FBI Memo re: Interview of Detainee at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay

Detainee describes how he was taken in to custody in the filelds of Afghanistan. No mention of his experiences at the hands of US Military or while at Guantanamo.

Non-legal Memo
Wednesday, January 29, 2003
Monday, January 1, 2007

'FD-502 (Rev. 10-6-95) -

Date of transcriptcri 01 Z_2972003.

b5 -1,3,4 ISN: hvas interviewed at Camp Delta, Guantanamo, b7C -1, 3, 4 Bay Cuba, by Special Agent ederal Bureau of Investigation (FSI} and[ b7 D -1 Naval Criminal Investigative Service ( CIS)_ -The interview was conduCte4 in English and
b7F -1
was advised of the rea son for the interview. •
b6 -4 . [ I was questioned -specifically about his capture by the Northern Alliance near . b7C -4 - Kond.o2, Afghanistan and his subsequent transfer to Mazare-Sharif. - • .- ..
'b7D -1 .
•- . . . . . . . .. . •
b7F -1
• Around NoVeiriber 20 or November.,21, 2001 and his comrades were trying to get- out of Kondoz. I ]and others jurriped in the beds of-truc s .
a trucks.drove• for a While, then . came to a river, where they were forced to get out of the trucks_ Their plan was to surrender to United. b6 -4, 5 , Nations forces. At a out 0100 to 0200. more trucks appeared. I. Iwas Zang to get into one of these ..
b7C -4,5
t liekS rb tit his friend I ISN: I I had failedto put his shoes .-
b7D -1
ori.. He waited for and While Waiting:the -trucks were goingto get in to, drbye off Some
b7 E' -1
Tilants flew Overhead_ -Since it was dark he could not seethe markings on the planes.. The planes used.. •• - some type of bO or cendiary device and proceeded to bloW up the trucks that was initially -going to get into saw many people the or get severely injured. . t . . , . d anoth friend,'er kISN: I 1,
. started walking. They could. hear gunfire in the distance.. They also h.eard -helicopters. The-men walked -, • 'b6 -4 , 5 batIctoVvards the river and observed women Crying. The women were' loCals Whose hornes.had.been b7C -4 , 5 destroyed bythe planes.' I estii:bated that eight to nine trucks were destroyed.. They were full of b 7 D -1 .. people -frying to surrender. He believeS•that between 300 and 400 people were killed when.the tucks
b7F -1
blew Up. Had his friend I een ready; I:vih is shoes on] landr 11;vould have ...•
with h . died ori one -of the:trucks .. : • -.1 isay.? Taliban and Afghanis driving by in different yehielei. He -junaPedi • a •
F'Filci stani• truck in an attempt to get away Itotn the area. The trunk drove away and was eventually • -stopped by ilia ,Northern Alliance• (and the others in the truck were forced to get Out: ..•The
b6 -4
b7C -4 - Northern-Alliance soldiers took their jackets, money, and shoes. Thelqorthern Alliance soldiers were
b70 -I not in any type of uniform. They did not have guns at this time.. They -looked like civilians.
b7F —I_ .. . . . . .

• rand'his group were forced to walk through avaliey, betWeen
toxo high hills. He . i colcl. sce peOple on the hills with guns and camcorders. They -were videotaping the group of walkers. ' 1 I was searched again and his hands were tied behind his back. . . •. . .
. . _........- — . -- _ , b6 -4,5 •• On. the Second day after his capture171;as put. into a ditch:by the NOrthern Alliance b7C -4,5 soldiers.' 'described the Northern Alliance as "Chinese" people. He spent all night in the ditch. . b70 -1 On the third day trucks showed up and the prisoners. were allowed to jump into thetrucks.1 b7F -1
Investigation on 01/9/2b03. Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
File # 255A-MM -C99102 Dnie dictated 01-/29/2003
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b7C -1
by SAI
rat, rvinni.nan..,1 I' inTte nor nun,.i..iinem rVe 1~AZ ft it tliP TOIVITo PI,/ of 1hw Rio v nri 4 litnnorl.
DOJ FBI 3774

b6 -4 b7C -4
b70 -1 ' b7F -1
Coetinuadon of FD-342 of : ' _.1 ,un 01/29/20. 03 , Page
b6 -4,5 .--
b7C -4,5 I. and got into one truck, and. got into, another thick full of Afghanis..

b7D -1

b7 F -1 . .
: • . -
• • TheInicks drove for a while andstopped at an u*aownlocation saw one tall, caucasian, .ArrieriCan looking man who was w e jeans The Man was taking pictures of -the trucks and the occupants: The man•then left an did not-see him again. The trucks started
up again and drove off. At night, they arrived at Mazar-e-Sharif saw lines of people holding guns. The truck that' 'was in backed up to a large container an e occupants of the bed of the truck •were forced :intothe coutaMen • • . •. •
." • . •.
. .• -• •
described the container as being red in color, looking like-a shipping container. it was aboutthuiize ole detainee cells:at Camp Delta, but wider, It had no windows and only small
b6 -4
b7C -4 holes near the top for ventilation. The container was made of metal.' 'estimated that at least 100
b7D -1 Men were forced into'the container. The container was then closed. People inside_begin to sere= and
b7F -1 bang on the outside of the container; but no one opened it I 'blacked opt due to-lack of air while

it still dark outside. He caine to wh.enit was light and naticed that it a.ppcared there were new holes in the Outside wall of the Container,. He noticed that the metal was pushed inward, toward.s the people • inside the container; as if sornething had punctured the container from the outside. He said.he had a grazing type wound on' his right' elbow which he.thought may have been from a bullet. thought • the punctures in the metal container may have dornefrorn gunfire. He does-not believe . un.cture holes were present prior to I:4 blacking out:: ••
noticed the man next,to him was dead. -He saw4reen !foarri coming from the­rnan.!s•molith. had not eaten or drank -anything for two days.. He was still, not given anything to eat or drink The men in container took cloths and rubbed against the ceiling ofthe -coritainer to get the condensation that had. .r there. TheYrung the cloths out so they could drink the -water. - . ..

• ..
I lhelieves he was i the container lot approkimately 24 hourS. He estimated that
only about 20 people survived the ordeal. -
. .
Whin the contained was finally opened.] 'noticed the people who opened the
b6 -4 container wore the same type of civilian clothes he had 'seenearner on the Northern Alliance soldiers.

b7C -4
as put into the container at Mazar-e-Sharif and when it was opened they were at Sabergainjail. • -
b7D -1
e container had been moved while he was in it. ,
b7F -1
A. doctor treated his 'arm with iodine•after his release.
. . •• •

I 1c.ould not say why he was' put into the container. He thought itraighthave been because he looked more like an Afghani than a Pakistani. their not see what happened to the deceased, but later heard that the captures had gone through en -poc ets and taken money and personal
items. The dead were put into a big hole and buried. He also heard that some of the men who were too weak to• get out of the container on their own were put into the hole also. -
• • The U.S soldiers arrived at Saberga.an jail about one month after[ was released from the container' Is initial capture and placement into the container -were the ee worst days of his life.

, •