FBI Memo re: Response to Canvass Email Concerning Treatment of Detainees at Guantanamo Bay

This memo is a response to a Bureau wide memo sent by Steve McCraw to illicit information from FBI agents who toured through Guantanamo Bay to report any suspected or witnessed abuse of detainees at Guantanamo Bay. The memo is a telephonic transcription of an interview conducted to learn of an FBI employees observations while in Guantanamo. [The memo is unclear, due to redaction of language, whether this is the transcription of one interview or two]. Nevertheless, the memo states that the FBI employee observed a detainee chained from hand to foot in the fetal position, in a room with no sign of water or food, noted that the rooms were either excessively hot/cold and loud rap music playing. Also, the employee believed the detainees were kept in those conditions for 18-24 or more hours and that the detainees had urinated and defecated themselves.

Non-legal Memo
Thursday, September 9, 2004
Monday, January 1, 2007

PD-3n2 (Rev, 10-6-95)
Ag, -

Date of evisciptionb

b 6 2
b'Boston Division, EOD:1 -
b7C -2.
was telephonically contacted concerning her knowledge of any

b6 -1
aggressive treatment, interrogations, or interview techniques at

b7C -1
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (GTMO). After being advised as to the
identity of the. interviewing Agent and the purpose of the

'provided the following,information.to thirteen
specific special inquiry questions:

described hei two month.TOY assignment at GTMO
as an interrogator of detainees. During February and March

1i/ea teamed with two different Naval Criminal -
Investigative Service (NCIS) Agents and several -Contract
translators for detainee interviews. fb

'initially worked
with one NCIS Agent for roughly the first three weeks of her
ent, then a second Agent the last five weeks of the TOY.b

sbb6 -1 noted a slight work overlap between the two NCIS Agents b
b7C -1
during their training transition. The primary questioning -
responsibility for the interro ations was alternated each
interview between the' Agents.balso noted the interview
assignment for the translators varie daily based on the spoken
language of the detainee.b.

never witnessed or was aware of any aggressive treatment, interrogations, or interview techniques employed on
detainees at GTMO in oni:tent with FBI or DOJ


b6 -1
had no knowledge or understanding of-

policy/guidelines. b

b 7 C -1
Department of Defense 0 authorization for the permitted use 7rgt_liah/aggressive interrogation techniques. Furthermore, was- unaware of DOD authorized interview techniques.
had no substantive contact with Military Police or other U.S. government personnel at GTMO regarding detainee
b6 -1
conditions or treatment and was unaware of any specific
b7C -1
allegations of misconduct or mistreatment by U.S. personnel alleged by interviewees or others. Lt
J stated she had no
pictures, video, audio, notes, or other documentation which
depicted or described aggressive treatment, interrogations or
interview techniques employed at GTMO or knowledge of anyone
else who was in possession of such items.


hareaigaliunonbat Washington, .D. C.b

vik# 297-HQ-A13276697A 1061bDate .dictated NIA
b6 -1
by SSA I b7C -1 RESPONSES-15

This &maraca contains neither recotnreervistions aar emit:miens of the FEL. It is the property .f the FBI cod is loaucd to yaw-agency;

FD-302a (Rev, 10-6-95)

b6 -1 b7C -t
Continuation of FD-302 of ._ ;On 09/091Z904_ ,Page
witnessed the consequences of'perh&O-S---7

questiona e treatment of detainees on two'different occasions.
The two separate incidents occurred at the interrogation
trailers named'"Delta Camp.' llowever,rb

, Jwas unable to recall the specifiC dates or provide any knowledge of the two detainees' identities: In both incidents, the detainees were chained hand and foot in the fetal position and laying on the b6 -1 floor of the interview rooms. The rooms were without b7C -1 furnishings, to include any chairs. 1b
also recalled the
rooms were without evidence of any food or water. Furthermore,

the temperature control of the rooms was regulated to be either
extremely cold or hot. 1b

'noted one occasion where
excesstmeltard.rap music played in the detainee's interview
room. b

believed the detainees were kept in such
conditions for periods of time more than 18-24 hours, and
longer.-The detainees had urinated and/or defecated on

r b
sent a b6 -1 b7C -1
Shortly after the TDY assignment endedifb

Personal letter to the Director explaining her desire to return
to GT4O. 'informed the Director she was in a position to

generate significant intelligence collection regarding an

investigative matter, and address the issue relating to the

treatment'of detainees.

b672 b7C -1.2