Formica Report Annex 100: Statement of Corporal - Guard at the 2-3 FA Detainee Facility Dec. 2003 - Jan. 2004

<p>Statement of Corporal - Guard at the 2-3 FA Detainee Facility Dec. 2003 - Jan. 2004. Questions and Answers regarding the locations of interrogations and interrogation practices. Same set of questions as in ACLU-RDI 2588. In response to a question asking about a specific group of detainees, respondent states, &quot;I remember two families because I put them all on the bus when it got called.&quot; Asked if there was &quot;a time when any of these individuals appeared to have been physically injured,&quot; respondent stated, &quot;Not that I can remember.&quot;</p>

Monday, June 7, 2004
Thursday, June 29, 2006

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