FBI Memo re: Interview of Detainee at Guantanamo Bay

Detainee interviewed at Guantanamo. The detainee stated that had heard that "40-50 detainees intended to commit suicide after Ramadan ended because they were tired of being detained with no prospect of being released and they were tired of being mistreated by guards." He also stated that he never had any problems witht he Americans and when shown photos of Al Queda members he denied knowing them. He did say that "was not aware of anyone in the camp who had admitted to being associated with AL QAEDA, however, there were many detainees who were TALIBAN fighters". He concluded by saying that once he is released he would look for a job and try to marry.

Non-legal Memo
Monday, December 2, 2002
Tuesday, May 17, 2005

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[Footer A: /02/2002Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

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2/02/2002 1
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b6 -2,3,4

On 12/02/2002,1 I
b7C -2,3,4

(was interviewed at the Uni Base, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Also present for
b7D -1

the interview was Special Agent (SA aval Criminal Investigative Service. The
interview was conducted in Arabic, and Department of Defense contract language specialist] -1
rovided I ,translation. After being advised of the identity of the interviewing

a: en nature of the interview,' jprov.ded the following information:
b6 -3,4

I (had heard that 40-50 detainees intended to commit suicide after Ramadan ended because they were tired of being detained with no prospect of being released and they were tired of being _ b7C -3,4 mistreated by the guards. did not know how they intended to commit suicide but had heard b7D -1 that the act would only t e a ou minutes.( (had no intention of committing suicide
b7F -1

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DETAINEES-3943 gOgIN'is;titicLAs EIETEP PATE-127.10:'-2004:BXfs:61$79Pmn71403/6.14:; 4 ICY:-"` 4154
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himself because he considered it against his religion.
Iliad no problem with America or Americans. I training and attended no training camps in Afghanistan wea on in Afghanistan and never fought in Afghanistan.
b6 -3,4
(underwent no military-style
b7C -3,4
Ilso never handled or fired a
b7D -1
I only went to Afghanistan'
b7F -1
(only heard of AL AEDA at Kandahar, Afghanistan, after he was caught land b6 -3,4
handed over to the Americans. first heard o f USAMA BIN LADEN in 1998 after the USS b7C -3,4
COLE attack and subsequent press coverage. b7D -1
b7F -1
b6 -3,4
(was shown a photograph ofl 1
b7C -3,4
'responded that he did not recognize the photograph or know the name I
b7D -1
b7F -1
b6 -3,4
was shown a photograph of I
b7C -3,4
responded that he did not recognize the photograph or know
b7D -1
the namel
b7F -1
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If was released, he intended to get a job) land get married.
b6 -3,4
never had any problems with government; however, he
b7C -3,4
was not sure v rnment would have issues with him since he had been in Afghanistan.
b7D -1
Nonetheless intended to go home I (if released.
b7F -1
'watched movies and liked some plays; however, he did not listen to music. I
b6 -3,4
b7C -3,4
advised that fanatics would not allow any of this, but he considered these interests and activities small b7D -1 sins and therefore alright. b7F -1
b6 -3,4,5
bid not know what had happened to( b7C -3,4,51 'expressed a lot of (did not
b7D -1 respect foil
b7F -1
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b6 -4
b7C -9

b6 -3,4

lhad been truthful during all interviews and interrogations over the last I I months, and he
b7C -3,4

had nothing to change or clarify in his story. I lwas willing to talce a polygraph examination
to establish that he has been telling the truth. b7D -1 b7F -1
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