FBI Memo re: Military Liason & Detainee Unit; Repatriation Matters - Name Check Request

<p>Cable from Savannah Information Technology Center reporting the results of the FBI's request for names of detainees who are being considered for repatriation.</p>

Non-legal Memo
Wednesday, January 21, 2004
Tuesday, December 14, 2004

(Rcv 01-31-2003) - .D1214C4 FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Precedence: ROUTINE Date: 01/21/2004 b6 -1 To: Counterterrorism Attn: IOS b7C -1 From: Savannah ITC InVeStiga 11TP Tnfnrmetlrm gervire.q Center (IISC) b2 -1 Contact: b6 -1 Approved By: DECLACSIFZE; BY b7C -1 Dnl:AS-lE7WVCE/,, :/c. CA-14-415I ON -j5,-ii-2004 Drafted By: maw b6 -1 b7C -1 199N-HQ-C1406946 SUB M Case ID #:M(Pending) MILITARY LIAISON & DETAINEE UNIT; REPATRIATION MATTERS - NAME CHECK REQUEST Title:M Synopsis: To report results of request submitted to Savannah ITC Reference: 199N-HQ-C1406946 SUB M Serial 28 Arimini=trativo. Rpference CTTF memnrendlimA I b6 -3,4 WHICIl WULC 11111L1U11C1 b7C -3,4 S -if3iraiTaaiiMitoloilisii1011110:1111111KOMMIIMPOZIe=di- • 11711•_1! b7D -1 wnic were orwar.e. b7F -1 Savannah via teed Uroupwise e-ma31 Enclosure(s): IISC database printou:s are maintained in the 00 case file Attached is an Excel Spreadsheet setting forth checks in ACS, TECS, and NCIC regarding detainees who are being considered for repatriation. It should be noted that _references in ACS or NCIC regarding detention at GTMO are noc being noted It should also be noted that most Subject Queries in TECS that were positive are the results of arrest and detentions at GTMO. UNCLASSIFIED WHEN SEPARATED FROM CLASSIFIED ENCLOSURES DETAINEES-546 DOJFB1-000355 To Counterterrorism From Savannah ITC Re 199N-HQ-C1406946 SUB M, 01/21/2004 LEAD(s): Set Lead 1: (Info) COUNTERTERRORISM AT MLDU For information THIS IS PERMANENT FILE MATERIAL AND IS TO BE MAINTAINED IN THE 00 CASE FILE. SE 2 DETAINEES-547 DOJFB1-000356