans C.ITF-7 (now MNF-T/MNC-1) detention policy and procedures for processing and, handling detainees and for CJSOTF-AP temporary holding fhcilities (TliFs). LT gei informed me that he knew of no guidance from um-7 Z..In(3 3

(now MNF-1/hINC-I) on policies or procedures for handling detainees or restrictions on interrogstion prior to the 48br report requirement perft///MINEM 61... 1 ActJ
regebived the C.I4OTF•AP Detainee Interrogation Worksheet (attached hereto). The worksheet is completed prior to interrogation. it is used to determine if than is doubt coneeming the detainee*: status. It is also used to determine authorized interrogation technigou LkW COMCITF-7 Policy Letter, dated 14 SEP 2003. I also received sample of ampleted
, Interrogation Worksheets.L•
• a. Training for Soldiers Guarding Detainees.Limplements no formal certification process for their soldiers who guard detainees. However, there is e Guard SOP that must be read by each soldier prior to the start of their guard shift and they must sign noting that they undaatand the rules and procedures and will follow them. I received copies of the guard'slogs that they are required to keep during their shifts. I also received copies of the current detainee? Logs that are posted ongibe cell door for each detainee and note significant actions such as when they detain& is given a bathroom break or fed.
3. POC for this memorandum is the undersigned.
2 Erich
as Captain. Judge Advocate En Corps AMItsty/Mt4C-1 &fees
Fonvem Roped • Annex SS
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