FBI Memorandum re: Actions Taken

The document is an internal FBI memorandum that outlines the actions taken by a redacted entity for a number of different projects, including the Iran Unit, Counterintelligence Division, and the Iraq/Syria/Libya Unit.

Non-legal Memo
Tuesday, June 14, 2011

• For Counterintelligence Division, began drafting request for business records fronra • b6
Hilton Hotel. The Division is trying to determine how a G-8 summit participant' was able • b7 C
to ina e GPS device on his vehicle after making several visits to the hotel. (AGC
• For the Iraq/Syria/Libya Unit, approved, a "No Foreigia.Policy Objection" letter involving b€ -
the int of an employee of the Embassy of Iraq in Washington, D.C: (AGC
• For the Iran Unit, discussed an undercover matter and Whether the FBI is circumventing
the FISA statute by obtaining pen register-type information from calling cards being b6
•. disse • to Hizballah members as part of the undercover business. (AGC .
• Discusses with UCi f LLU, the-renewal of an. IRS provision alloviing the b6 •
to obtain taxpayer informatio er than return information when there is a nexus-to
national security. (AG

' Along with U attended a meeting with a Section Chief, Unit Chief, and SSA .
from T• FOS to dEuss the Section's practice of issuing Right to Financial Privacy Act -
National Security Letters after obtaining wire transfer information from the Federal ' b6
Reserve. The problems identified were twofold: the issuance of NSLs long after the b7 C
records were received, and the use of NSL ponies which were out of date. TFOS will no •
longer accept records without issuing an NSL. NST A will draft a communication opining ,
as to. whether NSLs are needed for obtaining information trona. the Federal Reserve, or
whether th • don can be appropriately shared under a , provision of the Patriot Act.
Briefed DOC Thomason status and directio
techniques in battlefield conditions. (AG
For the Regime C es Liaiion Office, assisted on a high-value detainee prosecution
brief. (AGC
• For the Iraq/Syria/Libya Unit, continued to.wok.. n status o
coyerage•Tor related e-mail accounts. (AG
• for a field division, 'discussed the requirements for placing an individual on the "No Fly"
list. (AG
02/18/0572ART ,
--ESI00 001C3.1.
'dance to CTD on legality of interview b7C
case aiad FISA b7C
1;7 c
'.b 6

• For the analytical units., continued to act as primary contact and respond to questions
•• concerning appro riate dissemination and information sharing, and review, intelligence - b 7c •
products. (AG
• Completed updates and final revisions of three I0B reports. (AGC I I b6
• Drafted EC to Los Angeles Division addressing concerns about how the field •
implemented supplemental minimization requirements in the case of an indicted FISA
target. Addressed AG requirements for indicted targets. and discussed concerns that the
practice. results in the imposition of a "wall" between criminal and•intelligence agents. bb 76c
• Reviewed.l 1 FISA packages for scrubbing. (Paralegal
• Processed 5 National SSeeccuurritiyty LLetters, and downloaded numerous ECs . for assignment to
NSLB attorney's. (Paralegal
• -Began project.to. try and match list of ITOS II pending FISA initiations with NSLB
attorneys who may have been previously assigned to review ,requests. (Paralegal b6
U..n. it memb• ers a,.. tten-..d. e. d .t..h e- ..J..T.. TF.. .S. ,u., pe.r .v isOrs Conference and OGC All Division
:Conference. • . • • - • : • .
. , • . . ' . .
-Unit members reviewed FISA Elsur/Search requests,.Peia Register/Trap and• Trace
•requests, NFPO, and DRs. -
• • . . . . . . . .
• At the request of Senior Counsel Bowman; examined the predication for Richmond
Division's initiation of a preliminary inquiri 1 .. b 1
which seemed' entirely based on the.exercise of First Amendment rights Spoke with SSA •
working substantive desk for case, as well as ,Senior Counsel Bowman, and ILU UCI
Following examination,.advised CONUS 2 that Richmond should close the
investigation, in the absence of additional information, but could take certain basic, b6'
. • non-intrusive investigative steps. Isued guidance on FBI's policy concerning the b7c
•exercise of First Amendment and other Constitutionally-guaranteed rights . to ITOS I and
II. -Will arrange for training- on the issue. AGCI p doing follow-up with the
.— unit. (U
• Attended daily ITOS II meetings; and opined on issues as they arose for the section in b6
these meetings. (UI I • b7C
OIG—REQ 02/18/05—PART 7
For ITOS II, explained Daniemo setting out the rules on the dissemination of •
FISA-derived information to foreign governments. Briefed the Asst. Section Chief for •
T•-nc TT nn the kernp iscussed h w coordination will be accomPlishe
UCI -' • b6
Out of the Office the week of December 13-17
AGC 1 Ion AL December .16-17. -
. ITCE—Iwill.be out of the office for medical appointments. for a few hours on Wednesday,
Thursday, and Friday. AG1 Iwill be Acting/UC : .
. •
0. FBIO23091 CBT
OIG—REQ 02/18/05—PART FBI0400183'