FBI Memo: To summarize information received regarding Sheberghan and Pol-I-Charki prisons in Afghanistan

<p>Memorandum from the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Counterterrorism division in Afghanistan. The memorandum describes a meeting at the United States Embassy in Kabul, held by the Ambassador at Large for the United States Commission on War Crimes, Pierre Richard Prosper, and attended by FBI agents and an unidentified representative from the Department of Defense. The meeting was regarding the transfer of prisoners from Guantanamo Bay. Prosper acknowledged that some prisoners at Guantanamo would be moved to a location in Afghanistan and that others would be returned to their home countries. The meeting also addressed moving prisoners from the Sheberghan prison to Pol-I-charki and Italy's role in Afghan prison reform. This document is the same as document DOJFBI 0002 - 0003.</p>

Non-legal Memo
Monday, May 10, 2004
Tuesday, December 14, 2004

6 4/(0 — ts (Rev 08-28-2000) S ET/NOFORN FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Date: 05/10/2004 Precedence: ROUTINE MLDU Counterterrorism Attn:C To:C Counterterrorism Kabul, Afghanist Contact: TDY SA From:C Approved By: b6 -1 Drafted By: sysh b7C -1 cc) Case ID #:C(Pending) 315N-HQ-C14069466 :m GTMO TASK FORCE, FBIHQ; AFGHANISTAN Title:C Synopsis: X mTo summarize information received regarding Sheberghan and Pol-I-Charki prisons Lr. Afghanistan. om : G-3 DerivC (mD Declas y On: X1 nptai lq- bl b6 -3,5 b7C -3,5 6 I bl b6 -3,5 1.7C -3,5 ( S1 bl b6 -2,3,5 b7C -2,3,5 CLA8IFIEp BY 6517.9[1414/1,LE/JAC E T/NOFORN P.E3A.SCN.: 1. 4 ¦. k) :1:3) ;:r1 1: .ESIO" ON: X INFC;kMATICN C0t7-MVAI: HEREIN IF UNCLAntnn E1T,I3F7 sliporn OTUtRUIEB DECLA. DETAINEES-15 DOJFB1-000032 Counterterrorism From: Counterterrorism To 6 315N-HQ-C1406946, 05/10/2004 Re-6 tin bl b6 -2,5 b7C -2,5 X On May 9, 2004, Pierre Richard Prosper, Ambassador at Large, United States Commission on War Crimes, convened a bi b6 -1 b7C -1 meeting at the Embassy of the USA, Kabul, Afghanistan Present were re6tativec from t11e Department of State, Department of )40 Prosper advised some prisoners now held at GTMO will be moved to a location in Afghanistan within the next several weeks. The location has not been determined Prosper desired a location where the USG would continue to have access to them. Some prisoners from GTMO wotld be returned to their home country Defense6and-SAI i 5) With regard to the transfer of prisoners from Sheberghan to Pol-I-Charki, Prosper was concerned about security and health issues long-term The lead nation for the reform of the Afghan Justice System is Italy6Hence, Italy is supplying some resources to improve Pol-I-Cnarki Prosper felt additional money from the USA and other coalition partners would be needed to repair the prison system in Afgl-anistan OK Due to the length of time that the prisoners from Sheberghan had been held, and the fact that the FBI had already processed approximately 1,300 prisoners from Sheberghan, Prosper did not anticipate the USG having any further intelligence interest in the prisoners at Pol-I-Charki. .. 200 swhOl RET/NOFORN 2 DETAINEES-16 /4 DOJFB1-000033