FBI Memo re: Training Issues at Guantanamo

<p>Memo from CIRG NCAVC/Behavioral Analysis Unit-West to Counter terrorism- Miami. FBI personnel temporarily assigned to Guantanamo detail their activities and observations. Provided in the memo is a summary of the training received during their weeks, the memo states that a training session was held every Friday afternoon for FBI and CITF personnel. The memo then provides a summary of consultations, and an explanation of the interview assistance process. The memo also discusses contacts and meetings that were attended. [Contents redacted].</p>

Non-legal Memo
Monday, April 21, 2003
Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Date: 04/21/2003 Precedence: ROUTINE b6 -1 Attn: SS b7C -1 To: Miami I MLDU Attn: A/U Counterterrorism From: CIRG NCAVC/BAU WEST Contact: SSA Mark Safarik, 703-632-4342 Approved By: Wiley Stephen R Battle Frankie b6 -1 b7C -1 AtT,INECFNA:ICN CON:AigE:: H7';KEIN I"NCLA22IFZET; EXCEED Drafted By: MS WHERB-0HOMM OTHERUI2E (LT) 1_ b6 -1 (Pending) Case ID #: X 265A-MM-C99102 b7C -1 )-.(Q) GTMOINTEL GUANTANAMO BAY, CUBA MAJOR CASE 188 Title: Synopsis: (U) To provide summary document to CIRG management. -3 X1 d From Dec Reference: (U) 265A-MM-C99102 Serial 1074 Details: (U) In accordance with protocol for CIRG/NCAVC personnel temporarily assigned to GTMO, the following GTMO accomplishment information is provided: 11-c1-2004 otABBII,IIID By B1579DmB/B:v.,d; c4-7:-4151 nAZON: TRAINING ISSUES (C) 2ECLPararY ON: 11-C1-Z025 Training Provided K There is a meeting held each Friday afternoon for both (13)- FBI an Criminal Investigative Task Force (CITF) personnel. These meetings are mandatory and attended by all personnel, both support and Agent. During the Friday meeting, the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) has been asked to provide some specific training related to issues identified while observing the b6 -1 interviews. This training has occurred each and every Friday I The final b7C -1 during the tenure of both SSAs1 Friday training session will be held 04/11/2003. o new agent sSA 1 1 provided 1.5 hours of t b6 -1 (U) b7C -1 personnel on 03/05/2003 in GTMO prior to SSA IIIs arrival. Serial : 1132 Case ID : 315N-MM-C99102 E SEtRET 4T4inP;gPwT.:,N'4.701=7,-TwJ DETAINEES-2393 WOW4'9:106IN:OTEIERVI:BE DOJFBI-002906 ,EC ET 7. a - CONTACTS and MEETINGS This information covers the last two weeks: Xpw Meeting on 04/02/2003, with Captain Sean Wilson, ICE, regarding scheduling of DHS interviews. )51(-11T) Meeting on 04/06/2003, with Mr. Antonitas, the new JIG commander, regarding BAU role in interview strategy. X--(u) There is an 11:00 AM meeting held everyday Monday through Thursday at the Joint Inter-Agency Interrogation Facility (JIIF) that is attended by BAU. We are non-participatory but the daily camp dynamics and upcoming projects are discussed. J-DOG S2 provides summary of detainee activity. SUMMARY OF CONSULTATIONS AM Requests for interview assistance are initiated by the various interview teams. Teams usually requesting assistance are those teams currently working on Special Projects. Teams involved in Leads or Transfer interviews rarely seek interview assistance for various valid reasons related to the nature of the interview. The special projects are long-term in nature with 'multiple interviews occurring every week. Special Projects can Sometimes the Special Projects can be both FBI/CITF and DHS/CTC. overlap agencies. Some of the Special Projects can only be contacted with approval from DHS. The following teams have requested and been provided ongoing interview strategy bl b2 -3 assistance: b5 -1 b6 -3,4 b7C -3,4 b7D b7E -1 b7F -1 bl b2 -3 ill b5 -1 L. b6 -3,4 ) b7C -3,4 b7D -1 b7E -1 b7F -1 bl ib2 -3 1.111..milliimilimmmimil b5 -1 b6 -3,4 '. ( s ) .b7C -3,4 b7D -1 b7E -1 b7F -1 DETAINEES-2395 DOJFB1-002908 -A E_Ee -01,_ 1 5 -ours o: . (U) personnel who arrived in b7C -1 on 03/28/20:371 the new air flow. b6 -1 (U) SSAI (held a twohour panel on 03/29/2003, for - b7C -1 agents. An invitation was extended all FBI and CITF interviewing The panel included an FBI to DHS personnel but none attended. and CITF interviewer who were well-experienced in these types of In addition, two language specialists, who spoke interviews. The panel was different languages, were present on the panel. presented a series of questions designed to elicit strategies and techniques for what works and doesn't work with different types The questions were overly broad and designed to of detainees. Each panelist was stimulate discussion among the panelists. A question and asked to provide insight for each question. answer session followed the panel discussion. Training Received b6 -2 (U) 03/12/2003 - Meeting with Dr] I head of the Navy b7C -2 of medical files. Hospital regarding access and review Behavioral Science Consultation 0)03/14/2003 - Meeting with on their role in Team (BSCT) for DHS and CTC for discussion interview strategies. b6 -2 of Interrogation Control b7C -2 (0)03/18/2003 - Colonel Element (ICE) provided training brief on role of ICE and selection process for Camp 4 (intel candidates). J-DOG) S2 b6 -2 aD03/21/2003 - Joint Dete4ion Operations Grou lAnd Colonel on b7C -2 held training brief with General Intelligence Operations within Camp Delta. Wm 03/27/2003 - Joint Task Force (JTF) GTMO Psychological Operations (PSYOP) provided training on the strategic plan to increase detainee cooperation during interrogation process and to enhance force protection within the camp. 5.. m 04/02/2003 - Training Brief held by Collection, .51, Management and Dissemination (CM & D)regarding the collection and dissmentiation of intel reports. 1-m04/08/2003 -J-DOG S2 training brief on Behavioral Analysis spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is updated daily and contains all behavioral issues both passive and aggressive. More fields are being added weekly. X)-(U) - Briefing on new Delta block for mentally ill patients and movement out of current blocks. Briefing on new intel blocks. ) (X1--- (u)Briefing on new MS isolat4pn blocks. SEPMT SE. , ET: DOJFBI-002907 _ e-rA ets -2394 ,. ¦ •••••••.. ••. '. NIKV(i.44 ET = LEAD(s): Set Lead 1: (Info) MIAMI AT MIAMI, FL (U) For information only. Set Lead 1: (Info) COUNTERTERRORISM AT WASHINGTON, D.C. (U) For information only. b1 b2 -3 b5 -1 b6 -3,4 b7C -3,4 b7D -1 b7E -1 b7F -1 DETAINEES-2396 SES ET1 RET DOJFBI-002909