FBI Memo re: Response to Canvass Email Concerning Treatment of Detainees at Guantanamo Bay

This memo is a response to a Bureau wide memo sent by Steve McCraw to illicit information from FBI agents who toured through Guantanamo Bay from February 10 to March 27- 2003. He does not have anything to report concerning any suspected or witnessed abuse of detainees at Guantanamo Bay. The agent states that they observed several interviews and detainees in interview rooms, but other than detainees being cuffed and shackled, this agent did not witness any abuse or mistreatment. The agent did report hearing "rumors" about a technique used by military interrogators which was not allowed to be used by Agents. The technique was to leave a detainee shackled in an interrogation room for an extended period of time, twelve hours: or more and either turn the air conditioner to its lowest possible temperature or off. Supposedly, the detainees were not removed from the rooms even to relieve themselves. This was only used for the difficult detainees who would not cooperate".

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Friday, July 9, 2004
Monday, January 1, 2007

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Subject: RE: GTMO Detainee Treatment .
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I will put , you down as a positive response.and OGC will make a determination reference the , treatment and whether, an interview.is required. Thank you for the reSporise. : • •
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This is written in resp apse to,yoUr inouiry'concetning interview techniques used on . Guantanamo detainees which were not consistent with Bureau interview policy/guidelines.
was TOY in Guarttanatnefrorn February 10 to March 27, -2003. While there, I heard through the usual • rumor mill (other agents; military counterpartS5.about a technique usedbY military interrogatOrs Which was not allowed to be used by Agents. 'The technique was to leave a detainee thackletiri an interrogation ,
room for an extended period of time, fwelye hours: or more, and either turn the air conditioner to its lowest possible temperature or off. Supposedly, the detainees were. not removed from the rooms' even to relieve themselves.. This was only used for the difficult detainees Whci would not cooperate: .
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' ,.One day, while in one of the interrogation buildingS, I was in one of the observation rooms which looked
intotwo.interrogatiOn morns, I was in Os room because the detainee 1 was interviewing was in one of tho interrogation-rdom observed from this room. Laying on the floor of the other interrogation room was a • detainee. I believe this detainee was subject to the Ocive:rnentioned -extended stay in the Interrogation room. •

The-detainee did not appeai distressed. The detainee may possibly have been asleep. He was ' dressed in the normal detainee jumpSuit..His leg shackles were attached to the 1-bolt In the center of the. interrogation room floor as per SOP. I do not recall if the detainee was or was not wearing handcuffs. I do not recall observing any furniture in the room on Which -the -detainee coulOsit. The detainee did not appear to have soiled himself and i did notobserve any fluid an the floor around-the detainee.
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-I do not know how long the detaineawas in the room prier to my viewing hiM or how long he remained there. after I saw .him. I do riot know what the temperature of the interrogation room was or if the air
--,---,---senditiening-was-on--or-off,-1-do-naknowilo-wassesponsible.for_tbis.detaine.e!siraterrogation_Ldo_not know'who the detainee was nor would I recognize him-asI do not recall seeing his-lace: - •
I do net 'remember if anyone was wlth.me when I observed this or if there was someone, who that
individual was, I do not remember who I -was interviewing the day this occurred. I da not remember at ­what point during My TDY this occurred or what day It was. This likely occurred in the morning as this was when most Of my interrogations took place. •

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My full bureau name is: 1 b7C
Position: Special Agent

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