Formica Report Annex 230: Statement of NCOIC for the 501th FSB Detainee In-Processing Station re: Death of Detainee

This is the sworn statement of the Non-Commissioned Officer In Charge (NCOIC) in December 2003 when a detainee was brought in for processing. The NCOIC stated he remembered the detainee was carried because he could not walk on his own. He states the detainee was "cold to the touch” and unresponsive to a sternum rub. Although the NCOIC states he does not recall seeing any bruising upon the detainee and there were no external indications that the detainee had been beaten. He also states he did not see any indications that this detainee had been sodomized. It is this NCO’s understanding that the detainee died after being transferred to the 501st FSB medical clinic.

Thursday, October 14, 2004
Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sf)la MSB, IAD
• NCOIC for the50121 FSB detainee in-processingIn Decanber.2003, I was the ni
• station at MCI', IAD BSA. the dayshift NCOIC. a,(7-0
On 25 December 2003, about 25 detainees were brought into the in-processing station. I
remember that one detainee was carried in because he could not walk. He was
unresponsive and I referred him to the 50I sT FSB medical clinic. The detainee
eventually died after being transferred foe the BSA.

I remanber that the detainee was cold to the touch. He had a very low body to
and was unresponsive to a sternum nib. He was not wearing a shirt or shoes and his
pants were falling down. He appeared dirty. I do not remember seeing any braisesim his
body or his face. There were no external indications that he had been beaten.

I do net recall any detainees named Ido recall mei% any detainee named
11111111gr any brothers of the detainee who died. I do not recall hearing or being told of
any claims of abuse or mistreatment. I never heard any rumors about detainees being
sodomized with objects. I never saw any indication that a detainee had been sodotnieed
with an object; but I do not know if I would have known if it bed, in fact, occurred.

I recall that some detainees were brought to the BSA with bruises. I am not sure haw or
when these bruises were caused. But sometimes the bruises appeared fresh. I saw
detainees with bruises in the stomach aria, face, shoulders and sums. I haven° idea if
these injuries were caused during capture or in detention or if they preceded cyan. If
the bruises were bad I would refer them to the medical clinic.

The bruised detainees I saw were from across the brigade. But 1 recall cocoon
significant number coming from 2-3 FA BN. I spoke with someone •
about the bruising but I cannotleall who or when. Afterwards,

I know•that detainees were kept Ion at the 2-3 FA ho facili than other facilities.
I heard this was because the
But I have no indication that any of the cases of bruising that I saw had any relation to
units. I did not hear any rumors or see any indication that abusing detainees at

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