FBI Memo re: Interview of Detainee at Guantanamo Bay

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Interview of detainee at Guantanamo. The detainee stated he was "fine" when asked about his health, but appeared to be physically tired and complained of being mentally exhausted. The interviewer offered the detainee fresh fruit and water and then explained that the detainee (who was currently in isolation) could be removed from isolation if he began to cooperate and be truthful on all pertinent issues. The detainee then stated he was sure he was going "to die in his isolation cell” and if he dies then the interviewing agent would lose his case. Then the detainee reversed himself by stating, if he died in isolation, under these conditions, he would be a "martyr". There was a then a discussion on God and how God gave man free will to make decisions. The interview concluded with the interviewer again offering fresh fruit and water to the detainee as well as looking in to his isolation and health concerns.

Wednesday, April 23, 2003
Tuesday, May 17, 2005

FD-302 (Rev. 10-6-95)

Investigation on at
File # Date d

by 117
This document contains neither recommendations nor conclusions of the FBI. It it the property of the FBI and is loaned to
your agency;
it and its contents are not to be distributed outside your agency.


On 4/23/03j

b6 -1,2,3,4 (was interviewed at

Guantnamo Bav, Cuba by Federal Bureau of Investigation Special
vic Agent land US Army linguist SGT)

b7D -1
The iinterview as conducted in Arabic with translation b7F -1 After explaining the purpose of the
provided by SGTI
interview, 1pro ided the following information:

b6 -3,4
This interview of was conducted at 0330.

b7C -3,4
b7D -1 This interview, was the first iterview in the past two b6 -2 b7F -1 weeks conducted without Secret Service SAl b7C -2
Observed during this interview, I fc lowing his

4. behavior from the last interview conductl by SA1
b6 -1,2,3,4 (was fully
and completely engaged in the interview. ' 'maintained

b7C -1,2,3,4
very good eye contact with SAI land was seen b7D -1 reciting the Koran on only a couple or occasions but only while b7F -1 dialogue was being translated. ppeared to be
physically tired and complains o oeing mentally exhausted.

Upon entering, the interviewing agent greeted(
and asked him how he was feeling. He replied he was fine. The

1 interviewing agent apologized tol (for not being at the
last interview but stated he was able to get a meeting with the
Commanding General

regarding his current isolation condition. The

b6 -1,3,4
results ofI (meeting with the General was explained

b7C -1,3,4
I He was told the Commandin General was not going to


b7D -1 remove' from isolation until is complete)
coo erat..Lv truthful on all ertinent issues.

ds been
b7F -1
was informed, SAI was able to convince the
omman Ira General to allow tne interviewing agent to return the
Koran to

In reality, a Department of Defense order from the
Secretary of Defense mandated all detainees, regardless of reward
level, would have a Koran which could not be taken away. In an

b6 -3,4 effort to use this to his advantage, the interviewing agent made it appear as if he was able to win something back forj I For
b7C -3,4
effect, a Koran was sitting on the table and) (was told he

b7D -1
b7F -1
4/23/03 Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

265A-MM-C99102-AA481 265A-NY-290350

b6 -1 DATE':,12709t2004 BY 61579r 4111##4


b7C -1

Ito a court where guilt or On 4hE6aW8e1 iviewing agent4A2galned to) 13

b6 -3,4
,Page I 1 it is not his job to fabricate statements or evidence nor is it his job to pass judgement or determine punishment. 1 1 b7C -3 , 1 needs to understand the interviewing agent is not here to b7D -1 condemn or punish him but to gather the facts as they are presented
to him.

The point was made to[ I the interviewing agent
can work with him to ens r his story is accurately documented so
he gets a fair hearing, stated he was sure he was going

b6 -3,4
to die in his isolation ce an i he dies then the interviewing

b7C -3,4
agent would lose his case. The interviewing agent auicklv
b7D -1 responded it's pof his cas to win or lose but! !.The
point was made,' Ihas everything to win or lose not the

b7F -1
interviewing agent.

then began to reverse himself by stating, if

b6 -3,4
he died in isolation, under these conditions, he would be a martyr

and the longer he stays in isolation the more str-fnath and rsolve he gets to this end. The interviewing agent told! Ihe was b7D -1 now confused because earlier he indicated he was growing weak and
b7F -1
was unable to think due to his condition.

The interviewing agent andI lentered into a long
discussion on God's plan for each person. I 'stated every
decision we make has already been decided by God. The interviewing

b6 -3,4
agent asked' to consider that God presents us with
b7C -3,4 choices and bestowed de gift of free will to make our own
decisions. The interviewing agent used the example of Adam and Eve

b7D -1
in the Garden of Eden, where God gave them the choice to eat the

b7F -1
fruit from the forbidden tree. If God knew what they were going to

decide, or determined what they were going to do ahead of time, why

would he not have just thrown them out instead of setting them up
for certain failure.! (replied he could not answer that.

The interviewing agent made the point, can •

make a decision and even if God preordains our decision, how does b6 -3,4 Iknow that God does not want him to help himself by
b7C -3,4
talking. fter all, just as God brought! !here, He too

b7D -1
brought the interviewing agent here for a purpose.

b7F -1
At approximately 0540, the interviewing agent ended the

b6 -3,4
interview and permitted! Ito pray. Prior to departing,

b7C -3,4 the interviewing agent told Ihe should eat the fruit and drink the water he brought for him since it was God who required
b7D -1
him to bring it and it would not be good for the food to go to

b7F -1

A request to the Joint Detention 0 erations Group was b6 -3,4 made to have the medical staff examine Further, a
b7C -3,4
request to determine ifI 'did return to is cell with the

b7D -1
Koran offered to him by the interviewing agent.

b7F -1
[t568ArNY-280BEOk to his cell when the interview

b6 -3,4
°MtinWiiiagtie I not need a Mt of 2

On •
, page .want one in his cell. The interviewing agent told if he b7C -3,
b6 -2,3,4 b7C -2,3,4 b7D -1
b7F -1
b6 -3,4 b7C -3,4 b7D -1 b7F -1
b6 -3,4 b7C -3,4 b7D -1 b7F -1
b6 -3,4 b7C -3,4 b7D -1 b7F -1
b6 -3,4 b7C -3,4 b7D -1 b7F -1
did not want to take the one on the table back with him, then one b7D -1 may be placed in his cell and it would be his choice to use it or
b7F -1

The interviewing agent told he had spoken with
SA about their last meeting and SA was very
encourage by the exchange and dialogue t ey a . The interviewing
agent stated, he hoped they would continue to keep the dialogue
open so they could work towards solving his problem and arrive at a
conclusion to his situation.

'replied he could not talk because the mental
pressure and stress he is under is not allowing him think straight.

Through out the interview, 'complained of the mental
stress and pressure he was feeling by being in isolation-. He
complained of not being able to eat,, drink or sleep correctly and
this was brining him down physically. He complained he was sure he
was catching something in his lungs from the bad air in his cell.
The interviewing agent asked ifl I was gettin enou h to
eat and drink and if he wanted to see the doctor.
responded by saying he was not oing to take any me ication. he
interviewing agent told that was not what he was asking
but the interviewing agent had a responsibility to inform the
medical staff about his health. The interviewing agent explained
they had a responsibility to taken care of him and would continue
to do so.

!stated he is willing to talk once he is moved
out of isolation. The interviewing agent responded by saying he
understands how must feel and how frustrated he is by
his current situation. He stated that if he was in the same
position as he would feel the same way. However, he
also told him, he must come to accept that in order to change his
situation he must first cooperate.

stated, for the first time, the General or
your superiors put me in isolation in order to put mental pressure
on me and bring me to my weakest point. He stated he has been in
isolation for 12 days and it is not allowing him to make any
decisions. This is of significance to the interviewing team since
it seems, mow accepts it was the General who moved him to
isolation, not the interviewing agent. Further, the fact I I

Icontinues to count his days in isolation indicates he does
not really intend to remain there the rest of his life, which he
has stated he is prepared to do.

During the interview, the interviewing agent asked

if he understood who the interviewing agent was and what
hi lob responsibilities were. This question was asked in response
to belief the investigators mission was simply to
extract a confession from) I The interviewing agent
explained, in the West, his job was to collect the facts, evidence
and statements and ensure that everything was completely documented
as accurately as possible. The evidence, statements and results of


F6-302anS/Q-610114- C99102 _23 SA-NY -280350 b6 -3,4
Continuation of FD-302 of 4/ 23/ 03

b7C -3,4

1 4
, Page
b7D -1
b7F -1