FBI Memo re: Military Liaison & Detainee Unit Name Check Request

<p>Cable from FBI requesting Savannah ITC to check for the real names and aliases of a list of detainees who are in consideration for repatriation as per a Department of Defense request.</p>

Thursday, December 11, 2003
Tuesday, December 14, 2004

(Rcv 01-31-2003) FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Date: 12/11/2003 Precedence: IMMEDIATE At Savannah ITC To: b6 -1 From: Counterterrorism b7C -1 CT ORS/ ML&DU / Room 5382 Contact: OS Approved By: b6 I I - b7C Drafted By: IbIragb1 Case ID #: 199N-HQ-C1406946 SUB M MILITARY LIAISON & DETAINEE UNIT, Title: REPATRIATION MATTERS -NAME CHECK REQUEST To request the Savannah Information Technology Center Synopsis: (SITC) conduct an FBI records check on names previously provided by the Military Liaison & Detainee Unit (ML&DU). The Department of Defense ,DOD), Criminal Investigation Details: Task Force (CITF), has requested the FBI to query FBI systems to determine whether specific detainees located at the U.S. Naval Base, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, have been identified in a criminal or terrorism context. These detainees: will be evaluated by a Transfer Review Board consisting of representatives from DoD, Department of Justice, Department c.f State, and other Federal agencies, to determine their status for repatriation ib6 -1 On November 18, 2003, Operations Specialist (OS) 1b7C -1 U, provided' SITC, with an Li IML&D inroupwise email containing the following ur F memorandums b6 -3,4 ac memoran•um b7C -3,4 contains a list or aetainees, to incLucie t eir true name and b7D -1 aliases along with other personal Aentifiers (i e , date of birth, place of birth, etc ) b7F -1 ALL IttrOMIATICIVCONTAINED BERZIT IS MNCLABOMED DATE 0714-2004 BY VMK615754 18cE/4dc cx-0-4151 DETAINEES-494 DOJFB1-000303 To: Savannah ITC From: Counterterrorism Re: 199N-HQ-C1406946 SUB M, 12/11/2003 LEAD(s): Set Lead 1: (Action) SAVANNAH ITC AT SAVANNAH, GA b6 -3,4 Conduct an FBI record check (ACS, TECS, and NCIC) on b7C -3,4 each name previously provided in tile followino rTTP mpmnrnfilim b7D -1 be and p results in a Microsoft Excel spreadsaeet format to OS bb6 -1 ML&DU. b7C -1 4, 2 DETAINEES-495 DOJFB1-000304