FBI Memo re: Interview of Detainee at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay

A detainee interviewed at Camp Delta, Guantanamo stated that approximately three to four weeks earlier, while at Camp X-Ray US soldiers entered his cell and began to beat him without cause or reason. He claims they called him a “son of a bitch” and a “bastard” and he was being beaten because he was a Muslim and they were Christians. He stated he rolled on his stomach to protect a previous injury when a soldier jumped on his back and beat him about the head and face. He states that a female military person then grabbed his head and beat him into the cell floor. He stated he was choked until he passed out. He was taken to the hospital and treated, and then put in to an isolation cell.

Friday, June 7, 2002
Monday, January 1, 2007

FD 3o.'. (Rev.. 10-6-95)
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• . Data of transcription : CI 610 7 / 2 002
b6' -1, 3,.4 • -.1-24
b7C -1, 3, 4 was -interviewed at -Camp Delta. Present for "the interview were SA
b7D-1 1 FBI, SAI . I.NaVal Criminal •

b7F 1 ,Investioative Service -(NCIS), Arabic Linguisfl
•/, provirxe ­the following ,intormation, translated by
• (S)
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[.stated •he- 'had been bee.. ten; unconscioUs b6 -4 roxima. tel . three or four week a 'o'when -fie.•was' still at C X b7C -4 Ray. Ac•ording an'"unknown nUmber of_guard's entered b7D -1 his cell, unprovoked; and started . spitting 'and -cursing .at •The
. JD-7F -1 -a­
guards nson of a bitch; "and a •"babtaidd! _then told him
•he was crazy.
. -
-. . Wlied•onto. his stomach.'tbr hithself, .becaus• he.had rete•tly had stomach surgery. stated .a :. soldier named--itimbed on his back and started beatin him in
• _
b6 -3, 4
'the fate. then. choked him until he: eased out.
b7C -3,4
stated tha was_beatinq him because is a .
b7D -1
and I lis .Christiaii. indicated. there• was a. female
b7F -1
guard named I Iwho was also beating him'and grabbed • his head ' and beat it into the. cell floor. •
I tg_ated that all the Soldiers were aware' of his'
:Stomach problems; and he as taken to the -haSpitar following the
beating,: where-he 'received an TV and treatment for his facial
6 -4,6 wounds.. ' claimed the c-.. warden who is a tali African •

b7C -4, 6 American male, visited him at the hOs ital and told •the doctors to
b7D inEmediately return him to the camp: . • reported. • the '
b7F aforementioned incident to two Red Cross tepresentatives•a. Camp

Delta who he ident ' fiad •as^ stated he aid not do any:thing . to cause the" guards to . ante •his cell ; and did '
eve" thin the instructed him to do had what appeared to be a. recent wound • oz the bridge of is nose. . .
b6 -4 .
'stated that' he was put in an-. isolation cell
. b7C -4
after he was involved .in a dispute over. food given to him.
b7D —1
b7F -1- ed-the-t—he---is-unae--to-eat-pertain_fo.ods,_ and was
placed. in isolation after arguing with a guerd.

Investigation. on 5/22/0 2' at GUantanamo Bay, Cuba
PFle . # 2 .65A-MM-C9-91 02 6 — 3 • Ebb' `rced' 5723/02 _

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