Formica Report Annex 2: AR 15-6 Investigation Chronology: Abu Ghraib Detention Facility Investigation

This document is part of an AR 15-6 investigative file with a chronology of the progress and steps taken to investigate abuses at the Abu Ghraib detention Facility.

Non-legal Memo
Monday, November 8, 2004
Thursday, June 29, 2006

18 May 04 Received AR 15-6 appointment memo;
18-20 May 04 Team assembled, conducted preparatory work
19 May 04 Operational Travel
20 May 04 Met with CO receive additional statements and coordinate wi
22 May 04 Tour oft811111/11211¦14to establish baseline
23 May 04 Met w/M1111111111M&F-1, Detention ons; Initial meeting with CO CO and other 1; Interview of L Interview of "(3.5 Interview of our of detention facili Interview of Gunner's Mate Interview of PF Interview of PFC Interview of CSM Interview of CD nterview of SF with staff at 1CD to determine location o
24 May 04 Travel to 1CD DIP – Tour facility; Interview CAC/employee at DIF; Interview o C./employee at DIP Interview o CAC/employee at DIF; Interview of 12
DIF. Interview ofelliallind MANIN/111at DIF; Interview of SSG DIF; Interview of SOME. . at DIF; Meeting with CO lAD DIVARTY Conmiander; Team meeting to coordinate investigation efforts
25 May 04 Team arrives at Abu Gbraib; Inter ,/ Interview of erview of rate iew of Interview of
b S.

terview of Sworn statement taken 11Interview , Meeting with Agee Statement obtained by CPT NNW Abu Ghraib screener, CACI

27 May 04 Tourallikacility inimminterviewl.%%11111111.__ CPT
mipersonnel; Interview of g. Commander oInterview of SSG Interview of 11111. Interview of ISG isinv of • Interview ofaini. allitterv
ur oggilleD on Holding Facility
28 May 04 Meeting with lAD, Chief of Staff, COI; IG; an). -Et7
29 May 04 BO Formica meeting at Mosul with C
lomp LCDRailleLTLTC... and L our MAW& Interview of LCDMIIMII Interview of Senior
—81ReRWIWN0111 101101--.


30 May 04
01 June 04
02 June 04 03 June 04 04 Awe 04
05 June 04

• 06 June 04
07 June 04 10 June 04

12 June 04 13 June 04 14 June 04 23 June 04
Interview of LT nterview of COL41111. Tour of.
Tour Interview of LCDR Interview of LT terview of Gunnery SO1111. Interview o b(c.Tow 41111... 132.-lb

Proceed tall.16-3 PA, IAD; Interview of Interview of CPTIMMI.; Interview of SF Interview of Received list of CJSOTF-AP detainees UMW 133 upJAG
Meeting wit11.16) coordinate and deconflict
Interview with CPT 00BC C Battery...1i
Request extension to 30 June 04, approved; Coordinated with Abu •
Ghraib personnel to get medical exam of ceived
additional allegations of detainee abuse from CO C5G
Coordinated with IID detention operations, for
additional information

Met with BDE Commander and Staff; l it BDB IAD; Interview of MAJ
Interview of CW24.11. Interview of SOTONIMIP
Interview of COL Meeting atillinewith COL Repass
and CDR ' MO i3

Proceed to Abu Ghraib; Interview of Drina Abu (brat, re:
Detainee abuse of41.1.11111111.1Interview ofd

wom statements obtained Bom.1.10
Meeting with C011rito discuss interviealliersonnel; 61. Request to MAJ or 2 medical exam of
Tour of 11D DCCF, wimpwith CPT Uew 4

by MM Interview of tLT and CPT fay
MAJ alMintesview ofCW Tour of
formerly_ Interview of MACW3

Interview of CO In nw of WOW&
Interview of LT Interview of CD
Meeting with BO Formica to discuss structure of report; Delay until 07
My 04 granted by 154

CPTIMIleinterviews SOT
BU Formica meets with...personnel at Fort Sill, OK; b3 Interview of
-Sliefig-TdiNGAORN— .

26 June 04
03 July 04 16 July 04 21 July 04 28 July 04 4 August 04 6 September 7 September 04 21 September 04 22 September 04
24 September 04 28 September 04 29 September 04
30 September 04 1 October 04 6 October 04 7 October 04

Interview of MSG erview of MAI .Interview of CW2 , Re-interview of
BG Formica met a/members diumed Fort C be11, KY• Interview of CW2 Interview of SF Re-interview of terview of SS
Interview ole.11111/11111 . Report submitted to COLOINIOMNF-I SJA, for legal review Meeting with urcipio,Chief of Administrative Law for MNF-I Follow-on meeting with LTdiela re: legal review of report Follow-on meeting with LTC re: legal review of report Investigation brief to MG Miller, GEN Casey pre-brief Investigation brief to GEN Casey; received guidance Guidance meeting w/ LTG Metz Phone interview w/members of 1111111111111111111.11011.1)
urcameli; Interview of CPT 011L.
Phone interview w/ SGT phone interview will Phone interview w/ CPA.. Phone interview w/2-3 FA medics and guards spills SPC
4111111 PF Monisinterview w/members o Phone interview w/ MdelaPhone conversation w/ SUMO Phone interview w/ SGTIMINII1 Phone interview w/SSAIMMIP Phone interview w/SSCONINW

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