Formica Report Annex 23: CJTF-7 Interrogation Techniques Timeline

Timeline of interrogation policy as of 05/30/2004. Covers from 09/14/2003 to 05/21/2004. Details communication between individuals (inc. Sanchez) and policy updates regarding interrogation techniques. Explains why it was that CJTF-7 was using the rescinded September 2003 Sanchez memo in May 2004.

Non-legal Memo
Sunday, May 30, 2004
Thursday, June 29, 2006

arF• Internet:don Techniques as of 30 May 04
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(1) 14 Sep QI: CJTF-7 Interrogation Policy:
-.27-1, •
¦ •¦ Techniques for all Security Internees not on the distribution line not appear to be posted on any CITF-7 KPH sites
(2) 12 Oct 01 'gas CITF-7 Interrogation Policy:
the 14 Sep 03 Policy

16 Interrogation Techniques for all Security Internees not on the distributionline
icy su not appear to be posted on anylibilites
COLIIIIIassumes command 4.111111111bind ideetiftee a heed for 4111111110111111
Temporary Holding (due to acommtabilitylaceesa problems with detainees turned over to Abu-Ghatt:h:.
(4)Meitige.1.111111111111111.111POWCCeiVeli It copy of a CTIV-7 Interrogation Policy •
-The copy is dated 10 Sep 03
•The copy contains LTG Sanchez' birtiA.uneiped.F
-The listed POC for the Policy is MAJ -7 Chief of Operational Law) •
(3) 13 Feb 04: MA-74111111110ies to verify that the 10 Sep 03 copy is current by =ding an e-mail to MM
41111881.0 MAI (now-LTC) the outbound & inbound C.JTF-7 Chiefs of Operational Lawrequesting a signed copy ofthe current CTTF-7 Interrogation Policy.
(6)nEgbie: MAYMMespondsodbakeatililiiseithMMSscanned copy clew 14 Sep 03 CITF - -Interrogation Policy signed by LT 29 Interrogation Techniques).
(7)V Feb 040.111111111publishe41111111111111111111111.11hich implements the 14 Sep 03 CJTF-7 hnemigation
Policy. The FRAGO includes several safeguards beyond that required by the 14 Sep 03 C3TF-7 Police •
-Requires a written request from an interrogator to justify interrogation techniques
•Requires a written legal review by a judge advocate to verify the detainee's status -Requires devoted (0-5) approval for 8 of the 29 interrogation techniques -Require' elevated (0-6) approval to hold any detainee beyond 72 hours -11.1.01111w drafted & published standard forma to process these requirements
(8)27hi04: MA3.111111¦111111She following to the CJIT-7 SM Chief of Detention Operation IM M
011111/1/11111110 "AtiEFIhd is the new mention FRAM,. It provides entice information regarding detainee treatment (including the long-awaited guidance on permitted and prohibited interrogationtechniques)."
-The FRAGO cites the 14 Sep 03 CTTF-7 Interrogation Policy signed b011111111.1.
(9) 15 May 04: Due to multiple media reports about recent changes to CJTF-7 Interrogation Policies. the CISOTF•AP SJA requests that the CJTF-7 SJA vide en update regarding current interrogation potictes. The C.117-7 Chief of Opemtional Law (LT CJTF-7 Chief of Detention Operations (MI ter the question to the CSTF-7 C2X
• (10)LAMAS11A.1 _theve been no changes yet, but that there are changes being
_ 141s that therreviewed at MITM ) MIIIIMso attached the CITF-7 Interrogation Policy dated 12 Oct 03.MtgIIIIIIIIPhceiyes this policy on 29 May 04 (upon return from TDY). and notices the discrepanc!, . rhir is the fleet time that anyone iedIMINIIIIIIIIkearne aware that the 14 Sep 03 policy had been supercedeit
Fantail Remit • Annex 2$
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