FBI Memo re: Interview of Detainee at Guantanamo Bay

Interview of detainee at Guantanamo Bay. The interview of was conducted in the detainee's cell, the detainee was fully shackled, sat on his bunk, and with two Military Policeman was just outside the open door. The purpose of the interviewers going to the cell of the detainee was to keep the promise to view his cell and conditions as a way to build trust and confidence in the interviewing agent. The Interviewers then offered some fresh fruit and trail mix to the detainee, which he (eventually) accepted. The detainee than repeated that he wants to talk with the interviewing team but is unable to do so while under the "mentally stressful conditions" he is currently under. The interview was then concluded.

Non-legal Memo
Thursday, May 1, 2003
Tuesday, May 17, 2005

FD-302 (Rev. 10-6-95)

transcription Investigation on at File # Da by This document contains neither recommendations nor conclusions of the FBI. It is the property of the FBI and is loaned to 121
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On 5/1/03]

b6 -1,2,3,4
was interviewed at


b7C -1,2,3,4
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba by Federal. Bureau of Investigation Agent' land US Army linguist SGT b7D -1 The I ntprview was conducted in Arabic with translation b7F -1

provided by SGT After explaining the purpose of the
interview,' provided the following information:

b6 -3,4
b7C -3,4 This interview od was conducted at 1945.

b7D -1
b6 -3,4
This interview of was conducted in his cell

b7F -1
I was fully shackled, sat on his bunk and b7C -3, , two Military Policeman was just outside the open door.
b7F -1
Observed during this interview] 'appeared to

b6 -3,4
be very surprised the interviewing team came to see Aim in his b7C -3,4 cella lappeared happy to see the interviewing team and b7D -1 continued to laugh and joked with them. accepted food
and water from the interviewing agent.

b7F -1
The purpose of visiting'Ilin his cell was to
take him up on his offer for the interviewing team to see the

b6 -3,4
conditions he is living under. The interviewing agent had promised

b7C -3,4
I during the preceding interview, the interviewing team

would b7D'-1
come and see him. In an effort to continue to build
(trust and confidence in the interviewing agent, t`fie

b7F -1
interviewing team came to his cell in lieu of the next scheduled

Upon entering, the interviewing agent greeted' 1 and asked him how he was feeling. He replied he was fine. The b6 -3,4 interviewing agent, presented' 'with trail-mix, fresh fruit and water. Th ng acent p od and water
b7C -3,4
on the bunk next to At firs declined the

b7D -1
food saying he coul not accept anything of ers in t e camp were
b7F -1 not eating. However, he did accept some the trail-mix soon after
and took some of the fruit as the interview team departed.

b6 -3,4
The interviewing agent told he had promised

b7C -3,4
him he would come see him in his cell an e was living up to his

b7D -1
b7F -1
5/1/03 Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

265A-MM-C99102-AA481 265A-NY-280350 ALb INF ORMATION:coNTAINEp
HEREIN:INCLASSIFIED n.p.T83.2.'00047WAI-5791Dmliiscg46dc 04 cy771.155
b6 -1
b7C -1
DOJ FBI 003374


lex086AsNd-118035atisfaction and thanked the team

Ithey thought 5flAda cell. The 2
On b6 -3,4
, Page interviewing agent stated, he agreed his conditions were tough but they are not impossible. 1 Jwas informed, many prisons in b7c-3,-yen smallpr accommodations than what he b7D-1 the United States offered had, so it could be worse. 'stated he was sorry to hear


The interviewing agent encouraged' I by saying he
b6 -3,4 had complete confidence he could find a way to work with the
interviewing aent. despie the fact he is unhappy with his living


b7C -3,4

arrangements. 1 !repeated he wants to talk with the

b7D -1

interviewing team but is unable to do so while under the mentally
b7F -1 stressful conditions he is currently under.

b6 -3,4

Before departing both land the interviewing

b7C -3,4

agent agreed to continue to work toward a solution.

b7D -1

b7F -1

DOJFBI 003375